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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOURFOLD

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Astrology, 94:wherein the man is bound upon the wheel. The fourfold influence of the Common Cross. Life in theAstrology, 94:the man alters the revolution of the wheel. The fourfold influence of the Fixed Cross. Life in theAstrology, 94:liberation from the work of the Great Wheel. The fourfold influence of the Cardinal Cross. Life inAstrology, 127:ready for their influence, to be responsive in a fourfold way which he is not in the earlierAstrology, 193:Himself, or with the Divine Quaternary, the fourfold manifestation of Deity. These four signs areAstrology, 221:There is no need for me to enlarge upon this fourfold theme and the truth of its implied teaching,Astrology, 241:has mounted the Fixed Cross and gone through its fourfold experience. It is not possible to sayAstrology, 273:clearly in your minds if you can understand this fourfold activity of Mercury and the interrelationAstrology, 345:determines the paramount influence within the fourfold influence of the Mutable Cross. The mainAstrology, 348:ever the eternal triangle to be found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance. SpeakingAstrology, 362:which characterizes our planetary life. These fourfold influences and relationships produce theAstrology, 380:secret of the Triangles or triplicities in their fourfold expression is as yet an unexplored aspectAstrology, 418:They thus divide up the entire zodiac into a fourfold group of interlacing and interrelated triads,Astrology, 568:of these Crosses makes its presence felt as a fourfold sphere of influence or a potent center ofDiscipleship1, 35:constitute an experiment. This experiment is fourfold in nature and a concise statement about itDiscipleship1, 471:triumph. God guard and rest you and increase fourfold your usefulness. Such is my prayer for you.Discipleship1, 760:notes heard, each note of the seven having a fourfold expression, he is not able to work withDiscipleship2, 133:signified to him the threefold soul and the fourfold personality, or if he is advanced enough inDiscipleship2, 133:enough in knowledge, the Spiritual Triad and the fourfold personality. Now he must view it inDiscipleship2, 347:Plan. The above various stages of the fourfold process mark eventually the recognition by theDiscipleship2, 382:every day more integrated. This integration is a fourfold one, His personality, in its variousDiscipleship2, 595:unit (the etheric subplanes - A.A.B.). The fourfold form must assume triangular relation. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 731:by you, and their reception by you in your lower fourfold nature would produce great transformingFire, 13:with matter, wrought at the forms. They stood in fourfold order. Upon the threefold levels in emptyFire, 13:and second on the upward way stood forth in fourfold form. The inner five was somewhat seen byFire, 18:come, echoed the sound on note quadruple. This fourfold reverberation circled the gamut of theFire, 20:of Dzyan Stanza VI Within the cavern dark the fourfold one groped for expansion and for furtherFire, 20:cavern dark shone all the light of day; yet the fourfold one saw it not, nor did the light pervade.Fire, 20:the cave, nor any hidden light. Around the fourfold one lieth the vault of stone; beneath himFire, 20:seen. The threefold Watchers know and see. The fourfold is now ready; the work of denseness isFire, 20:The Lords onlooking see the work commence. The fourfold one becomes the seven. The [21] chant ofFire, 112:Creative Hierarchy of human Monads, held by a fourfold karmic law under the guidance of theFire, 133:or to the regions of the four breaths - a fourfold separation and distribution. A hint is hereFire, 160:being symbolized by the triangles formed by the fourfold cross. This portrays the fourfoldFire, 160:formed by the fourfold cross. This portrays the fourfold revolution of any atom. By this is notFire, 196:three Logoi: Hearing - The recognition of the fourfold word, the activity of matter, the thirdFire, 296:planes must be pondered upon. It holds hid the fourfold mystery: The mystery of the Akasha. TheFire, 427:of all this. In every Brahmanda the activity is fourfold, and the chief functionaries are Brahma,Fire, 508:plane. The permanent atoms on each plane serve a fourfold purpose as regards the central or egoicFire, 643:of the shadows." Their function is primarily a fourfold one, and they are the basis of motion or ofFire, 647:here to note that this center is literally a fourfold radiation, and the "Cross of the HolyFire, 647:whereas in man, the lotus is vibrating in a fourfold manner. At each initiation of the great BeingFire, 708:of these Manasadevas in conjunction with the fourfold vibration set up from below and inherent inFire, 736:the mental vehicle. The life forces after this fourfold abstraction are centralized entirely withinFire, 790:he is seen as a symbol of the cross and is then fourfold (the two legs being considered as oneFire, 816:of those entities who form the [816] fourfold lower nature, the personality, and a closeFire, 816:fivefold Dhyanis or Gods in conjunction with the fourfold Quaternary, or the Pitris of the lowerFire, 820:Lords shine forth in triumph and consign the fourfold ones to fire, - the fire which burns andFire, 830:synthesizes or gathers in the life forces of the fourfold lower man. The Mahachohan's Ray on EarthFire, 845:during the process of manifestation. They are fourfold in interaction, and have a systemic ebb andFire, 917:between positive electrical energy in its fourfold differentiation, and the triple negativeFire, 988:the center at the base of the spine, so that the fourfold energy is thence transmitted to theFire, 988:uses the inferior channels, dividing the fourfold energy in two units, which mount via the twoFire, 1109:somewhat this activity as it manifests in fourfold fashion in the mental sheath, and the reasonFire, 1145:dealing with planetary manifestation in a fourfold manner. It concerns the planetary Logos, andFire, 1164:to the microcosmic base of the spine is a fourfold lotus and has, therefore, four petals. There areFire, 1184:spiral into manifestation, cutting across the fourfold cross, and touching the cruciform stream ofFire, 1246:four identifications are connected with the fourfold lotus of the solar Logos, or with HisFire, 1267:the dragon's form. This path is entered by a fourfold door. The sacred phrases of the Sons of LightFire, 1268:thence to that vibrating disk which guards the fourfold door of luminosity. Three Words are thenHealing, 187:[187] There are four of these webs. When the fourfold personality is highly developed and the ajnaHealing, 415:the mental vehicle. The life forces after this fourfold abstraction are centralized entirely in theHealing, 422:or to the regions of the four breaths - a fourfold separation and distribution. A hint is hereHealing, 651:energy" (as it has been called) within his own fourfold aura - health aura, etheric body, astralHercules, 20:his full growth in all departments of his fourfold personality, Man, we are told, is the cube, "theHercules, 100:plus the quaternary which consists of the lower fourfold nature, the mental body, emotional body,Hercules, 101:the work of incarnation was completed and the fourfold nature was manifested. Man became a livingInitiation, 31:germ of mind in animal man was stimulated. The fourfold lower man, The physical body in its dualInitiation, 120:His ray group. His Planetary Logos. In this fourfold apprehension you have portrayed the gradualInitiation, 134:Rod a. Upon the Initiate's Bodies The effect is fourfold and lasting, but varies according to theInitiation, 223:of the verb "vas," to dwell. Quaternary The fourfold lower self, or man, in the three worlds. ThereMagic, 76:three merge with the One and through the blaze a fourfold fire is seen." In this pictorial writingMagic, 99:lesser and more material states is primarily fourfold. 1. The stimulating of the spiritual aspect,Meditationto the physical brain. When the alignment is fourfold and when the three above mentioned bodies areMeditation, 229:The four Lipika Lords. The four Maharajahs. The fourfold lower man, the quaternary. The five planesMeditation, 358:of the verb "vas," to dwell. Quaternary The fourfold lower self, or man, in the three worlds. TherePatanjalian object is attained by concentration upon its fourfold nature: the form, through examination; thePatanjali, 33:of an object is attained by concentration on its fourfold nature: the form, through examination;Patanjali, 34:This meditative attitude is assumed through a fourfold process: Meditation on the nature of aPatanjali, 101:the seer will identify himself. In the above fourfold elimination, the stages of realization arePatanjali, 112:of the gunas (or qualities of matter) are fourfold; the specific, the non-specific, the indicatedPatanjali, 133:the man is a follower of vidya or knowledge, a fourfold path. When the soul is known as it is andPatanjali, 141:the Master added this further: Blind to the Fourfold Aryan Truths of things, And blind to seePatanjali, 155:of the gunas (or qualities of matter) are fourfold; the specific, the non specific, the indicatedPatanjali, 155:of the substance of our solar system) are fourfold. In this septenary division we have an analogyPatanjali, 204:Rules (Yama and Nyama) have to do with the lower fourfold self, functioning in the three worlds,Patanjali, 204:vehicles. The results of this purity are also fourfold and have reference equally to the fourPsychology1, 22:No study of the rays is possible apart from this fourfold recognition. Our grasp of the subjectPsychology1, 242:rays of even numbers, 2. 4. 6, has produced a fourfold perfection in this kingdom which isPsychology2, 188:constitute an experiment. This experiment is fourfold in nature and a concise statement about itPsychology2, 380:a realized potency and thus completes the fourfold lower man. These four types of energy are thenPsychology2, 435:to work through, its phenomenal appearance, the fourfold lower man. Psychology2, 444:an intensity of conflict, waged within [444] the fourfold field of energy which constitutes thePsychology2, 562:three Logoi: Hearing - The recognition of the fourfold word, the activity of matter, the thirdPsychology2, 638:a little later in this discussion. Behind this fourfold panorama of humanity stand Those WhoseRays, 193:veil, separating the etheric vehicle in its fourfold aspect from the dense physical form. TheRays, 355:achievement. Students would do well to keep this fourfold picture and this threefold symbol clearlyRays, 768:a moment, into nothingness. But forth from the fourfold fire, up from the altar of [769] the ages,Telepathy, 98:In this threefold aura (or more correctly, fourfold, if you count the etheric vehicle) everyTelepathy, 156:and the macrocosmic expression of the fourfold Life conditions all living forms.
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