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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRACTION

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Autobiography, 280:instead of identifying yourself with a tiny fraction of that Whole; it will enable you toDestiny, 80:with the empire as a whole and not with a fraction of it. It is the Gemini influence that has ledDiscipleship1, 547:world of the little, manifested self with one fraction of myself, I remain greater, wider andDiscipleship1, 547:my nature, revitalize, redeem and reabsorb this fraction, dwelling in the body. Ponder on this forDiscipleship2, 496:world of the little manifested self with one fraction of my greater Self, I remain, greater, wider,Discipleship2, 496:my nature, redeem, reabsorb and revitalize this fraction, dwelling in my form." Then sound the OMExternalisation, 22:Pages 170-189.) carries not the smallest fraction of authority. I only appeal to you in the hope ofGlamour, 62:is. His horizon is limited, his vision myopic. A fraction or a fragment of some basic idea impingesHealing, 14:not be expressing the truth, but only a tiny fraction of the cause, as it appears to your feebleHealing, 264:chosen people and not one small and unimportant fraction of the race. Factually and symbolically,Healing, 410:of the soul on its own plane abstracting the fraction of itself which we call the human soul. It isHercules, 156:quiverful of arrows. The few he slew were but a fraction of the many that remained. They rose inInitiation, 4:of dogmatism. We can do no more than sense a fraction of some wonderful whole, utterly beyond theInitiation, 5:Him it may be but part of a greater fact, only a fraction of the whole. Since His vision is fourthMagic, 94:interest he may submerge his own. The plan, or fraction of a plan, which is his individualMagic, 266:for the right production of that immediate fraction of the Plan which his age and generationMagic, 367:Then, having sensed the vision and glimpsed a fraction of the beauty (how little men see isMagic, 524:be noted by a soul which sees as yet but a tiny fraction of the structure? Bear this steadily inPatanjali, 129:small and the infinitely great) veils or hides a fraction of spiritual energy. The result to thePsychology1, 24:The work, as I outline it, constitutes only a fraction of the work undertaken by these Beings; TheyPsychology1, 43:all-pervading energy of God which informs with a fraction of itself the solar system, and yetPsychology1, 230:should grasp the fact that he is only a small fraction of that whole. Man has his roots in all thePsychology2, 104:of sacrifice. "Having pervaded the worlds with a fraction of Myself, I remain." Such is the themeRays, 153:he finds that it is only a part, a small fraction, of a still greater whole, within which he mustReappearance, 174:hundreds of millions of dollars every year. A fraction of this money, necessitating the minimum of
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