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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRAIL

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Astrology, 581:at the close of twenty centuries is but a thin frail line of connecting energy. This ShamballaAutobiography, 162:Much of it, however, bears the signature of frail humanity expressing their ideas of God, HisDiscipleship1, 427:point I would seek to make. You have a very frail and delicate body and the force of the AngelDiscipleship1, 433:and the demands of a physical vehicle, too frail really to handle the force [434] which must flowDiscipleship1, 436:who must learn to work through the medium of a frail and delicate physical body and you couldDiscipleship1, 438:is of such a sensitive and refined nature and so frail a receptacle that your life problem is toDiscipleship1, 438:impacts, for you are sensitive in nature and frail in body and are already handling as much of theDiscipleship1, 439:vital forces, which make a violent impact upon a frail body than it is with disease, per se.Discipleship1, 564:month - Certain treasures are too valuable and frail to be exposed to others' sight. Keep themDiscipleship1, 575:not prove unavailing. Your physical body is very frail and, therefore, you have to handle force andDiscipleship1, 582:age which you have now reached, and you have a frail body. Let your service lie within the field ofDiscipleship1, 583:through the sharing of force. You have a frail body and carry much force. Disperse it among yourDiscipleship2, 562:For such as you, with the handicap of a frail body and the limitations of karma, the place ofDiscipleship2, 675:of handling this present incarnation. With a frail and seriously injured physical body and aDiscipleship2, 689:light. You are not young. You have a somewhat frail body. You take with pain and distaste theExternalisation, 343:even after two thousand years is but a thin, frail line of connecting energy. This Will force isHercules, 97:of the ways of lions, and naught save a frail wooden club. "Where are your arms, O Hercules? HaveMagic, 546:on which the writing is found is so old and so frail that all that the Masters themselves can touchPsychology2, 169:stood, toiling at work. His test tubes and his frail appliances he used with skill. In rows and
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