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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRANCE

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Problems, 12:or British Imperialism, the shouting of France for recognition, are other instances. They allProblems, 13:when Germany first marched into Poland and when France and Great Britain consequently declared warProblems, 16:The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations France A clamor is arising from France that herProblems, 16:of the Nations France A clamor is arising from France that her ancient glory be recognized, thatProblems, 16:influence in old Europe be remembered, and that France be safeguarded and protected. She demandsProblems, 16:be done without consulting her. Yet for decades, France has given to the world a picture of greatProblems, 16:perception for the subjective realities. Has France learned from her collapse in the summer of 1940Problems, 17:which fought until forced to accept defeat? Can France emerge from this time of trial, purified andProblems, 17:to bring home to many the eternal verities. When France finds her spiritual soul and not just herProblems, 17:revelation as to the nature of the soul of man. France has in the past revealed the nature of theProblems, 17:and selfishness. Through fire and pain, France will later demonstrate the qualities of the spiritProblems, 17:and the intense emphasis upon the importance of France to the world, instead of the importance ofProblems, 17:the importance of the international attitude to France in terms of unselfish human relations,Problems, 17:summarizes the psychological problem with which France is at this time faced and which certain ofProblems, 17:certain of her finest thinkers realize. Can France learn to think in terms of and for those who lieProblems, 17:or will she continue to think in terms of France? These are the questions she must answer. Problems, 25:aristocracy. Countries such as Great Britain and France, which have accepted the determiningProblems, 26:but will also be fought out in Great Britain and France. Russia already has her own solution butProblems, 41:particularly in Great Britain and parts of France. Time alone will indicate the extent of theProblems, 91:to recognition; you have other powers, such as France and Spain, who are secondary in influence,Problems, 93:to the East by political moves in the Near East; France is attempting to regain her lost power byProblems, 96:has been less marked in Great Britain, Holland, France and Italy than elsewhere, and therefore, inProblems, 172:plus a lack of spiritual interest, which makes France so constant an obstructionist and has led herPsychology1, 165:Martin and his band of spiritual philosophers in France and elsewhere, may have also marked thePsychology1, 176:due to the work of the Orientalist scholars in France, Germany and England. They have made thePsychology1, 382:1st ray of power. 4th ray of art. "I preserve." France 3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray of knowledge.Psychology1, 383:and yet a relationship can be seen between France and Great Britain through their esoteric nationalPsychology1, 383:which are esoterically theirs. The symbol for France is the fleur de lys, which she adoptedPsychology1, 383:also that the glory of the empire which was France is but the guarantee of a glory of divinePsychology1, 384:into the revealing function of this ray, then France will enter into a period of new glory. HerPsychology1, 386:more understandingly than can Russia, Italy or France. They share similar qualities, and one of thePsychology1, 388:feminine and some positive and masculine. India, France, the United States of America, Russia andPsychology1, 389:that the higher expression of the egoic ray of France (the fifth) is already being evidenced. ThePsychology1, 390:the governing ray influences. Spain, Austria and France, being governed by the seventh, fifth andPsychology1, 392:and toil of the present world condition, then to France may be given the ultimate glory of provingPsychology1, 430:1st ray of power. 4th ray of art. "I preserve." France 3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray of knowledge.Rays, 429:most [429] selfish country in the world today is France, with the United States (though alongRays, 429:store for the United States. The selfishness of France is less excusable; France too is old andRays, 429:The selfishness of France is less excusable; France too is old and experienced; again and again sheRays, 429:Germany and cries aloud to the world about it. France forgets that she frequently overran centralRays, 429:Britain and Russia, and also in the hands of France, lies the destiny of the world disciple,Rays, 627:and a wisdom which is at present lacking. In France, where the contributing rays are both along theRays, 627:and the differences in the human arena in France, making it the playground of untold numbers ofRays, 627:and leading to an intense preoccupation with France and its welfare; there is small interest inRays, 627:other nations or groups, except as they affect France or the French people. The French are in noRays, 628:[628] focused upon the material well-being of France. There is no dominant ideology, so that theRays, 628:sway the French mind and the mass consciousness, France cannot grow; there is no basic religious orRays, 628:in the political and economic fields in France, plus the difficulties which they share with all theRays, 628:wrote much earlier in one of my books that it is France which will eventually reveal the trueRays, 628:light to humanity. The conflict now raging in France will eventually be resolved into harmony, andRays, 628:will eventually be resolved into harmony, and France will awaken to the higher spiritual values.Rays, 628:Conflict is to bring this about, thus releasing France into the light. Rays, 632:in the presentation of the dreamed-of democracy. France and Great Britain are equally democratic,Rays, 753:wider under the corrupt regime of the Kings of France and, in our own day, has been opened stillReappearance, 176:of the mailed fist over the rest of the world. France will keep Europe in a state of unrest as she
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