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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRANCIS

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Autobiography, 225:comment about him. He calls him the modern St. Francis of Assisi and says that the morning he spentDiscipleship1, 44:the mystical way; such were Shri Krishna, St. Francis of Assisi, and all those Knowers whose wayHercules, 68:This chase has been immortalised for us by Francis Thompson in The Hound of Heaven. "I fled Him,Hercules, 138:and Remus; and was the fierce animal which Saint Francis of Assisi tamed by his love for it, andHercules, 140:the statement of the myth will be written Dr. Francis Merchant, as no further copy by the TibetanHercules, 142:Gate the eighth is now blended with your own". Francis Merchant Hercules, 142:times three, or nine tests. The version used by Francis Merchant in the myth seems more accurate,Initiation, 58:still when he was both Roger Bacon and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note that as theInitiation, 58:inner planes, of affairs in Europe, his name as Francis Bacon is coming before the public eye inMagic, 536:Newton, a Leonardo da Vinci, an Einstein, a St. Francis of Assisi, to a Christ and a Buddha. TheSoul, The sp:Soul and its Location However, from the time of Francis Joseph Gall, the great animist and
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