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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRANK

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Autobiography, 199:always realized that when people have been too frank with one and have given themselves away inAutobiography, 224:it. My experience was that if you were perfectly frank and yet perfectly willing to let them readAutobiography, 225:qualities making his presence known. [225] Frank D. Vanderlip in his book "What Next in Europe"Destiny, 34:of the [34] underlying implications and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable andDiscipleship1, 129:the Path. With you I can and must be entirely frank; your innate honesty recognizes the sameDiscipleship1, 137:the difficulty and the value of setting up this frank relation. It is necessary that from the startDiscipleship1, 250:As I make this statement, I ask myself how frank I can dare to be and how far I can go with myDiscipleship1, 378:decidedly better than it is. You do not mind my frank speaking, do you, my brother? I deal thusDiscipleship1, 477:But having said this I must be equally frank and tell you that you have made real progress. YouDiscipleship1, 627:work. This new instruction is in the nature of a frank talk with a highly valued brother. And I doDiscipleship2, XII:personal instructions which are amazingly frank and direct. A few personally assigned meditationsExternalisation, 698:to change the trend of human thinking from a frank materialism to a genuine spiritual aspiration. Healing, 266:of an accepting will, a cooperative love, a frank acknowledgement of responsibility and a skillfulHealing, 585:of Discipleship, he will aid the discovery by frank admission; however, if there is no responseHealing, 617:and not for the medical profession, who are frank to admit how little they know, as yet, anent thisPatanjali, 340:labor is apparent from this and hence the frank paraphrasing of this passage. There are twoPsychology2, 184:is of paramount importance and necessitates a frank handling. We find in the Bible the words: "In
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