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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRANKLY

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Atom, 15:physical body. In these three standpoints - the frankly materialistic, the purely supernatural, andAtom, 17:occupied with the study of the divine as is his frankly religious brother who only concerns himselfAtom, 32:two lines of thought can be seen upheld by the frankly materialistic scientist, the orthodoxAutobiography, 62:there is the affectionate drunk and of him I was frankly terrified. I never knew what he would doAutobiography, 96:to my aunt about Walter Evans and this I did, frankly putting up the situation to her. I did notAutobiography, 296:more fundamental body of truth. They are more frankly controversial but are held as beliefs byDiscipleship1, 373:if you so desired. I am speaking to you thus frankly, my brother, because I have confidence in youDiscipleship1, 413:answer lies in three factors, which I will put frankly before you, leaving you to accept or rejectDiscipleship1, 479:seek to offer love and understanding. Therein, frankly, lies your problem. Get rid of hatred andDiscipleship2, 72:various lifetimes see the world results. That I frankly tell you. You can undoubtedly realize andDiscipleship2, 741:followed by some decision. I am speaking thus frankly to you, my tried and loved disciple, becauseExternalisation, 231:values possible. I would like to deal openly and frankly with the problems with which you are beingExternalisation, 393:express the spiritual attitude and those who are frankly material in their attitude. By means ofFire, 1125:expressed by stating that the black adept is frankly concerned with what is termed "the residue ofGlamour, 158:the then disciple and the world disciple - was frankly bewildered. This is not so true now. TheMagic, 6:are demonstrated to be erroneous. They will be frankly agnostic, but willing temporarily, in theirMagic, 464:by tradition and public opinion, are frankly immersed in selfish interests, and are not "takingMeditation, 121:Obsession Dangers from discarnate entities are frankly those of obsession, either of a temporaryProblems, 81:controlling in its effects than is believed. The frankly selfish motive of self-preservation. TheProblems, 86:These racial faults and difficulties are usually frankly ignored by the minority itself and itsPsychology1, 176:to any other idea. Many thousands of them are frankly agnostic or believe in nothing, whilst manyPsychology2, 602:(and probably in another life) swings into a frankly agnostic state of mind, there comes aSoul, 22:psychology as a system to my students. I frankly do not know what they mean nor do I believe thatSoul, 42:Beyond these facts or conjectures, investigators frankly say they know nothing, and experimentsTelepathy, 37 To:for help in any hour of your own need. State frankly what you feel as you work month after month atTelepathy, 125:process puts him in a position where he can frankly evaluate the situation. Of the latter stages,
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