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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRANKNESS

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Discipleship1, 5:the past, and I do not assume it. I shall with frankness speak. I know my disciples, for noDiscipleship1, 121:few years I have many times spoken to you with frankness and even with apparent harshness. This IDiscipleship1, 125:factor in one's life. We are going to work with frankness henceforth and with freedom, and I - yourDiscipleship1, 137:group. In connection with my disciples, complete frankness is an essential and the good points andDiscipleship1, 139:already achieved and could help you if you, with frankness, cared to correspond with him. You haveDiscipleship1, 186:to do together, we work with complete and open frankness, seeking to hide nothing from each other.Discipleship1, 242:my intention to deal with each of you with utter frankness. We can, as a group of disciples, beginDiscipleship1, 360:my brother? Three things which I, with frankness, will put before you because you can be trusted toDiscipleship1, 415:to see things not done. I have written thus in frankness, because I seek to release you from yourDiscipleship1, 420:point of view and that hence I can speak with frankness. As I look at you, my brother, and studyDiscipleship1, 468:while the effort to help him, writing to him in frankness and standing by him in love? The groupDiscipleship1, 477:to those who are in my group of disciples with frankness. Hence my criticism of your attitude andDiscipleship1, 479:and be not the least discouraged by my present frankness. Remove your eyes from off yourself andDiscipleship1, 589:enough about your unfoldment to tell you with frankness what they are. One is that your fluid,Discipleship1, 618:your fellow workers, and if you will cultivate frankness and open-heartedness and clear speech, theDiscipleship1, 626:from fear. The other from pride. You exact frankness, my brother, and give it in full measure;Discipleship1, 626:brother, and give it in full measure; hence my frankness with you. It is this inner "isolation,"Discipleship1, 627:In my last instruction, I spoke to you with frankness and you recognized the justice of that whichDiscipleship1, 635:ray disciples, I can ever speak with clarity and frankness, knowing that they will take my words inDiscipleship1, 637:work of the soul." [637] I am speaking with frankness because I want to see you released from thisDiscipleship2, 44:to offset it. I am putting this to you with frankness as we together face the end of the war, and aDiscipleship2, 106:One of the reasons I had for the complete frankness and so-called exposure of your individualDiscipleship2, 125:instructions, I shall speak with complete frankness and shall not spare you either praise or blame.Discipleship2, 726:facts, brother of mine? Let me (with my usual frankness) tell you. Let me point out to you what IDiscipleship2, 746:you have ever permitted her to speak to you with frankness. [747] You need to learn to protectProblems, 105:the problem of the Jewish minority, given with a frankness which will evoke much criticism, but
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