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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREE

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Discipleship2, 736:presents opportunity, or it can be due to the free choice and free decision, involving directDiscipleship2, 736:or it can be due to the free choice and free decision, involving direct initiating activity on theDiscipleship2, 740:freedom; he needs to learn that no one is really free, a disciple least of all. [741] You, myDiscipleship2, 742:when rhythm enters into your life. You have a free mind and much, very much, intuition. You haveDiscipleship2, 748:called. This does not mean that you will be free from attack and - because you are a disciple -Discipleship2, 755:knowledge possible. Then build. Be a sannyasin - free, alone with God, your soul and Me. Then workDiscipleship2, 758:freedom which the sannyasin knows as he roams free in the three worlds - unsupervised or unintrudedDiscipleship2, 758:by habit or by the demand of others, but are the free contribution of the soul to a current need.Education, ix:In an article on Our Goal Is Unity in The Free World of October, 1944, Dr. Albert EinsteinEducation, 2:and psychological - which restrict man's free expression of his innate divinity. Here we can onlyEducation, 12:awareness. This leads to a conscious free use of the mind, to individual thinking, to the creationEducation, 23:group, leaving him little opportunity for the free play of the individual will, intelligence,Education, 26:the spiritual triad, so that there can be the free play of consciousness and completeEducation, 47:a renaissance of all the arts and for a new and free flow of the creative spirit in man. They mustEducation, 73:of impression in which he is deprived of that free scope to be himself - an individual (which seemsEducation, 88:important still will be the need for them to be free from prejudice and to see all men as membersEducation, 99:divine ideas; they are consequently not entirely free from error and are necessarily colored by theEducation, 116:are so subordinated to the group good, and so free from all sense of separateness, that their mindsEducation, 116:minds well stocked and equipped; they will be free from personal ambition and selfishness, animatedEducation, 125:part of the truth which has set him or his group free - he will learn also to include his brother'sExternalisation, 10:and inadvisable because it deprives man of his free will and his positivity, and militates againstExternalisation, 10:and militates against his acting as a free intelligent human being. The man is not acting in theseExternalisation, 22:my mind and thought, and so leave each aspirant free to come to his own decisions. The pamphlet TheExternalisation, 36:will inaugurate the era of light and of a free control of the astral plane, with its quality ofExternalisation, 37:This is the normal technique of a divine and free manasaputra. This is all made possible when aExternalisation, 40:plane has no true existence; they will then work free from its impression, and the task of freeingExternalisation, 40:the group will find their efforts to live free from glamor greatly helped and intensified by theExternalisation, 41:race today; hence the task of the Hierarchy to free the souls of men from the surrounding glamorExternalisation, 43:therefore: To stand in spiritual being To work, free from illusion To achieve true perspective uponExternalisation, 44:higher spiritual values, a civilization which is free from glamor and from much of the illusionExternalisation, 44:bridge the gap at present existing; it will be free from what we now know as disease of the worstExternalisation, 78:of you have your minds clear from prejudice and free from hatred. Those few make the work possibleExternalisation, 96:are the consecrated servers of the world who are free from all taint of separativeness, full ofExternalisation, 99:or wisdom as man generally defines it. This is free of emotion and of the astralism which isExternalisation, 106:of spiritual or true love which is ever free from emotionalism and selfish intent. This inflowExternalisation, 110:expression and statement of causes is needed - free from emotional bias and partisan emphasis. WhatExternalisation, 118:as they descended from their sinless and free state of existence in order to develop full divineExternalisation, 122:by men themselves but given to them as a free gift, much as people today give to a child beautifulExternalisation, 125:its major divine characteristics. Of these, free will and the discriminating use of the mind areExternalisation, 125:mind are the outstanding qualities. There was no free will in Atlantean days. There is a tendencyExternalisation, 125:will in Atlantean days. There is a tendency to free will (note that term) today and we call itExternalisation, 125:part. These are all attributes and qualities of free will but not the divine principle of free willExternalisation, 125:of free will but not the divine principle of free will per se. Of that we know as yet but little.Externalisation, 126:There is, therefore, a certain measure of free will displayed, and this constitutes an entirely newExternalisation, 126:the world. The objective was to stimulate the free will of the masses; the result upon them hasExternalisation, 127:to pass into the new Aquarian Age relatively free and with a clearer understanding of right humanExternalisation, 128:it is with them that the task of stimulating the free expression of this goodwill must be carriedExternalisation, 129:human consciousness and the restriction of its free expression. Externalisation, 136:universal qualities and no nation and no race is free of guilt or has entirely clean hands. Also,Externalisation, 148:guiding Elder Brothers of the race, but will be free at all times to reject that impression and toExternalisation, 148:the Hierarchy; all aspirants and disciples are free to choose a different way to the one suggestedExternalisation, 150:It is now possible to discover those who - being free within themselves and who are learningExternalisation, 154:too may love and give. It is this thought of the free circulation of energy between the three worldExternalisation, 156:mind and brain so that there is a direct and free inflow from the higher Self to the lower.Externalisation, 182:First of all, a trend towards a spiritual and free way of life; secondly, a trend towardsExternalisation, 187:for there can be no coercion of man's free will. No one is afraid of the allied nations; theExternalisation, 189:countries; the women of Germany must be set free from fear, as must the women in other lands; theExternalisation, 191:to all, seeing to it that the individual is left free. Today the men of vision are achievingExternalisation, 196:short-sighted policy and the blocking of the free circulation of necessities for some reason orExternalisation, 196:generations in the need for sharing, for a free circulation of all the essential commodities? TheExternalisation, 202:within each nation has been determined by the free will of their respective peoples, and the spiritExternalisation, 203:protection of the state. Humanity will then be free for the experiment of spiritual living, andExternalisation, 205:seek to express the spirit of Christ and who are free from the spirit of hatred and revenge. TheExternalisation, 208:which will allow them to live quietly again, free from the immediate fear of bombs and starvationExternalisation, 221:are forced by circumstance and karma, and by the free decision of your souls, to work under one orExternalisation, 228:side, are forced to see it. I seek to see you free yourselves from the condition where you areExternalisation, 231:lasting peace, of liberty of conscience and of free and happy homes rests upon their triumphing;Externalisation, 231:rests upon those Germans who remain free from glamor in other lands; it will come when the forcesExternalisation, 232:but it is the death of liberty, the death of free speech, the death of freedom in human action, theExternalisation, 240:the lands outside their own? How shall we free humanity to take its next step forward, without fearExternalisation, 246:humanity. You will also learn to keep your mind free from hate, refusing to hate the deluded sinnerExternalisation, 252:simple a matter; but the laws of nature, the free will of humanity itself and the inevitability ofExternalisation, 252:points which I have made above - natural law, free will and karma. In so doing I may succeed inExternalisation, 253:same law, to which we have given the name of free will. It is the right use of free will and itsExternalisation, 253:the name of free will. It is the right use of free will and its understanding expression which mustExternalisation, 253:- The General World Picture It is therefore the free will and the will-to-good of humanity whichExternalisation, 254:planet in a manner utterly new in expression. Free will involves a basic understanding of the linesExternalisation, 254:Humanity is only now reaching the point where free will can be of significant importance. There hasExternalisation, 254:of significant importance. There has been little free will to date. This is definitely the neededExternalisation, 254:at this moment. It is the lack of true free will which is today holding up the final activity. ThisExternalisation, 254:of importance and it is here that the great and free neutrals can give a right lead to humanExternalisation, 254:and physical pain are stultifying and negating free will in many sections of the world at thisExternalisation, 254:sections of the world at this time. There is no free will in many parts of Europe today. Prejudice,Externalisation, 254:responsibility are hindering the expression of free will in the less damaged parts of the world.Externalisation, 259:notable event can and will take place when the free will of the people, blended by invocation andExternalisation, 259:point in evolution where the expression of human free will is definitely possible. The use ofExternalisation, 259:by humanity through its use or non-use of free will and understanding. If humanity fails to uniteExternalisation, 260:in these opening remarks is that natural law, free will, and karma are becoming increasinglyExternalisation, 272:on divine origin (equality) and leading to a free and true expression of divinity (liberty).Externalisation, 275:the highest aspect of the same energy is given free rein among the sons of men. The divine [276]Externalisation, 281:encroaching upon man's growing expression of free will. So the outcome is unpredictable, though weExternalisation, 281:inevitability in future happenings. But man is free to choose the way that he shall go, and much ofExternalisation, 302:may join the forces of those who are seeking to free Germany and the German people from the imposedExternalisation, 302:in Germany. Once the Germans who are living free lives in other lands can think in terms ofExternalisation, 302:their voices will be added to those of the other free peoples and to those of the aspirants andExternalisation, 307:- a very different thing. In the one case, the free will and intelligent understanding of theExternalisation, 307:of method, process and results. It is an act of free spiritual cooperation, for the good ofExternalisation, 328:they are actively molding public opinion; [328] free minds in all countries, or theirExternalisation, 329:to know and trust each other, leaving each other free to work and plan within the group plan;Externalisation, 337:I urge you to face the future with strength, to free your minds from all vestiges of doubt, and to
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