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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREE

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Initiation, 102:to carry out certain work for the Lodge if he is free from occult occupation and mysticInitiation, 106:to the unity of consciousness of those who are free from the three lower planes, what transpires inInitiation, 106:and the imprisoned life consequently set free. At stated periods in the year the Lodge meets, andInitiation, 117:is no longer required, and the initiate stands free of both, fully liberated and able to contactInitiation, 186:in all probability, our choice. The greater free will of the cosmic system is under limitation,Initiation, 186:system is under limitation, just as is the free will of the system of which we are a part, and theInitiation, 186:of the system of which we are a part, and the free will of man himself. Upon innate quality willIntellect, 53:self. "The empirical self is the mixture of free spirit and mechanism, of purusha and prakriti...Intellect, 74:can we know? How have this direct experience, free from the intrusion of any intermediary? TheIntellect, 100:of one's mind. The second is, a mind that is free. The third is, a mind that can see. How can weIntellect, 109:are transcended and the mind is, therefore, left free to act in its own right. The result is aIntellect, 156:God, and the longer that condition can be held free from emotional reactions, the more direct willIntellect, 168:all such reactions. The soul knows itself to be free from the pairs of opposites - pleasure as wellIntellect, 184:although the devotee is not yet altogether free. In the third, the Adi-Yoga, when through yogaIntellect, 186:of the Universal Divine Being, through their own free, inherent power." - Evans-Wentz, W. Y.,Intellect, 189:is 'the Supreme Brahma, which is eternal, pure, free, alone (in Its absolute perfection),Intellect, 193:and therewith the soul grasps the divine good. Free will is the power of relishing the divine goodIntellect, 217:to find a place that is really quiet and free from intrusion. I do not mean quiet in the sense ofIntellect, 217:are apt to find it fuller than we thought, but free from personal approach and the calls of otherIntellect, 251:it will sound a note of love and will be free from hatreds and racial barriers; it will conveyMagic, 12:of contacts and a knowledge which is infallible, free from error, and which admits him to "theMagic, 12:"the freedom of the heavens". The effect of the free [13] play of the soul of man serves toMagic, 79:out lower grade matter, and thus permit the free play of a higher vibration. Another hindrance mayMagic, 103:the demonstration of a non-critical spirit. So, free passage can be given to the forces of trueMagic, 114:in view. Lesser grade initiates, though utterly free agents, fit into the plans of their superiorsMagic, 115:concrete mind acts in them as a barrier to the free play of the higher vision. Their sincerity isMagic, 126:yet remain detached, and therefore karmically free from the results of such work. Only the soul isMagic, 161:desire and aims, and are comparatively free from the whirlpool of selfish tendencies. But theirMagic, 176:by passing storms. They must endeavor to remain free from depression, no matter what occurs;Magic, 186:in one particular life, in order to free himself for service and chelaship in a later life. HeMagic, 202:outlook on life, whilst another is visionary and free from the sins of the flesh. The diversitiesMagic, 221:comprehend its nature and to learn both to stand free from it and then to work on it. In thisMagic, 221:poised, untouched, detached, uninfluenced and free. The term "astral" so often used is in reality aMagic, 229:leads through the golden gate to the city of free souls. One is therefore involutionary andMagic, 241:for on its own plane the souls of all men stand free from illusion, and neither can be destroyed,Magic, 265:have let slip all within the three worlds are free to carry the ultimate blessing to strugglingMagic, 282:by man with the animals, and is instinctive and free from all mental reactions. Those forces orMagic, 307:glamor. This sweeps an isolated unit, otherwise free from individual conditions producingMagic, 310:body of the average human being is scarcely ever free from some mood, some fear, some excitement.Magic, 321:We call it the "love of God". It is indeed that free flowing, outgoing, magnetically attractiveMagic, 334:and an era ushered in which will be [334] free from the incubus of money (its possession and itsMagic, 404:race. They work slowly and with deliberation, free from any sense of speed, towards TheirMagic, 410:noticeable, for its members are singularly free from sectarianism and selfish competition. ThisMagic, 414:Great Ones. Its [414] members therefore must be free from all taint of ambition, and from all prideMagic, 417:out and are gathering to them those who are free from the limitations of past political, religiousMagic, 419:of non-interference, and leaving each worker free to teach his own group as he sees fit. The termsMagic, 419:to reality will be recognized and each will be free to choose his own. No discipline will beMagic, 458:whereon the Mind of God expresses itself, free from the limitations of what we understand as form.Magic, 463:thought we have light thrown upon the subject of free will and upon the Law of Cause and Effect. ItMagic, 483:aspirant, no matter how sincere and devoted, is free from faults. Were he free, he would be anMagic, 483:and devoted, is free from faults. Were he free, he would be an adept. All aspirants are stillMagic, 491:of the lower mind. The aspirant must function free in both worlds. Note this with care. The thoughtMagic, 491:idea of facility, but that he must function as a free agent in both worlds. Through constant dailyMagic, 491:from his own thought creations, and leave them free to accomplish the purpose for which heMagic, 514:wherein the outer life seems static and free from active interest. This he must do if he is toMagic, 521:[521] Now a new attempt is being made to free the "prisoners of the planet". The Hierarchy, throughMagic, 556:which our Deity plays His part, He is any more free from cosmic group influences than the humanMagic, 556:group influences than the human individual is free from impression by his environing impulses? HeMagic, 559:The worker in white magic must hold himself free as much as he can from identifying himself withMagic, 572:Second, learn to live as a soul and, therefore, free from identification with the body nature. ThisMagic, 591:along the spinal cord which could prevent the free rising of the fire at the base of the spine,Magic, 592:away and dissipated before there can be the free play of the fires of the body. A complete networkMagic, 605:have been surmounted and man can function as a free soul in the spiritual kingdom, that which liesMagic, 616:sound. "Let the magician stand in watery mist, free of the running stream. Some outlines dimMagic, 638:Teaching them to know themselves. Setting them free from authority by awakening interest andMeditationis in direct communication, unobstructed and free from interference, straight through to theMeditation, 11:makes for Himself a body of manifestation, a free creation, - there is nothing in Him to call intoMeditation, 18:end disintegration is produced and a man is set free. It is mentality driving a man on toMeditation, 28:liberation is complete, and the man is set free. Even the [29] causal body is known as a limitationMeditation, 31:inner man and the spirit of divine life - is set free and mounts to its source. The specificMeditation, 61:seeks daily a quiet spot where he can be free from interference and interruption. If wise, he willMeditation, 65:the bodies will be pure, the channel [65] free from obstruction, and the higher inspiration will beMeditation, 66:aid may be, yet every effort that leads to the free play of the law, that acts in any way on matterMeditation, 96:at the close realize that the mental body is free and clear of thought-forms. Let him then raiseMeditation, 131:of that type of karma and is thus comparatively free from that source of hindrance in active work.Meditation, 160:pranic life everywhere available, will be set free. They can then circulate with facility, tuningMeditation, 240:has to do endeavors to set the indwelling life free from the veils that hide, and from the sheathsMeditation, 240:the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objective manifestation. Think this out, forMeditation, 262:and by knowledge and service can the life be set free from all that limits and trammels. A MasterMeditation, 272:of His responsibilities, thereby setting Him free for more extended work. Hence the emphasis laidMeditation, 272:load along certain lines, thus setting Himself free for other important work. [273] The finalMeditation, 303:Should a pupil desire so to do he is perfectly free to seek out other schools and teachers, but heMeditation, 320:and fixed facts: [320] The pupil must be free from obligatory karma and able to take the coursePatanjaliIshvara is the soul, untouched by limitation, free from karma, and desire. 25. In Ishvara, thePatanjali37. The chitta is stabilized and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and noPatanjali, 12:becomes "enmeshed in their activities" and must free himself before he comes into his heritage ofPatanjali, 21:it, and the realization of this enables him to free himself from its thralldom. This is one of thePatanjali, 47:Ishvara is the Soul, untouched by limitation, free from karma and desire. Here we have the picturePatanjali, 48:dominating and controlling the lower creations. Free from Karma. Through knowledge of the law hePatanjali, 49:wielding of the law, do not limit or hold him. Free from desire. No longer do the things ofPatanjali, 65:and to find the answer, they must first free themselves from all outer imposed authority and fromPatanjali, 82:center. The chitta is stabilized and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purifiedPatanjali, 84:Union 37. The chitta is stabilized and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purifiedPatanjali, 84:indulged. This translation is a particularly free one, as the words used in the Sanskrit arePatanjali, 84:to identify himself with them), then he becomes "free from passion." Heat, or desire for allPatanjali, 84:for all objects, is overcome. He stands then free from his lower sense nature. This results in aPatanjali, 87:the emptying of the hands so as to be free for new possession, then possession itself,Patanjali, 97:is the state of "meditation without seed," free from the rational use of the mind, and its facultyPatanjali, 97:ideas and of causes. This is pure contemplation, free from forms and thought. In it the perceiverPatanjali, 107:he knows the truth, and that truth makes him free. The field of knowledge, the instruments of
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