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Patanjali, 112:Yet it existeth still for those who are not yet free. 23. The of the soul with the mindPatanjali, 127:or hindrances to soul vision and the free play of spiritual energy and Patanjali says they are ofPatanjali, 147:aware of his own self, unfettered by forms, and free from the thralldom of matter that is the powerPatanjali, 152:which is seen and touched and heard" then he can free himself from all form-limitations and standPatanjali, 152:known. The great objective of Raja Yoga is to free the thinker from the modifications of thePatanjali, 152:with that which is purely phenomenal. He stands free and detached and uses the world of the sensesPatanjali, 164:Yet it existeth still for those who are not yet free. This sutra holds the germ of the entirePatanjali, 165:unroll itself before him. He is liberated and free and subject only to the new conditions of thePatanjali, 166:man the mode of this liberation and how he can free himself. Hence the trend of Patanjali'sPatanjali, 170:renunciation which once and for all sets a man free from the three worlds. This process is aPatanjali, 202:or of those atoms and molecules which limit the free expression of spirit, and which confine it toPatanjali, 202:it to the form so that it can have neither free ingress nor egress; Assimilation of those atoms andPatanjali, 217:man's life are absolutely adjusted and he stands free. Patanjali, 234:samadhi) which is not based on an object. It is free from the effects of the discriminative naturePatanjali, 234:and towards all soul-powers, the one who is free from the seeds of bondage, attains the conditionPatanjali, 250:so that only is known and contacted which is free from form, from desire and from lower concretePatanjali, 257:samadhi) which is not based on an object. It is free from the effects of the discriminative naturePatanjali, 262:control of mind at will, producing A still mind, free from thought forms, A quiescent responsivePatanjali, 288:intent, wise judgment and loving activity. It is free from any wish for reward or recognition. ThisPatanjali, 288:dispassion, the aspirant and server stands free from the karmic results of his activity on behalfPatanjali, 288:and causes obligation and effects; the other is free from desire, produces "identification with"Patanjali, 300:He states: "Their lives are chaste," i. e., free from impurity, or the limitations of the lowerPatanjali, 336:as the aspirant is one who seeks to function as "free in the macrocosm" and to transcend hisPatanjali, 339:and consciousness, then he is liberated and free and can contact at will and without timePatanjali, 339:is the state of illumination. Again, we have a free, rather than a literal translation, and in thisPatanjali, 358:and towards all soul-powers, the one who is free from the seeds of bondage, attains the conditionPatanjali, 360:himself from the trammels of form and stands free and liberated. But he needs to be on his guardPatanjali, 364:difficulty of this sutra will be obviated if a free paraphrase is here given. "Through thePatanjali, 369:who has achieved this there is no rebirth. He is free and liberated, and can say with fullPatanjali, 369:only that which is the result of meditation is free from latent karma. 7. The activities of thePatanjali, 369:7. The activities of the liberated soul are free from the pairs of opposites. Those of other peoplePatanjali, 381:and evolutionary process. This is a very free translation but conveys a clear interpretation of thePatanjali, 388:only that which is the result of meditation is free from latent karma. Forms are the result ofPatanjali, 388:Thus he stands at the moment of pure meditation free from that aspect of karma which deals with thePatanjali, 388:daily attitude of his life, then the man becomes free from the law [389] of karma. He becomes awarePatanjali, 389:through the helplessness of desire, and is a "free soul," a master and a liberated man. Patanjali, 389:7. The activities of the liberated soul are free from the pairs of opposites. Those of other peoplePatanjali, 389:and can hold his consciousness untrammelled and free from desire. Therefore, though he formulatesPatanjali, 427:avenues of knowledge are open to him. He stands free of the field of knowledge, yet can function inPatanjali, xii:these two states of being; he has consciously to free himself from all objects of desire and standPatanjali, xii:with it, the victim of the world. He walks free, with shining face (I. Cor. 3) and the light of hisProblems, 19:group consciousness - the consciousness of the free individual who collaborates with other men ofProblems, 21:from a shy and proud reticence were given free play, Great Britain and the other nations of theProblems, 23:of the world such an example of wise rule, free expression of individual purpose, and the use of anProblems, 23:to rule without cruelty, without infringing the free will of the individual and because she hasProblems, 24:throughout the world reap the benefits of free election, if peoples in disputed areas are permittedProblems, 24:if peoples in disputed areas are permitted by a free plebiscite to decide their own loyalties andProblems, 24:of speech, freedom of religion and a truly free press and radio are the outcome of this war, aProblems, 26:They shout freedom and still are not free; they refuse to be told what to do because it infringesProblems, 28:impetus, nascent in every nation, is given free expression. This is not yet the case; theologicalProblems, 29:The impending crisis of freedom. This involves free elections in all countries to determine theProblems, 30:guarantee its enactment, for humanity is left free to decide its own problems. Certain questions,Problems, 30:Will they be willing to leave each other free to shoulder [31] individual responsibility and yet beProblems, 34:to increase their membership and to imprison the free spirit in man. There are wise and goodProblems, 42:must be swept away, but the nations must be free to work out their own destiny. They have each ofProblems, 42:It is surely the function of the wealthier and free nations to help them to build so that the newProblems, 45:a renaissance of all the arts and for a new and free flow of the creative spirit in man. TheyProblems, 47:the child's sense of responsibility and set him free from the inhibitions which fear generates,Problems, 61:important still will be the need for them to be free from prejudice and to see all men as membersProblems, 76:of children or of adults. A rapid developing free press began to keep the "lower classes" informedProblems, 86:to recognize that the minority itself is not free from faults but is in a measure also responsibleProblems, 88:and everywhere to be found and no nation is free from it; it indicates a blindness, a cruelty and aProblems, 104:even in countries which have been relatively free from it; there is a constant discriminationProblems, 111:of the fact that God has made all men free. Problems, 111:of the United States, all men are regarded as free and equal; the Negro, however, is not free orProblems, 111:as free and equal; the Negro, however, is not free or equal, particularly in the southern states.Problems, 120:themselves a genuine [120] goodwill and who are free from prejudice will seek each other out andProblems, 120:for their fellowman, and seek to leave him free, but, they will have to seek for the dark area inProblems, 128:they are realizing that every man should be free to worship God in his own way. This will not meanProblems, 132:by material objectives. They are relatively free from any such political bias as conditions theProblems, 132:from which the older churches are relatively free, owing to their hierarchical method of governmentProblems, 139:- is quite unable to leave her children free. If the Catholic Church can change her techniques, canProblems, 177:body represents the resources of the world) must free itself from fraudulent politics, capitalisticProblems, 177:scheming; it must set the resources of the earth free for the use of humanity. This will be aProblems, 177:direction and in any country; by means of this free intercourse, members of the human family mayProblems, 180:groups are found to work constructively and are free from scurrilous attack or aggressive modes ofProblems, 180:and actuated by goodwill to all men and are free from an aggressive nationalism and partisanship,Psychology1, xvii:emotional body which will most rapidly set them free for service. It must be remembered thatPsychology1, xviii:imposition of authority. Aspirants must be left free to avail themselves of the teaching or not,Psychology1, xviii:spiritual work must go forward because of the free choice and self-initiated effort of thePsychology1, 8:in unison with it, the entire question of man's free will, of his eternal destiny and of his powerPsychology1, 24:Beauty (as an expression of truth) through the free interplay of life and form, basing the designPsychology1, 35:involves an awareness of the life of God Itself, free from form, but still, in a mysterious sense,Psychology1, 81:the raven and the dove? Can you, the Fish, swim free? Quality - overcoming the waters of thePsychology1, 90:nature are run on immutable laws. There is no free will except within certain clearly definedPsychology1, 92:around a happy immortal being, who was to be free, eventually and finally, from all thePsychology1, 106:to call on the Master's help, thus leaving Him free for more important work. The closer a disciplePsychology1, 107:into practice, and this leaves the Masters free for more important work. One of the interestingPsychology1, 116:release you from your own ambition and set you free to work as we (on the subjective side) work,Psychology1, 181:are so subordinated to the group good, and so free from all sense of separativeness, that theirPsychology1, 181:minds well stocked and equipped; they will be free from personal ambition and selfishness, animatedPsychology1, 188:hours and minutes of leisure so as to set others free to serve the Plan; give of your money so thatPsychology1, 318:(the [318] fourth race) to the sanctified and free devotion of one-pointedness in the next or sixthPsychology1, 327:governing evolution itself. [327] When given free scope and duly followed, it is the mode parPsychology1, 342:but to that liberation which comes from a free choice, wisely used and applied to the good of thePsychology1, 345:the lines of forces are adjusted and there is free interplay of energies and a straight alignedPsychology1, 364:will revolutionize its uses and open to man the free passage to the astral plane. This plane isPsychology1, 373:will work then without limitation, and will have free access to all parts of the building. ThroughPsychology1, 378:of the cyclic turmoil of terrestrial life, and free from the control of the tides of his emotionalPsychology1, 396:of men and enter into light, they ever travel free. They hold not what they have. Release
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