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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREE

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Rays, 231:is oft unpredictable, owing to the factor of free will. It is this which lies behind the trainingRays, 251:principle and the growth of the principle of "free will." This changed technique negates the oldRays, 280:is spirit at its lowest. This involves the free interplay of life-energy, consciously applied asRays, 283:of the cosmic physical plane and are completely free from it, can then - through the illumined willRays, 296:to be developed. They can work entirely free from self-interest; that which they create is notRays, 296:an expression of hierarchical activity; they are free from the spirit to identify themselves withRays, 304:of awareness which distinguishes those who are free from these all-compelling forces in the threeRays, 309:bodies have disintegrated and the man stands free in his causal or soul body. So it is, on a muchRays, 324:and physical - which restrict man's free expression of divinity. We dealt with a major conditionRays, 330:the affairs of humanity as far as innate free will permitted. On a higher turn of the spiral, thisRays, 352:and he can pass on to the Path of Initiation, free from that type of obstruction. The physical bodyRays, 360:and past activity but is nevertheless a free choice, because all limitation has been removed, allRays, 370:to ray) of the Eternal Now, and can work free from the compulsion of time, They can see theRays, 383:possible here to say; so much lies hidden in the free will and right timing of mankind. But thatRays, 392:of the divine will that the Master begins to free Himself from ray limitations. I would remind youRays, 393:the Masters. These decisions do not affect man's free will, for the Hierarchy does nothing toRays, 401:directed under law into our planetary life, is free from all that is at present associated with theRays, 416:beyond anything man can vision and which is free to a completely unlimited extent, again beyond theRays, 416:that enable the life or spirit aspect to free itself from the impact, the contact and the influenceRays, 416:Sanat Kumara to dwell on the Earth and yet stand free from all contacts, except with Those Who haveRays, 416:trodden the Path of Liberation and now stand free upon the cosmic physical plane; it is that whichRays, 428:all participating. The country which is the most free from selfishness today is Great Britain; sheRays, 430:must (as must all disciples) be left entirely free to settle its own destiny. Humanity has not yetRays, 435:the factor of time enters in and the disciple is free to submit to its conditioning, particularlyRays, 437:the cosmic dualism of the Master. The Master is free from the limitations of time, though not ofRays, 439:- to realize that the higher initiations are free from all concern and from any emotional orRays, 439:the neophyte to vision a time when he will be free from all reactions engendered by life on theRays, 439:behind. The Master knows the Law and is entirely free from any consideration of the time equation,Rays, 440:enters a world of spiritual endeavor which is free from forms and symbols or the veils which hideRays, 440:and the underlying mystery. Being is simple, free, unlimited and unimpeded and in that world theRays, 444:to the soul as it functions in its own kingdom, free from the limitations of human life) isRays, 499:must be undergone, and then the man stands free." So runs the Old Commentary in one of its moreRays, 523:is entirely destroyed, thus leaving the initiate free to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution andRays, 566:the underlying significance of the energy of free will and is something only truly possible throughRays, 573:systems which today so terribly imprison the free spirit of men. Rays, 595:but - at the same time - their peoples have free access to press and radio and are not kept inRays, 610:it is also the result of the liberation of free will, and in no way infringes the right of theRays, 610:right of the individual man or disciple to make free choice, once the Principle of Conflict hasRays, 614:for true Christianity, as Christ taught it, is free from theological abuses and must and will beRays, 622:period of planned education, of a truly free press and radio - both free to speak the exact truthRays, 622:of a truly free press and radio - both free to speak the exact truth and to present the facts asRays, 622:in the strictly Catholic countries are not as free in their thinking as are those living in theRays, 623:without originating the evil or infringing the free will of mankind. Rays, 630:world triangle of energy, and once there is a free circulation and a true understanding establishedRays, 630:the Christ can come. This understanding and this free harmony (if I may use such a term) will comeRays, 631:of Nations wherein a great experiment in free government is being tried out; this gives completeRays, 631:related Dominion, plus an equally complete and free interrelationship. The Dominions are all ofRays, 633:energy to the other [633] points and admitting a free circulation between all points around theRays, 633:the two conditions of a socialist program and free enterprise; this needs doing, for the extremeRays, 640:make their own choices and exert unimpeded the free will with which they may at any time beRays, 651:- have been renounced. He stands entirely free from every aspect of desire. The spiritual will hasRays, 671:head shines forth; a line of light, permitting free interplay, is established between the ajnaRays, 680:individual are doomed, because inherently man is free and fundamentally divine, and it is assuredRays, 685:soul and its powers can unfold and all men be free because of an individually attained freedom." Rays, 696:he is then permitted to make a [696] perfectly free choice and thus demonstrate his essential andRays, 704:he has indeed been liberated, that he is indeed free, that he has been raised out of darkness andRays, 704:he has been raised out of darkness and is now free in a new world of experiences. [705] He knowsRays, 719:is being imposed by circumstances and is not a free undertaking; the moving onward is the result ofRays, 720:and has, and - as a result of initiation - He is free from the questionings, the doubts and theRays, 722:of world need and Their recognition of man's free will to make decision. The last initiation ofRays, 722:be forced to recognize conditions and also make free choice and decision. What They decided to doRays, 724:from that instant of decision He stands entirely free and liberated from all aspects and all formsRays, 725:past and enters upon His chosen path entirely "free of recollected concepts, but exhibiting toRays, 727:light and love into a wider universe and to free the solar system from the attacks of cosmic evil,Rays, 728:He demonstrates that liberation by making free decision anent His future state of Being and ofRays, 729:no longer [729] has any hold over Him; He makes free decision, and His future is decided by Him notRays, 729:no turning back or relinquishment of it, nor (so free is the Master from all possible hindrances)Rays, 742:men or groups of powerful men. No country is free from this control, or from this attemptedRays, 743:by the fact that men themselves must make free choice and decision in order to be free; they canRays, 743:make free choice and decision in order to be free; they can only be liberated when they - asRays, 744:or the imposed ideology. Very few people are free agents, even in the democracies. A man born inRays, 744:of the people in blind ignorance so that no free choice is theirs - which is fundamentally wickedRays, 745:territory, against the police state, the lack of free enterprise and the reduction of men and womenRays, 745:have much to learn. Men are not truly free, even in democratic countries; the Negroes, forRays, 746:and their opportunity [746] to work and live as free men are not equal to those of the white race;Rays, 747:nationalization of the public utilities and of free enterprise - a combination which may have trueRays, 749:have greatly contributed) men everywhere are free to know and to understand. This is, of course,Rays, 752:and yet symbolically) is to liberate the good, free the beautiful, release the true and "immure inReappearance, 17:when He comes, He will find a world uniquely free from the grip and hold of ecclesiasticism; whenReappearance, 35:intention will no longer be frustrated by human free will and evil - pure materialism andReappearance, 57:Then His task will be done; He will be free again to leave us, but this time not to return but toReappearance, 112:(which He seeks to channel to us) is a free and flowing current, sweeping away obstructions andReappearance, 113:by humanity and is an expression of divine free will. The intended, divine expression can moveReappearance, 131:a man [131] can render his fellowmen is to free himself from the control of that plane by himselfReappearance, 131:energy, we call the "love of God." It is that free-flowing, outgoing, magnetically attractive forceReappearance, 135:of intelligent men and women will be enabled to free themselves from all delusion and emotionalReappearance, 164:however, awaits the expression of man's free will; his intelligence and his growth in goodwill areReappearance, 164:to make their own decisions, to exert their own free will and to achieve freedom by fighting forSoul, 20:of the physical cells and the bodily organs. Free Will is therefore largely ruled out in favor ofSoul, 27:by the power that dwells in all the senses, yet free from all sense-powers, detached, allSoul, 51:it, but the apparatus is the determining factor. Free-will is eliminated and immortality denied.Soul, 70:which his consciousness moves freely. He is free to lay the emphasis wherever he pleases; accordingSoul, 83:self, the body; (2) the individual soul, free from the body, which as knowing subject is contrastedSoul, 83:self. The Empirical Self is the mixture of free spirit and mechanism, of purusha and prakriti...Telepathy, 39:and cautiously undertaken, and must be kept free from any personality emphasis, any personalityTelepathy, 47:which make humanity today what it is. When the free flow of divine energy, of divine interplay andTelepathy, 78:and yet, at the same time, remain creatively free as regards their reaction to these contactedTelepathy, 78:entity in any kingdom in nature has been free, and the time has been long or short, and theTelepathy, 80:via all the other kingdoms, is the factor of free will, resulting in karmic responsibility. ThisTelepathy, 90:responsiveness is naturally conditioned by human free will, effective peculiarly in the timing
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