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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREED

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Astrology, 105:accomplished when man (the spiritual man) has freed himself from Karma and from the power of theAstrology, 175:The man is then not part of the horse but is freed from identification with it and is theAstrology, 307:He is then sensitive to world conditions and freed from personal desires. Before individual man canBethlehem, 137:eternal and unending because decentralized and freed from the self-imposed limitations of form. Destiny, 53:be clearly seen as [53] they are and will be freed from glamor and illusion; this harmonizing lightDiscipleship1, 136:you so wish - the true sannyasin, the one who (freed from the more active tasks of the younger manDiscipleship1, 155:- a work [155] which will appear when you have freed yourself from the clinging hands ofDiscipleship1, 250:and from a deep seated desire to see you all freed for fuller service is surely in a differentDiscipleship1, 252:You have much, as a soul, to give. Once you have freed the channel from that which today clogs andDiscipleship1, 316:just in so far as the individual members have freed themselves, or are freeing themselves, fromDiscipleship1, 332:and power to your brothers once you have freed yourself from the center of your stage and can moveDiscipleship1, 579:come through to a measure of release and are freed for service in a sense that was before notDiscipleship1, 600:and you will solve it only when you have freed yourself from personality impulses and from theDiscipleship2, 71:areas of released energy, causing forces to be freed which again can and will be used in theDiscipleship2, 464:hands - the group from which they have been freed. I have for you a suggestion. I will not call itDiscipleship2, 467:picture unfolds as a unity and the past is seen freed from karma. This sentence may mean much toDiscipleship2, 611:lies. When you have successfully and rightly freed yourself from other claims, I would urge you toDiscipleship2, 650:isolated from form attachments and when one is freed for identification with the life aspect, thenDiscipleship2, 670:than on the other rays, once the disciple is freed from glamor. Thus there can be built a trueDiscipleship2, 682:agree with what I said, nor have you really freed yourself from the prejudices to which I referredExternalisation, 36:two reasons: The members of the Hierarchy have freed themselves from the limitations of brainExternalisation, 37:their physical mechanism. They are then entirely freed from the time consciousness and from anyExternalisation, 246:only way in which his brother can be served and freed. Externalisation, 469:think with clarity is shown and if they are not freed from theological narrowness. Resurrection isFire, 57:adjusted and aligned, and when the spleen is freed from congestion and in a healthy condition,Fire, 63:last. Out of manifestation time is not, and freed from objectivity states of consciousness are not.Fire, 218:he will see all forms as illusion and will be freed, knowing himself as omnipresent. As the soundFire, 420:merged himself with his divine essence, and is freed from form. The first occult assertion marksFire, 563:vehicles, on the subtler planes they are freed from karma, for they have neither memory norFire, 619:no longer has a place, and the Man occultly is freed or liberated. This idea runs through allFire, 627:planets function. Man will eventually function freed from the triple lower man. The true meaning ofFire, 722:incarnation is a type of avatar, for He is a "freed soul" and therefore only chooses to incarnateFire, 738:under law, in "abstracting" himself, the freed soul, from out of the matter of the three worlds. HeFire, 746:of essential unity. But when a man has thus freed himself from the objects of sense in the threeFire, 807:vibration of the three worlds; he stands freed from the three kingdoms and the fourth. Fire, 1221:initiation. This portal is occultly regarded as freed from the intervention of the sword as man hasGlamour, 46:he faces, what do we find? The disciple has freed himself somewhat from the imposed control of anGlamour, 48:not submitting to the glamor of a desire to be freed from your group impacts, and make sure thatGlamour, 74:existed, being established by Those Who have freed Themselves from the control of materialGlamour, 147:that before you begin your meditation you have freed yourselves - emotions and mind - from anyGlamour, 214:months, and if necessary for years, until he has freed himself and the light breaks in on theGlamour, 227:abstain [227] from the group work until he has freed himself with the aid of the individualGlamour, 266:been sensed and dimly visioned. The Master - freed from the three and five worlds of human andHealing, 55:such as an aspirant or a disciple, may have freed himself from the inherited taints, but willHealing, 126:you? You need to remember that the initiate has freed himself, after the second initiation, fromHealing, 128:but this is only because he has completely freed himself from glamor and no aspect of theHealing, 230:and will return bodies to the soil after death freed from the plague which has contaminated theHealing, 261:symbolic happening took place - the slaves were freed. Like all things which human beings enact,Healing, 363:Should he continue his effort to help the newly freed soul to go forward into the light? In theHealing, 477:complete. We will touch upon this later. Though freed from the prison of the physical body, theHealing, 477:the physical body, the etheric body is not yet freed from its influence. There is still a slightHealing, 478:process of restitution is over; the man [478] is freed, temporarily at least, from all reaction toHealing, 564:the fourth Creative Hierarchy will finally be freed from that great limitation. Law IV Disease,Healing, 677:difficulty emerges. How can the healer use love, freed from its emotional or lower quality, andHercules, 52:Let the soul be single in its purpose and freed from the thralldom of matter, and then right actionHercules, 58:killing him. He broke the binding chain and freed Prometheus, chasing the vultures to their distantHercules, 63:Nereus. The myth tells that Hercules eventually freed himself and resumed his search, bindingHercules, 63:wonderful consummation of the story, that Atlas, freed from his burden, goes to the garden of theHercules, 75:the goal will surely be yours." But Hercules freed himself, as do all sincere seekers; and havingHercules, 75:glamor, he began to serve. First he freed himself under the symbol of Prometheus, who signifies GodHercules, 75:express it, of the desire nature, and Hercules freed himself from the vultures of desire that hadHercules, 160:of the effect of Scorpio". The moment we have freed ourselves from illusion, that moment we enterHercules, 161:us to planetary existence are severed, we are freed and we climb the mountain like the goat inHercules, 167:he was very clever in the way he did it. He had freed himself from illusion and Athena had givenInitiation, 210:to the man who standeth next below. The hands, freed from the transverse arms, are freed but to beInitiation, 210:The hands, freed from the transverse arms, are freed but to be held. Only the empty nail-markedIntellect, 142:to be a soul, dwelling in the eternal and freed from the limitations of form. This interlude isIntellect, 151:spiritual intelligence which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mindIntellect, 152:of being called discarnate (or disembodied) freed from the modification of the thinking principle.Intellect, 154:knows; he becomes aware of Truth, unveiled and freed from the glamor which the veil of matter castsIntellect, 191:spiritual intelligence which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mindIntellect, 251:psychopathic wards, or necessitated their being freed from obsessions or from "idées fixes", thatMagic, 94:subjective plane. Only those aspirants who are freed from personal [95] ambition can trulyMagic, 246:but it will be the same self, whether freed temporarily from the form consciousness or immersed inMagic, 296:the wheel of birth is brought about and a man is freed from the necessity to reincarnate. Then theMagic, 498:and more sensitive than ever before for he is freed of the handicap of the physical body. TwoMagic, 575:the accusations of his enemies. It is a hand freed from the taint of the four symbolic evils -Magic, 614:of the state of consciousness of those who have freed themselves from the illusions of the astralMagic, 634:ones and the mind of the disciple be thus freed from the detailed analysis of the world situationPatanjali, 29:in soul-vision, giving up the fruit of works, freed from the bondage of rebirth, reach the homePatanjali, 31:after he has: a. Taken certain initiations, b. Freed himself from the three worlds, c. OrganizedPatanjali, 33:no further use or need for them. He is therefore freed from the gunas, released from form taking asPatanjali, 49:not-self. Now all that is ended and He is the freed soul. Patanjali, 55:begin the search for this word for only the freed soul can find it. This word concerns the highestPatanjali, 67:any kind, but which is ever detached and aloof, freed from limitations imposed by possessions andPatanjali, 85:as Krishna, the Buddha and the Christ, who have freed Themselves from all sense reactions. ThisPatanjali, 103:of the sutras will be found helpful: "When freed from obscuration by impurity, the sattva of thePatanjali, 103:characteristic of obscuration. Clearness is freed from this." (p. 93.) The man has succeededPatanjali, 104:He no longer is subject to deception but stands freed from delusion. When this point is realized,Patanjali, 155:When this is so, he is part of the whole yet freed and liberated from the control of the world ofPatanjali, 165:over mental substance or thought matter, he is freed from the control of those forms which hold thePatanjali, 176:from every known limitation, and can say "I have freed myself from my fetters." This stage is longPatanjali, 205:of the ideal on the mental plane. Pure desire, freed from love of form on the emotional or astralPatanjali, 234:of being called discarnate (or disembodied), freed from the modification of the thinking principle.Patanjali, 251:certain results, which are as follows: He has freed himself from the three worlds of mind, emotionPatanjali, 285:be worked out, and when all that he initiates is freed from karma, then he can set a term to hisPatanjali, 286:triangle encloses naught but light, the path is freed for the passing of the pilgrim. When withinPatanjali, 286:out and colors three are seen, then the road is freed from that which might obstruct. When thoughtsPatanjali, 286:worlds is at an end. No karma then can draw the freed spirit back to earth for further lessons, orPatanjali, 323:must be left behind by the man who can function freed from the three worlds altogether. This is a
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