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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREED

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Patanjali, 339:of being called discarnate (or disembodied), freed from the modification of the thinking principle.Patanjali, 340:of realization which is achieved when a man has freed himself from this veil. That which covers upPatanjali, 356:capacity is in itself relative, for the adept is freed from limitation in the three worlds of humanPatanjali, 358:powers, but he himself remains detached, and freed from all karmic limitations. Patanjali, 360:He has (through dispassion and discrimination) freed himself from the trammels of form and standsPatanjali, 367:as omnipresent. "I am That I am," says the freed soul, the liberated man, the Christ. Neither timePatanjali, 369:spiritual intelligence which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mindPatanjali, 389:in Book III. The yogi is now a liberated man, freed from form conditions and focused in hisPatanjali, 390:into the vortex of lower plane existence. He is freed from karma and originates nothing and noPatanjali, 415:spiritual intelligence, which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mindPatanjali, xi:of a Son of God in full manifestation, wherein, freed from every veil, the soul in its true naturePatanjali, xii:in the mind-stuff." The soul is inherently freed from objects and stands ever in the state ofPatanjali, xii:the balancing of the pairs of opposites he has freed himself from the moods, feelings, longings,Problems, 175:longer difficult once the food of the world is freed from politics and from capitalism; it mustPsychology1, 36:man is no longer deluded by appearance and has freed himself from the veil of illusion that hePsychology1, 385:for things will be clearly seen as they are and freed from glamor and illusion; this harmonizingPsychology2, 157:with reality, when he is henceforth freed from the Great Illusion. Two things determine thePsychology2, 231:of manifestation. There is but life, formless, freed from the individuality, unknown. In thePsychology2, 397:of this higher meditation. Only those who have freed themselves from the thralldom of the sensesPsychology2, 497:to handle. Secondly, in his desire to be freed from the things in himself which are producingPsychology2, 507:kinds: The activity of the patient himself when freed, in sleep, from the physical body. HisPsychology2, 701:a sense of futility, and an urge to be freed from conditions. This is frequently of such intensityRays, 64:vanished and has gone. But when the initiate has freed himself from the realm of delusion of fog,Rays, 126:that he can hold them and obey them, he is then freed from them and needs them no more. TheRays, 132:A new life-expression appears which moves onward freed from all form yet subject still toRays, 240:attention of the accepting Master. He is thus freed for other fields of service. This, in itself,Rays, 350:leads into light and life. One group has never freed itself from the principles which governed theRays, 404:the substance of the glamor, purified and freed from all that conditioned it on the planetaryRays, 520:of, those liberated Consciousness which have freed Themselves from the prison of form. Rays, 647:and the true. This men will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purelyRays, 687:as the transferring agent. The second initiation freed the initiate from the astral [688] level ofRays, 688:the first time at the third initiation) must be freed from any magnetic or attractive "pull"Rays, 697:the world of material phenomena, because he has freed himself from any desire for them, from anyRays, 726:quality of all that they may later create when freed from our planet. You can see, therefore, whyReappearance, 119:desire for life in the three worlds and is freed from the Law of Rebirth. He is now groupReappearance, 122:based and the structure which can express (when freed of its Jewish names and nomenclature, whichReappearance, 181:unfoldment of spiritual opportunity. He is thus freed for ever enlarging areas of service. The NewTelepathy, 85:established. This surprising development freed the supervising Masters for some of Their plans and
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