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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREEDOM

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Externalisation, 618:nationally and internationally. When true freedom covers the earth, we shall see the end ofExternalisation, 636:to imprison the human spirit and impair its freedom. To illustrate - the Hierarchy demonstratedExternalisation, 636:or openly demonstrated) attempts to limit the freedom of the individual, the free spiritual man, noExternalisation, 637:any demonstration of the principle of non-freedom, no matter what form it takes, but is ever on theExternalisation, 638:is a right and true interpretation), refusing freedom to the individual in the interest of theExternalisation, 638:good intentions for the establishment of human freedom in a democratic world - modeled, of course,Externalisation, 651:an evil unity), and those who stand for the freedom of the human soul, for the rights of theExternalisation, 653:their emphasis upon intelligence and spiritual freedom, working out as free and understandingExternalisation, 656:energy which is today producing the struggle for freedom and liberation from environing conditions.Externalisation, 656:itself as the world fight (at this time) for the freedom of the will of men, as it expresses itselfExternalisation, 663:approaches to synthesis, seeking to preserve freedom in unity. It is a subjective synthesis forExternalisation, 671:[671] are noted. Under the totalitarian system, freedom is curtailed or abolished, the free will ofExternalisation, 671:of divine recognition? It is toward this general freedom and the intelligent activity of the freeExternalisation, 672:of men everywhere fighting blindly for freedom and for understanding, and receiving ever the innerExternalisation, 676:the biassed information and the lack of freedom of the totalitarian schools of thought. This wasExternalisation, 679:upon humanity, and therefore as infringing human freedom. This will not now be the case, and theFire, VII:has helped to establish a new era of mental freedom for the students of the progressively unfoldingFire, 105:the Karmic Lords on a higher plane) They have freedom of movement outside the bounds of theFire, 106:about must be allowed to function with greater freedom, and with less restriction. Now, owing toFire, 219:in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps them rotatingFire, 242:perfected self-consciousness, and for freedom and liberation from the form, and from the not-self.Fire, 324:phenomena in the three worlds, hence His freedom. Further, when the relationship of the negativeFire, 341:from the solar ring-pass-not, and gives Him the freedom of the cosmic physical, astral and theFire, 384:of matter eventually find liberation and the freedom of the Spirit. The same equally can beFire, 417:he would fain show the way to that region of freedom and light, from which he is a voluntary exileFire, 525:dwell in the light, and enjoy an ever increasing freedom, and vital existence. The trueFire, 722:systemic planes, the human avatar has achieved freedom from the five planes of human endeavor. In aFire, 738:comes the period wherein the man has attained freedom. A man has at this stage succeeded, underFire, 746:activity. By means of meditation, a man finds freedom from the delusion of the senses, and theirFire, 746:for service on the planet, but to all adepts. Freedom to work on any Path must be gained by occultFire, 747:Path must be gained by occult [747] meditation; freedom to escape beyond the ring-pass-not is alsoFire, 795:stage will be paralleled by a consequent greater freedom from evil impulse of the sons of men.Fire, 994:forth in a sheath of greater refinement. Etheric Freedom. This term does not convey all that [995]Glamour, 14:position to move in this world of concepts with freedom. To work and live in the world of ideas nowGlamour, 29:or less immersed, you will enter into a greater freedom of living and usefulness. As the maya ofGlamour, 33:the entrance of any of the world glamor. This freedom becomes possible when there is in theGlamour, 38:and the group can walk in the "lighted Way" with freedom, then will come the time when the groupGlamour, 46:which express the infancy of the race and the freedom which comes when mankind achieves itsGlamour, 46:comes when mankind achieves its majority and the freedom of the soul, lie all the many types andGlamour, 46:he can (in due time) become enamoured of his freedom, and automatically then swing into the glamorGlamour, 46:then swing into the glamor of his ideal of freedom, - an ideal which he has created. He becomes theGlamour, 46:which he has created. He becomes the prisoner of freedom. He rejects all rule except [47] thatGlamour, 47:right to stand alone. He revels in his new found freedom. He forgets that, having given up theGlamour, 47:marches on as best he can alone, glorying in the freedom from authority which he has succeeded inGlamour, 47:him as he becomes a "prisoner of the fog of freedom" and revels in what he deems the fact of hisGlamour, 48:will fall back into the glamor of his supposed freedom. There is freedom from the control of theGlamour, 48:the glamor of his supposed freedom. There is freedom from the control of the personality. There isGlamour, 48:from the control of the personality. There is freedom from the control of personalities. But thereGlamour, 48:control of personalities. But there is never any freedom from the Law of Service, and from theGlamour, 67:and the soul. Fleeting moments of this high freedom come to all true aspirants at times, duringGlamour, 76:change his way of living, thus discovering that freedom from material things carries with it itsGlamour, 76:some real understanding and owning a measure of freedom from the love of gold (symbolic way ofGlamour, 85:and to do this he must understand the means to freedom which are: Intuition, Illumination andGlamour, 95:to deepen the glamor and to delay progress into freedom. The stage wherein satisfaction and senseGlamour, 98:prone to it than are the others. Their relative freedom from it was one of the reasons why I choseGlamour, 100:of opposites, and through that "light" achieve freedom by treading the noble middle way. Sometimes,Glamour, 110:perception has thrown him, and to establish his freedom by a complete control of the astral body.Glamour, 137:Such great Representatives of Deity have the freedom of the Holy City (Shamballa) and of the NewGlamour, 160:stand, my brother, personality and soul, with freedom to go forward into the light if you soGlamour, 161:- are tainted with this universal condition. The freedom of the world is consequently largelyGlamour, 197:by its mental polarization and consequent freedom from glamor; then illusion will for a timeGlamour, 199:of the past. It is this technique which brings freedom from glamor and which can transform humanHealing, 10:limited areas of consciousness, the freedom of pure spirit, divine mind," which are so freelyHealing, 10:and the formulation of their beliefs in the real freedom of humanity from ordinary ills of theHealing, 13:as a creator, and as one who progresses towards freedom. They indicate his discriminative abilityHealing, 20:bring that which produces happiness, good, and freedom from pain more easily than it brings pain,Healing, 54:and which, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease. It will be apparent to you,Healing, 54:of the patient can and will produce either real freedom from physical ills or an intensification ofHealing, 70:and worry, and once the world settles down to freedom from the present "fearful" condition, weHealing, 129:circulation and with a consequently intended freedom of humanity from the ills and problems of theHealing, 134:and which, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease. Law IV Disease, both physicalHealing, 162:the stage of spiritual expression supervenes and freedom from danger and emancipation fromHealing, 259:The goal held before the neophyte is liberation, freedom, emancipation; this, by and large, is theHealing, 259:connotation. Liberty, in the minds of many, is freedom from the imposition of any man's [260] rule,Healing, 260:from the imposition of any man's [260] rule, freedom to do as one wishes, to think as oneHealing, 260:so. Liberation is much more than all this; it is freedom from the past, freedom to move forwardHealing, 260:more than all this; it is freedom from the past, freedom to move forward along certainHealing, 260:predetermined lines (predetermined by the soul), freedom to express all the divinity of which oneHealing, 261:and women everywhere in the world liberty and freedom to develop the divine reality withinHealing, 275:of development, then there will be relative freedom from disease. They are to be found, secondly,Healing, 315:have so transmuted emotion. This condition of freedom from emotion is so seldom to be found that -Healing, 385:faith is frequently a great detriment to his freedom from the difficulties which lie between himHealing, 387:is not, however, the summum bonum of existence. Freedom from the limitations of the physical bodyHealing, 440:the death of free speech, the death of [440] freedom in human action, the death of truth and of theHealing, 446:as you know, entrance into fuller life. There is freedom from the handicaps of the fleshly vehicle.Healing, 488:The kama-manasic person has what is called the "freedom of the dual life," and finds himselfHealing, 488:a light density which is in proportion to his freedom from desire and emotion. These three types ofHealing, 516:focused and admitted, is that - having achieved freedom - that freedom now conveys its own demands:Healing, 516:is that - having achieved freedom - that freedom now conveys its own demands: For a life of serviceHealing, 519:sense) the hold of the personality has now the "freedom of the Ashram," as it is called; he canHealing, 533:These therefore work out as disease or as freedom from disease. Law IV Disease, both physical andHealing, 558:These, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease. This law indicates that one ofHealing, 598:this time concerned. Incidentally, the relative freedom from the plagues and epidemics whichHealing, 611:is appraisal, and there is the struggle for freedom and for the truer values. What is all this butHealing, 634:is released into a temporary and directed freedom by the will of the informing soul, but remains atHealing, 666:materialistic exploitation, to the lack of real freedom and to the rights, as yet unclaimed, of theHealing, 666:apparent everywhere. That the strugglers towards freedom are employing wrong methods and are [667]Healing, 674:- indicates the removal of all barriers and the freedom of the disciple from the great heresy ofHealing, 682:The soul stands free. This moment of true freedom can be brief and fleeting as in the case of theHercules, 15:not, my son, but prove to me the nature of this freedom which you sense. Again in Leo, will you
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