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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREEDOM

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Hercules, 15:liberty. Boast not, my son, but prove to me your freedom and your deep desire to serve." TheHercules, 33:there begins to be felt the urge to achieve freedom from the form, to roll away the stone from theHercules, 166:arrive at the wonder of being, because it means freedom from the standpoint of the mineral.Hercules, 166:from the standpoint of the mineral. Complete freedom. In Leo, the gift of opportunity. I am anHercules, 177:but I have the idea that he had to demonstrate freedom from irritability and selfishness in thatHercules, 177:in its physical sense but "pure" really is freedom from the limitations of matter. If I am in anyHercules, 207:release us into that joy on the Path and that freedom in service which is a more than adequateInitiation, 24:and suffering, and their apprehension of the freedom that comes through the sacrifice of the formInitiation, 35:imprisoned spirit, and thus achieve spiritual freedom. This problem exists not in the kingdomsInitiation, 73:of life; a purity not merely theoretical. A freedom from care. Here bear in mind that care is basedInitiation, 90:worlds, and can contact his Monad with more freedom than the majority of the human race can contactIntellect, 5:others." - Hocking, Wm. E., Self, Its Body and Freedom, page 75. Those who have studied in bothIntellect, 24:and to formulate their own ideas. The freedom of human thought, liberation from the control ofIntellect, 45:to his most valuable and scholarly book "God and Freedom" says: "It is everywhere noticed that theIntellect, 45:of man over nature." - Luzzatti, Luigi, God and Freedom. It is essential that the western worldIntellect, 50:bits of God; And God, if they but had their freedom, would Unfold Himself in them, would burgeonIntellect, 66:or release them for what they believe will be freedom to be of greater usefulness; they agonize inIntellect, 152:them the necessity of arriving at a state of freedom from the body consciousness in order that theIntellect, 152:- Intuition and Illumination The way to that freedom has always been understood by the ChristianIntellect, 217:intrusion. I do not mean quiet in the sense of freedom from noise, for the world is full of soundsMagic, 12:free from error, and which admits him to "the freedom of the heavens". The effect of the free [13]Magic, 104:are developed by self-initiated [104] effort, freedom in action and discrimination in method andMagic, 178:used, his positive mental polarization, and his freedom from astralism. To this must be added theMagic, 250:which the Christ principle dominates, in which freedom is experienced and the soul comes to fullMagic, 258:for absolute purity only exists when entire freedom from control has been brought about. The soulMagic, 298:behind and step into his heritage of freedom and of life. Often he is so ridden by fear that heMagic, 300:as you know, entrance into fuller life. There is freedom from the handicaps of the fleshly vehicle.Magic, 329:races, and use each other's Bibles with equal freedom. They form the subjective background of theMagic, 330:They only recognize two things: their need for freedom, and an intense eagerness for knowledge.Magic, 334:or spiritual kingdom. There will be time and freedom for a soul culture which will supersede ourMagic, 355:light. Let it here be remembered that this very freedom to walk in the light carries with it itsMagic, 362:physical energy by the initiate gives him the "freedom" of the cosmic physical plane. The right useMagic, 383:use the word "undifferentiated" in the sense of freedom from multiplicity; certain mainMagic, 403:response to hierarchical vibration, and that freedom from the lower psychism which are the neededMagic, 410:force of their unique example. They stood for freedom and the personal right to know. These latterMagic, 426:characteristic will be an individual and group freedom from a critical spirit. This non-criticismMagic, 548:hold me. I am the bird that flies with utter freedom." In Aquarius the words spoken will be: "I amMagic, 549:this, he can say: "Desire holds me not, with freedom now I stand. I desire all and nothing. I liveMagic, 590:be the possibility of hours of seclusion and of freedom from interruption. This I cannot tooMagic, 612:spiritual progress can be gauged in terms of his freedom from this illusion and of his release intoMagic, 626:the qualities of the spiritual man and a growing freedom from the thralldom of age-old fearMagic, 630:vision, plus right understanding, brings about freedom from the instinctual reactions and evokesMeditation, 66:group, which (though only temporary) leads to freedom from disturbance, enables the units of theMeditation, 127:body will come longer and longer periods of freedom from attack. Eventually the attacks will ceaseMeditation, 312:an environment of comparative seclusion and freedom from interruption. We might express it thus:Patanjalithe vrittis) is secured. 15. Non-attachment is freedom from longing for all objects of desire,Patanjali, 28:1 - The Problem of Union 15. Non-attachment is freedom from longing for all objects of desire,Patanjali, 32:of the soul itself. The goal is formlessness or freedom from objective and tangible manifestation,Patanjali, 85:does not seem to be the main idea intended. Freedom from attachment is brought about as the firesPatanjali, 102:is that of purity in its true sense, meaning "freedom from limitation," and therefore signifyingPatanjali, 121:Raja Yoga liberates him to complete service and freedom to work as a White Magician. Bhakti Yoga isPatanjali, 129:has to fight its way out to ever increasing freedom and liberty. [130] First the sphere of its ownPatanjali, 147:of matter that is the power of good. Complete freedom from matter causes bliss or pleasure - thePatanjali, 171:great method of attaining liberation [171] or freedom from the three worlds. Based as it is on aPatanjali, 172:before perfect liberation, emancipation or freedom is attained. In one of the old commentaries inPatanjali, 173:desire is what causes all experience. Desire for freedom. The result of experience and of thePatanjali, 173:and a great desire for liberation and for freedom from the wheel of rebirth. Desire for happiness.Patanjali, 174:of one's dharma. The longing for knowledge, for freedom, and for happiness has brought the man to aPatanjali, 176:stage is long but results in the attainment of freedom and relates to the second of thePatanjali, 234:are attained, likewise bodily perfection and freedom from all hindrances. 46. Symmetry of form,Patanjali, 285:Vibrations, the seer becomes aware of the freedom of his [286] aura from "death producing" effects.Patanjali, 331:lowest and least important significance. [331] Freedom from water is a symbolic way of stating thatPatanjali, 332:glory. When these three aspects of freedom have been gained and the man is no longer dominated byPatanjali, 339:through concentrated meditation give him the freedom of the heavens and the right to pass throughPatanjali, 345:are attained, likewise bodily perfection and freedom from all hindrances. Towards the close of eachPatanjali, 345:are attained, likewise bodily perfection and freedom from all hindrances." (Book III, Sutra 45.) ItPatanjali, 356:it is that the adept can create at will and his freedom from the limitations of matter forms thePatanjali, 356:worlds of human endeavor. The Master has perfect freedom of action in the three worlds plus thePatanjali, 356:Christ and those of similar initiation have this freedom in the five worlds of human evolution. Problems, 24:Nations as being fought ostensibly for human freedom, yet all the great Powers entered this warProblems, 24:their own loyalties and adherences, and if freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a truly freeProblems, 24:and adherences, and if freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a truly free press and radio areProblems, 26:of the ages seventeen to twenty-four. They shout freedom and still are not free; they refuse to beProblems, 26:American Negroes and the withholding of equal freedom and opportunity from them. They areProblems, 27:in the States and this order will come when freedom is interpreted in terms of self-chosenProblems, 27:in terms of self-chosen discipline; a freedom which can turn into license and which is interpretedProblems, 27:idealism, a saner outlook and a greater love of freedom than other nations; they are apt to forgetProblems, 29:process should include: The impending crisis of freedom. This involves free elections in allProblems, 30:whatever so that a wholesome unity, based on freedom and demonstrating unity in diversity, can beProblems, 47:of the child as an individual, upon freedom from prejudice and racial antagonism and upon a trueProblems, 51:along right ones in a wholesome atmosphere of freedom. We need also to do two things: We must placeProblems, 75:of the rich classes. The spiritual principle of Freedom became increasingly recognized and itsProblems, 75:symbolizing this growth and the demand for freedom. The machine age was succeeded by the age ofProblems, 76:Men in every country determined to fight for freedom and their proper human rights. GraduallyProblems, 76:with its formidable weapons: education for freedom and the strike. Many discovered that in unionProblems, 77:with the growth of democracy and the demand for freedom, with the uprising of the rule of theProblems, 85:conditions, towards more individual and racial freedom and a much higher level of right humanProblems, 109:ready for self-government and expressing true freedom. Increasingly these Negro races will forsakeProblems, 111:thinking and a willingness to give complete freedom to the Negro races. The future peace of theProblems, 112:eyes of their constituents by fighting for the freedom of distant small nations in Europe; at theProblems, 112:steadily defy their own constitution by refusing freedom and liberty to the Negroes of their ownProblems, 112:in their demand for their own personal freedom and insistent upon the defense of the constitution -Problems, 113:and under obligation to the white) and the freedom which he wants to share with all men in theProblems, 128:Today men's minds are recognizing the dawn of freedom; they are realizing that every man should beProblems, 128:fail to see in this the workings of divinity. Freedom of [129] thought, the questioning ofProblems, 136:and the [136] opportunity to work and live in freedom; they face famine in large areas of the worldProblems, 139:every branch of Christianity. The problem of the freedom of the human soul and its individualProblems, 152:is responsible for the great concepts of freedom which are so close to the hearts of menProblems, 167:tied up with the economic problem. When there is freedom from want, one of the major causes of warProblems, 174:of the world's resources so that there may be freedom from want, and it involves also the bringing
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