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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREEDOM

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Problems, 176:street pays the price and waits for justice and freedom. Problems, 177:instead of greed and competition. There must be freedom to travel everywhere in any direction andPsychology1, xviii:group of world disciples who will function with freedom and power in a later cycle. You see a tinyPsychology1, 104:soul, with its faculty of omniscience and its freedom from categories of past, present and futurePsychology1, 108:moves in the emergence of the race into greater freedom. But I know of no others, in thisPsychology1, 284:and an undue concern, and so produce a mental freedom which will admit of the inflow of new ideasPsychology1, 337:into the liberty of love itself, and into the freedom of the one who possesses all things, and yetPsychology2, 30:nature of this elevated state of consciousness. Freedom from all that is implied in the use of thePsychology2, 32:from form experience as a whole to that complete freedom from all vibratory impressions which it isPsychology2, 78:the major characteristic of the Soul or Self. Freedom from the desire to possess, freedom fromPsychology2, 78:or Self. Freedom from the desire to possess, freedom from acquisitiveness, and therefore the statePsychology2, 102:Logoi. This must be remembered. A touch of this freedom from the limitations of pain and sorrow canPsychology2, 108:what their degree) to serve that Plan with freedom, for in freedom and in the sense of joy and inPsychology2, 108:degree) to serve that Plan with freedom, for in freedom and in the sense of joy and in the strengthPsychology2, 178:recognition by one of the Great Ones. When this freedom from the personal is found, then the MasterPsychology2, 199:top and there again stands free. The triple freedom thus achieved has naught to do with earth, orPsychology2, 199:do with earth, or water, or with fire. It is a freedom, triple in its kind, which greets the manPsychology2, 242:the next nine year cycle. They then, in perfect freedom and with full mutual cooperation lay TheirPsychology2, 261:consciousness to a recognition of its essential freedom, the reaction against the dogmatism of thePsychology2, 262:them the spoils of victory in the shape of the freedom which they have won for themselves or forPsychology2, 291:will make a chosen experience possible. This freedom of choice never occurs except in the case ofPsychology2, 296:the Father or Spirit aspect and gives Him "the freedom of the solar system". The egoic ray, whenPsychology2, 296:the second aspect of divinity and gives him the "freedom of the planetary sphere". The personalityPsychology2, 296:substance aspect of divinity and gives him the "freedom of the three worlds" and of the subhumanPsychology2, 333:enriched, released consciousness into the full freedom of the Mind of God. We see the activity ofPsychology2, 428:at the same time a [428] sense of gain and of freedom, when surmounted, overcome and solved. ThatPsychology2, 437:human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom. Psychology2, 450:synonymous. Men everywhere are aspiring towards freedom, towards mutual understanding, towardsPsychology2, 485:life and consciousness. When he is a Master, the freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven is his, and hePsychology2, 496:can be full sexual satisfaction or else complete freedom from its grip and yet the outgoingPsychology2, 503:of the true man when out of the body. The freedom of the patient from the desire to make anPsychology2, 573:and convinced of the reality of his vision. The freedom from emotional appeal. The true disciplePsychology2, 590:a long rest in bed, with light diet and complete freedom from all contacts. It may be necessary atPsychology2, 624:guaranteeing the power of the Hierarchy and its freedom from any psychological problems inherent inPsychology2, 640:unity, standardization of mankind, human freedom, the problem of the left and the right party,Psychology2, 653:of order, stabilization, and above all, freedom. Each nation must internally adjust itself toPsychology2, 702:The Hierarchy of souls who have achieved freedom and whom you call the planetary Hierarchy werePsychology2, 702:above: "the Hierarchy of souls who have achieved freedom." I am not using that phrase in thePsychology2, 702:signify the achieving of that liberty and that freedom which will [703] release them from the threePsychology2, 703:incentive towards the needed effort. The freedom, however, to which I refer, is the achievedPsychology2, 703:of the soul to move and act, and manifest with freedom in the three worlds, as well as on its ownPsychology2, 704:they live in a world of seeming and have no real freedom in the world of reality. In May, 1938, atPsychology2, 713:the worst aspects of personal ambition. This freedom from ambition is proved or expressed byPsychology2, 713:proved or expressed by personal reticence and by freedom from the publicity-making activities ofPsychology2, 713:of the aspirants of the world, and also by freedom from the [714] making of statements as toPsychology2, 722:however, that there is no infringing of human freedom, even by a Master. Sometimes a disciple or aPsychology2, 724:to subside into a period of quiet and of freedom? The Hierarchy is doing all that is possible, butPsychology2, 725:the people of peaceful intention and of innate freedom from hatred can the forces of destruction bePsychology2, 733:usually interpreted, to mean merely an enforced freedom from war, and an expediently enforcedPsychology2, 736:the conscious aspirants to whom I can speak with freedom and with no attempt to choose my wordsRays, 38:- under due and set rules and yet with full freedom of action. You will see, therefore, why everRays, 44:initiation is the demonstration of complete freedom from the claims and demands of the personality.Rays, 127:the second initiation have to demonstrate their freedom from the slavery of ideas, from a fanaticalRays, 128:with understanding of their purpose and with freedom from excess; he is not preoccupied with themRays, 132:sphere of activity the Triads move with perfect freedom. Their onward push towards the higherRays, 177:before the Initiator face to face, and the freedom of the City of God is his. He is not yet aRays, 200:vision and Their moving forward. A relative freedom has been gained and the initiate stands freeRays, 211:given to humanity. There comes a point of freedom in the group relation which will demonstrate inRays, 233:the quality of the salvation offered has been freedom from substance [234] or the lure of matterRays, 234:or the lure of matter and from its hold - a freedom only to be achieved at a great cost. The futureRays, 237:energy, leaving mankind to find its own way into freedom, and out of Pisces into the aura and theRays, 284:planetary ring-pass-not; He is then given the freedom of the world, and not just the freedom of theRays, 284:given the freedom of the world, and not just the freedom of the worlds. It will be obvious that IRays, 286:of the Spiritual Triad, which only confers its freedom fully after the third initiation. The wordsRays, 358:but only reality and truth where there is freedom from the factor of form life. Therefore,Rays, 379:is too apt to color your thoughts. The complete freedom from all coercion or from any supervisionRays, 389:is that They represent Those Who have achieved freedom, have been liberated, and are therefore heldRays, 389:beings are no longer present. But one achieved freedom only opens the door to another and widerRays, 389:freedom only opens the door to another and wider freedom on ahead, and the ring-pass-not of ourRays, 391:fit Him for specialized work, plus a sense of freedom hitherto unrealized. The decision might beRays, 396:little incident will demonstrate the complete freedom of choice which distinguishes the sixthRays, 399:exists. Now ahead of Them, and owing to Their freedom from these "bewilderments," will come theRays, 412:under Their Own inspiration and with greater freedom. The cosmic mental plane is not barred toRays, 416:the power of man to comprehend. The principle of freedom is a leavening energy which can permeateRays, 416:particularly on our planet. This principle of freedom is one of the attributes of Deity (like will,Rays, 416:mind) of which humanity knows as yet little. The freedom for which men fight is one of the lowestRays, 416:is one of the lowest aspects of this cosmic freedom, which is related to certain great evolutionaryRays, 416:Mysteries of Initiation It is the principle of freedom which enables Sanat Kumara to dwell on theRays, 417:and gives the incentive towards the "culture of freedom" or of liberation which motivates the workRays, 417:upon the Lord of the World. The Law of Freedom, however, does impose certain restrictions, if oneRays, 417:Paths, the Master will work with the Law of Freedom. This is not, as you may well surmise, its trueRays, 417:its true name, for in the last analysis, freedom and liberation are effects of its activity. ThisRays, 417:it might therefore be stated that this Law of Freedom also does the [418] same. Until more divineRays, 418:the name of the law which embodies the Law of Freedom to be given, for there is no word in ourRays, 428:to be found in any other country in the world. Freedom is an essentially spiritual attribute,Rays, 429:In the coming crisis, true vision and a new freedom, plus a wider spiritual horizon may beRays, 467:crosses the Lighted Way, and achieves the freedom of the Path of Life. One of the points which itRays, 469:soul, fused and blended and at-one, towards the freedom of the Spiritual Triad; then the consciousRays, 471:planetary ring-pass-not the initiate moves with freedom and knows no limitation in consciousness.Rays, 495:direction of the Heads of the Hierarchy. The "freedom of the three Centers" is Theirs. They canRays, 566:on to the Path of Discipleship; on that Path freedom of expression and conscious self-directedRays, 599:called the astral body. This produces complete freedom from glamor and the creation of "a limpidRays, 600:the planetary Logos chooses to circumscribe His freedom and to limit His activities. [601] ThisRays, 601:and to limit His activities. [601] This curious freedom from successive limitations is experiencedRays, 614:these small renunciations that the capacity for freedom is slowly being generated and the habit ofRays, 622:the Protestant lands; the Russian people know no freedom and have no opportunity to form their ownRays, 629:in the United States is between a love of freedom which amounts almost to irresponsibility andRays, 631:they therefore have to fight blindly for their freedom, to fight instinctively and withoutRays, 631:is being tried out; this gives complete internal freedom and choice to each related Dominion, plusRays, 632:methods and sinning against the soul of human freedom, eventually this educational process will
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