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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREEING

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Astrology, 170:and the man upon the reversed wheel is steadily freeing himself from the control of matter. TheDiscipleship1, 271:the work essentials, and you have succeeded in freeing yourself inwardly from much of the detailDiscipleship1, 310:life expression, there has been a simultaneous freeing of yourself from the "pulling hands" ofDiscipleship1, 316:individual members have freed themselves, or are freeing themselves, from their personal glamors.Discipleship1, 358:power of clear and steadfast meditation and the freeing of oneself from self attention. Can youDiscipleship1, 440:is a divine law and releases from glamor, freeing the soul for the reality of service. I stand byDiscipleship1, 444:Am I capable of learning to observe, and of freeing myself from those results of observation whichDiscipleship1, 507:love can free you? Not love of yourself or a freeing of yourself through desperation over your ownDiscipleship1, 591:easily cause illusion. From this you are rapidly freeing yourself. It is right that you shouldDiscipleship1, 722:which he must eventually free himself and aid in freeing the world. These three stages have beenDiscipleship1, 726:to this established karma, what I might call "freeing karma." This is a part of the forcing processDiscipleship2, 15:to you in this manner, but in the process of freeing you for increased service I have drawn nearerDiscipleship2, 28:the mental plane. C.D.P. is now in process of freeing herself from astral limitations, and by theDiscipleship2, 47:and act as if the Dweller existed not, thus freeing yourself from all personality influence in dueDiscipleship2, 398:of these "destructive episodes which produce the freeing of the prisoner of the planet" (i.e., theDiscipleship2, 555:of the very real progress you have made in freeing yourself from glamor, that fellowship can nowDiscipleship2, 601:indicate my pleasure and commend you. You are freeing yourself for service. All that I earlier saidDiscipleship2, 611:is largely in the nature of release and of a freeing for more effective service. In reviewing whatExternalisation, 40:work free from its impression, and the task of freeing humanity from the thralldom of its ownExternalisation, 40:also as a bridging group so that those who are freeing themselves from glamor can find their wayExternalisation, 258:of ending oppression and slavery and of freeing humanity, then we shall see also an embodiment ofExternalisation, 497:by the release of an aspect of matter and the freeing of some of the soul forces within the atom.Externalisation, 643:manner, men are today facing a period of the freeing of the human soul, or a period of itsFire, 303:the end of the evolutionary process, or the freeing of Spirit from the limitations of matter. ByFire, 421:from the lower three kingdoms, and his complete freeing from lower form domination at the fifthFire, 453:of the existence of the etheric levels, thereby freeing people from the onus of adverse publicFire, 802:students so glibly talk is after all but the freeing of the atom from its own personal problem (theFire, 984:I, 25-27. All magical operations consist in freeing oneself from the coils of the Ancient Serpent.Fire, 1096:Liberation for man comes when he succeeds in freeing himself from the vibration of the three lowerGlamour, 37:protected them. I.B.S. has gone a long way in freeing herself from certain aspects of glamor.Glamour, 172:technically brought into activity, producing the freeing of the energies of the etheric body fromGlamour, 214:aspirant a formula whereby he may aid in freeing himself from his particular glamor or glamors. IHealing, 14:give place to the use of death as the organized, freeing process in order to conserve force andHealing, 459:factor aspirants recognize, it is the need of freeing themselves from the Great Illusion. ArjunaHercules, 75:and Hercules received his great surprise after freeing both Prometheus and Atlas. Having, given upHercules, 222:Self-consciousness. Scorpio The final freeing from illusion. Aquarius Server of the race, pouringHercules, 227:was his emancipation from illusion and the freeing of perception from the mists and miasmas, theIntellect, 97:both in the East and in the West. This is the freeing of the soul from the thralldom of the [98]Intellect, 199:Way, wherein He encourages and guides them, freeing them from the obstacles which hinder theirMagic, 308:one factor aspirants recognize it is the need of freeing themselves from the Great Illusion. ArjunaPatanjali, 31:when carried to its climax produces not only the freeing of the soul from the limitations of thePatanjali, 31:the limitations of the three worlds, but the freeing of the spiritual man from [32] allPatanjali, 231:the consciousness into the astral body and thus freeing it from the physical plane. A still furtherPatanjali, 232:three bodies function as a coordinated unit. The freeing of the man from the limitations of theProblems, 24:in a greater or lesser degree. This is the freeing of humanity from dictatorship. After war comesPsychology2, 161:and identify it, first of all, with itself (thus freeing it from the world illusion), and then withPsychology2, 590:a constant inflow of energy and greatly aids in freeing of the psychic from the astral plane. IRays, 40:lesson of the significance of isolation and the freeing process which brings about the merging intoRays, 419:from the occult point of view the history of the freeing of the spirit by the mode of steadily
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