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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREELY

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Astrology, 136:pot, storing it there for service and giving it freely on demand to meet a need. The sign AquariusAstrology, 138:help the soul of humanity to express itself more freely. Water being the symbol of substance and ofAstrology, 233:either instinct or custom and those who climb freely where they choose and are self-directed inAstrology, 249:of intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the "point of balance" the way thatAstrology, 339:The initiate now chooses to incarnate and passes freely and at will through both doors. The pull ofAstrology, 367:understanding and group love) will function freely. The mystery of the sign is in reality concernedAstrology, 398:are applied to prove that the energy is flowing freely and without impediment and obstructionAstrology, 531:an unhappy majority - they will cooperate freely with these greater nations in a federation ofAstrology, 625:enlightenment; I dowered with enrichments; I freely gave." This embodies not the mystical vision ofAstrology, 656:is duly equilibrated and the force circulates freely through one of the stars of the Great Bear,Autobiography, 199:for we here in America have always talked more freely to strangers than has ever been the customAutobiography, 206:her, to stand by her, to let her talk to me freely and to feel safe in so doing [207] was the onlyAutobiography, 224:what they liked, and that I would express myself freely. Anyway, the girls passed through threeAutobiography, 285:made concerning the spiritual life are freely offered. The requirements cannot be imposed. If theBethlehem, 210:It is the expression in external act of a freely chosen self-dedication, ungrudging, and withoutDestiny, 8:Once an idea becomes an ideal, humanity can freely reject or accept it, but ideas come from aDestiny, 105:an unhappy majority - they will cooperate freely with these greater nations in a federation ofDiscipleship1, 55:trend of thought and to cooperate more fully and freely in the enlightenment of the world. I useDiscipleship1, 140:I claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk on earth. I represent theDiscipleship1, 145:of the builder. That you may integrate more freely and more fully in the work of the Great WhiteDiscipleship1, 165:service and pure intelligent goodwill, then give freely of your time and help. Hold out the hand ofDiscipleship1, 275:is cast. They need help. Give them of that help freely and fully. The third Ray of Activity whichDiscipleship1, 281:the life on the physical plane is given to the freely imposed rhythm of organized service, thenDiscipleship1, 290:away from your decision, so that you can make it freely and unhampered. The group must then abideDiscipleship1, 397:each other. Therefore give to each other more freely, but without criticism and enquiry; love andDiscipleship1, 454:and understanding in your nature. Give of it freely to all. NOTE: This disciple severed hisDiscipleship1, 473:energy of the soul is beginning to sweep more freely through the vehicles - cleansing andDiscipleship1, 515:a glamor and the glamor hides the light. Love freely those you love. Discipleship1, 638:but I will never tell you; each disciple must freely come to an understanding of his destinedDiscipleship1, 692:not know or realize this law; they do not give freely and fully either to the work of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 74:does know what the accepted disciple, admitted freely into ashramic intimacy, will do in any givenDiscipleship2, 257:one reason why you have not as yet contacted me freely in your waking consciousness and talked withDiscipleship2, 479:of Service which you seek to travel now, moving freely in and out of my Ashram. This involves theDiscipleship2, 743:no use to you unless you enter it voluntarily, freely and with understanding. [744] The final thingEducation, vi:for their followers, but to get this by the freely chosen cooperative methods that Dewey advocated.Education, 67:really is training in the ability to function freely in the world of meaning; it is not occupiedExternalisation, 90:writing, and here I will roughly paraphrase or freely translate it for you. "The seven - each onExternalisation, 270:and can identify itself with all men, responding freely and without any inhibition to divine Love -Externalisation, 271:the recognition of right human relations, freely adjusted, willingly undertaken and motivated by aExternalisation, 318:territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned;Externalisation, 388:of the initiates and of those who can function freely as souls - the Members of the Hierarchy and,Externalisation, 494:was in line with loving divine purpose could freely move forward. The war was not won by theExternalisation, 590:conditions in the world in which Christ can move freely among men, in bodily Presence; He need notExternalisation, 611:the Externalization Therefore I say that you can freely aid in the reconstruction work which theExternalisation, 676:centers of clear thinking men and women, working freely and understandingly with one of the MastersFire, 292:are awakened and functioning consciously and freely, with their systemic interrelation adjusted andFire, 390:will be formed. Logoic kundalini will circulate freely between these three points. A certain greatFire, 438:it may be safe to transmit information more freely anent the devas) it will be seen that a devaFire, 746:therefore, aware of his real Self, functioning freely and consciously beyond the planes of sense;Fire, 838:magnetic corruption, and this is being utilized freely by the planetary Logoi in Their schemes, andFire, 962:awakened and the fire (or energy) is circulated freely. It will be apparent, therefore, that man'sFire, 976:- a thing before impossible. The Ego cannot work freely in the personality until third subplaneFire, 990:is duly equilibrated, and the force circulates freely through One of the stars of the Great Bear,Fire, 999:in a triple manner; the force circulates freely via three points of centralized activity: First.Fire, 1072:when electricity and colored lights are more freely used in experimental stations. Sex, in theGlamour, 188:the ranks of the Great Intuitives and works freely in the world of divine Ideas. He knows HisGlamour, 235:from all your lives so that you may walk freely in that light and use that light for others is theHealing, 10:of pure spirit, divine mind," which are so freely bandied about by the mystical and occult thinkersHealing, 12:Consequently, spirit and matter are not freely related to each other. This is one mode ofHealing, 70:for people - in the astral sense - to breathe freely. Because the astral conditions of fear, worryHealing, 82:The etheric body of the planet does not yet freely transmit and circulate the forces which areHealing, 154:energy of will, power and purpose will pour freely through the head center, the love-wisdomHealing, 425:experience through matter, in order eventually freely to control it. The percentage of the souls ofHealing, 450:within the light" and, for the term of Their freely rendered service, work with the consciousnessHealing, 522:which are the laws of its own being; these it freely obeys and follows, having no slightest wish toHealing, 548:centers found in every area of the body, either freely distributing energy and preserving the bodyHealing, 673:turn of the spiral, an ability to function freely on buddhic levels, owing to complete liberationInitiation, 86:laws of creative thought building. He functions freely on the four lower subplanes of the mentalMagic, 50:organisms in it, but it is simply a body of freely flowing force, that force being a blend orMagic, 285:with all created forms, and his capacity to move freely in a three dimensional world is theMagic, 420:a divine son of God can surely function as freely and as effectively when in the married state asMagic, 491:care. The thought is not that he must function freely, which involves more the idea of facility,Magic, 581:the seven centers awakened so that they can work freely on the seven planes and with the sevenMeditation, 80:and aligning them so that the current can freely flow back and forth between the external vorticesMeditation, 128:the mental plane by those who can function there freely and so contact the Thinker in his mentalMeditation, 176:can the elementals. The devas attend ceremonies freely and are not summoned; they come, as you do,Meditation, 182:of each other, and be able therefore more freely to cooperate. With this growing consciousness willMeditation, 275:the pupil takes the fourth initiation and can freely create his own body of manifestation. HePatanjali, 48:he can use or vacate at will. His will functions freely and if he stays within the realm of thePatanjali, 322:and conscious use he becomes able to function as freely on the inner planes as he does on thePatanjali, 368:and means of service. The soul can now function freely and intelligently in the three worldsPatanjali, 368:been achieved and the Son of God can function freely on earth. Thus has the great objective beenProblems, 31:produce of the earth, knowing it belongs to all, freely distributing it as nature does? Or willProblems, 180:of the men of goodwill can be offered and freely given. [181] It takes no great effort of thePsychology1, 60:consciously all the qualities, and to function freely on all the planes. The seven ray Beings,Psychology1, 186:are intended to acquire the facility to function freely in either direction, and so with easePsychology1, 336:emerges. But this too is love. It responds more freely and reacts to a far wider range of contactsPsychology1, 374:the fact that man must before long function as freely on the astral plane and through the astralPsychology2, 27:out of it at the third initiation, and functions freely in the fifth kingdom, the kingdom of God.Psychology2, 173:In Law Two, the sacrificing unit - again freely and by choice - comes under the influence of thePsychology2, 199:in its kind, which greets the man who passes freely from the sphere of earth into the ocean of thePsychology2, 440:this treatise; they [440] are bandied about so freely and mean different things according to thePsychology2, 594:proceeds and the life forces flow ever more freely along the "nadis" and through the centers -Psychology2, 666:of the Plan an instrument which They can freely use. Another danger may arise if undue emphasis isRays, 105:which the aspirants and initiates of all degrees freely move. Constantly the aspirant is remindedRays, 166:within the light," and for the term of Their freely rendered service They work with theReappearance, 58:every mind will pass judgment upon Him. We can freely aid in the reconstruction work which theReappearance, 165:the people are told the truth and when they can freely judge and decide for themselves, we shallSoul, 16:and electric currents and charges and the freely floating force of the psychologists, to which hasSoul, 70:connection within which his consciousness moves freely. He is free to lay the emphasis wherever he
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