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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREES

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Atom, 62:of the cosmic incarnation. Eventually spirit frees itself from form, and attains liberation plusBethlehem, 183:of illusion from which the Christ nature finally frees us, and it is to the illusory wiles of thisBethlehem, 243:can be best regarded as the experience which frees us from the illusion of form; and this bringsFire, 1103:the Ego becomes aware of delusion and eventually frees himself. When this is in process ofGlamour, 38:more light shines upon his way and he may, if he frees himself still further from hisGlamour, 114:a process is then instituted whereby the soul frees itself from the results of wrongHercules, 120:one who is coming", the savior in Pisces who frees humanity from subservience to the form. VirgoIntellect, 171:a solution of psychic complications, and thereby frees the inner personality from emotional andMeditation, 19:Emancipation is the result, and the man frees himself from the three worlds. Many occultists areMeditation, 335:through its rays. The sun kills all germs and frees from disease. When these four requirements arePatanjali, 176:desire for knowledge. The stage wherein he frees himself from every known limitation, and can sayPatanjali, 201:well what he has to do for the future. Thus he frees himself, desires nothing in the three worlds
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