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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FREQUENT

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Astrology, 292:and greater Lives. Ponder on this. This is my frequent injunction, given because the activity ofAstrology, 364:influence, and is largely responsible for the frequent failure of the Gemini person to express theAstrology, 475:remembered that only through much repetition and frequent focused effort are these resultsAstrology, 650:Sharira Violet Monday [650] Such "blinds" are frequent and necessary in the occult teaching butAtom, 104:stage of evolution of the child, to its more frequent incarnations, and the longer period that itAutobiography, 98:getting worse and the migraine headaches more frequent. The work was very heavy and I remember withBethlehem, 18:which we call Pisces, or the Fishes. Hence the frequent references to fishes, and the appearance ofBethlehem, 19:period when the sun was in Aries, we find the frequent appearance of the ram or the scapegoat inBethlehem, 221:would have us believe. It will become more frequent, as more and more men pass through the gates ofDestiny, 18:the cycles of the Hierarchy, though relatively frequent, have not coincided with those ofDestiny, 18:the impact of the Shamballa force will be more frequent because men will develop the power to standDestiny, 82:States and consequently you have the attitude of frequent misunderstanding which exists between theDestiny, 116:and forces, producing through their meeting and frequent conflict a situation entirely differentDiscipleship1, 72:of the monotony of the demanded effort (with frequent staleness and unenterprising aspiration),Discipleship1, 436:of much outer physical contact or of rapid and frequent change and of hard work. Guard it well andDiscipleship1, 589:of accomplishment, changing such plans at frequent intervals and using speech as a means ofDiscipleship1, 661:when you are emotionally upset (and this is of frequent occurrence) and the furious self-assertionDiscipleship1, 675:water meets the rushing sound of wind, and frequent roll of thunder. Far off, dim and most vaguelyDiscipleship2, 336:extended cycles of time. The result of this more frequent watchfulness on the part of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 394:result of hard work; it is also the result of frequent distress (rightly handled) and of spiritualDiscipleship2, 456:picture. At intervals - rare at first but more frequent when the service rendered attains greaterDiscipleship2, 471:and I shall be in touch [471] with you at frequent intervals. On that statement you canDiscipleship2, 481:to give. A blind spot. This is one of the most frequent deterrents which confront a Master as heDiscipleship2, 537:become increasingly drastic, constantly more frequent and more crucial it) their general trend;Discipleship2, 613:family life, oft of great pressures but also of frequent happiness; you have fulfiled your dutiesEducation, 125:field of expression and of enterprise. Hence the frequent misapplications of the newer truths, theExternalisation, 16:numerically the most important which prompts the frequent use of the words, "This is a differentExternalisation, 22:of authority; and also that I am aware of the frequent futility of such appeals for cooperation.Externalisation, 43:may occur before so very long. This is quite a frequent happening. Nevertheless death is a cure,Externalisation, 409:of the divine to the human can become more frequent and are taking on a new form. Man's innerFire, 120:or emotional body, and to escape at ever more frequent intervals into that vehicle. Continuity ofFire, 854:necessarily rare at present but will become more frequent as more and more of the human race takeFire, 978:is steady and uninterrupted. One of the most frequent causes of difficulty in group work andFire, 1131:to him, and through experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, matureFire, 1131:mature reflection and introspection, and frequent incarnation, he is brought to the point where heHealing, 84:many physical difficulties are ascribed to this frequent imbalance. But behind this condition ofHealing, 123:the effects of his energy distribution, and also frequent disruption of relationships and frequentHealing, 123:also frequent disruption of relationships and frequent reconciliations. When the disciple is ofHealing, 253:of disease. Sanitation, compulsory inoculation, frequent inspection, pure food laws, legalHealing, 339:of disease (not of brain disease) is also fairly frequent and will disappear when the disease isHealing, 480:thereby attaining much skill, knowledge and frequent success. All this is good, in spite of whatHealing, 579:itself, though not to the extent which is now frequent and possible. The first dim outline of theHealing, 645:nature, and this must not be forgotten and needs frequent reiteration. As we have earlier seen,Healing, 712:not the assurance of the healer, leading to frequent deception of the patient. Hercules, 81:of the test and from the nature of the doe, frequent must be the search. Forget this not, butInitiation, 69:with their vast band of helpers are the most frequent users of these charts. Many discarnate egosInitiation, 70:of subjecting disciples, not initiates, to the frequent strong vibration of a Master. It involvesInitiation, 89:has to be unbelievably rapid. The initiate has frequent access to the library of occult books, andInitiation, 110:upon the Path of Probation, when closer and more frequent reports are handed in. During this finalIntellect, 183:condition. The illumination, when it has become frequent and, finally, when it can be drawn upon atMagic, 79:in every branch of life is found, where [79] frequent rapid shifting of the scene of action causesMagic, 117:the environment to those ideals, comes the frequent clashing and warfare between those actuated byMagic, 172:old and tried disciples, the contacts are more frequent, being more easily achieved and bearingMagic, 262:Hence eventuates that constant turmoil and frequent ill-health of the beginner in the occult life.Magic, 264:It is a life of ceaseless suffering, of frequent clashing with the environing circumstances, ofMagic, 374:conditions hitherto unknown. Hence the frequent reaction of the disciple to the fact that for him,Magic, 469:water meets the rushing sound of wind, and frequent roll of thunder. Far off, dim and most vaguelyMagic, 632:and they meet often lack of understanding, frequent disappointment in their fellow workers, andMeditation, 18:of the periphery of the causal body becomes so frequent that in the end disintegration is producedMeditation, 20:in the life of the aspirant or disciple for frequent change, and the explanation of the obviousMeditation, 37:in groups and under the guidance of a Master. By frequent attempts to definitely control the lowerMeditation, 99:This lack of alignment is the cause of the frequent straying from sexual purity of many apparentlyMeditation, 104:connected with the nervous system are more frequent than those attacking the brain, such asMeditation, 123:act of transference of the vehicles will be more frequent and more understood. Meditation, 231:constant application to the subject in hand, by frequent brooding and meditation on the colors, andMeditation, 234:be almost inappreciably small, but through the frequent meeting and interplay of the forces andMeditation, 270:and when the high vibration touched is more frequent and stable, then the probationer takes theMeditation, 287:rays, and is one of great activity, of frequent transference, and of much mental display in theMeditation, 289:(out of the many possible) which are of such frequent occurrence, comparatively speaking, as toPatanjali, 253:becomes illumined. As this process becomes more frequent and steady, a change takes place in theProblems, 160:and deeply spiritual results, in spite of its frequent misuse for selfish purposes; people, morePsychology1, 246:vegetable kingdom is then strong, and hence the frequent recognition of "astral perfumes" which thePsychology2, 135:deepening of the life of meditation, and a more frequent illumining of the mind by the light of thePsychology2, 214:naturally few; egos of love are becoming more frequent in appearance; intelligent egos are widelyPsychology2, 343:wherein the forms, aligned at increasingly frequent intervals, are Integrated into a functioning,Psychology2, 419:(so prevalent at this time) will become less frequent. I cannot here deal at length with thePsychology2, 449:owing to its relative rarity. Human crises are frequent and - from [450] the time angle - of almostPsychology2, 497:and hence constitute a fruitful source of the frequent failure to bring relief. First, the patientPsychology2, 506:are the lotus and the flaming torch. Hence the frequent appearance of these two in the life ofPsychology2, 590:then much good can [590] come from the frequent use of the color yellow. He should surround himselfPsychology2, 602:to God. Devitalization and delusion are the frequent case history of the purely emotional mystic.Psychology2, 620:- upon any sensitive group member; the more frequent the physical contact between the group membersPsychology2, 723:thing, but also is today becoming increasingly frequent. Rays, 51:throughout the world upon the use of the OM, its frequent use by these groups in public, and byRays, 327:is now often to be seen and is far more frequent today than at any other time in the history of theRays, 501:next point, I would have you refer to them at frequent intervals. The ray methods with which weSoul, 138:system. The lower forms of psychism are most frequent in animals and very unintelligent humanTelepathy, 18:still use the solar plexus. This is the most frequent method, and I would ask you to remember this.Telepathy, 101:by much confusion, much astral psychism and frequent wrong interpretations. There is no need atTelepathy, 151:then the ovoid appearance is far more frequent. These channels or tubes - according to the type of
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