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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRESH

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Externalisation, 333:followed is clear and the inspiration [333] is fresh and vital. But the moment that theExternalisation, 377:(based on the spirit of sharing) and to a fresh orientation of man to man, of nation to nation, andExternalisation, 400:the work of the Christ and which will open up a fresh stretch (if I may use such an expression)Externalisation, 406:understanding of divine purpose, a new and fresh revelation, the institution of some form of a newExternalisation, 406:produced a new civilization and culture, or a fresh recognition of relationship between God and manExternalisation, 463:the crumbling, devastated world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish, materialisticExternalisation, 474:selfishness of humanity and to produce a new and fresh orientation to the spiritual values, andExternalisation, 483:this world war. Today humanity is being given a fresh opportunity to build again on sounder andExternalisation, 503:of the [503] old forms, and their infusion with fresh life; the old organizations must be awakenedExternalisation, 537:of the Hierarchy with Humanity can again take on fresh meaning, can be re-established on new andExternalisation, 540:impersonally and dynamically; problems of fresh tensions, incident to stronger and new alignments;Externalisation, 541:of the Hierarchy will take place, and because a fresh tide of spiritual impulse and directed secondExternalisation, 586:is alert and active; the new ideas and the vital fresh concepts are foremost in his mind. [587] HeExternalisation, 595:of consciousness is an imminent happening; a fresh recognition of divine attentiveness is nowExternalisation, 698:and compassion and implementing the spirit of fresh enlightenment; to [699] these important eventsFire, 176:necessitates a complete reorganization, and a fresh admission of members into the great WhiteFire, 208:centers. The centers at initiation receive a fresh access of [209] vibratory capacity and of power,Fire, 211:it [211] with His own mighty Rod, causing a fresh recharging of its electric capacity. ThisFire, 367:three hundred and forty-three incarnations, or fresh impulses to manifest. We must add to theseFire, 434:will pour on to our planet, and will bring about fresh discoveries anent matter and form, and freshFire, 434:fresh discoveries anent matter and form, and fresh revelations concerning energy in matter. Fire, 516:and to demonstrate as the plane impulse at each fresh cycle of manifestation. This permanency isFire, 591:of completion, and likewise starting-points for fresh endeavor in the life of the evolving Monad -Fire, 592:in a static condition, until in a later period a fresh opportunity will come; old forms will break,Fire, 651:saner ways, the widespread feeling for bathing, fresh air, and sunlight, and the greater desire forFire, 706:be held in abeyance until the next round, when fresh opportunity will arise for certain groups ofFire, 715:world war. The first effect of the appearance of fresh electrical stimulation from extra-systemicFire, 718:fourth root race, and for a very brief period, a fresh cycle will reach its zenith, and will againFire, 753:of truth is ever the factor that calls for fresh revelation. A very interesting period will comeFire, 800:we have but approached the study of karma from a fresh angle, and endeavored to show the sources ofFire, 845:it is said that man gathers to himself in each fresh incarnation matter to form his dense physicalFire, 869:of solar heat or fire, and thus bringing about a fresh access of energy. This is produced in ourFire, 1017:are two - S. D., III, 524. It can start a fresh series of incarnations. It can return to the "bosomFire, 1178:yellow. The four-leaved plant through new and fresh [1179] inflow becomes the plant with sevenGlamour, 68:I ask you to set to work, therefore, with fresh courage and determination and with freshGlamour, 68:with fresh courage and determination and with fresh understanding, and to carry on for anotherGlamour, 110:Then there comes a growing recognition of a fresh realm of choice, based upon the emergence of theGlamour, 211:I am outlining; it is not the cultivation of fresh interests of a mental and spiritual kind whichHealing, 100:in his body. There must also be the supplying of fresh energy to the patient, in order to take theHealing, 119:the process of scientific substitution of a fresh dynamic interest for that which has hitherto heldHealing, 206:That contact must ever be established in Love - fresh, compelling and selfless. But once thatHealing, 223:the loss of life and the casualties of war by a fresh inflow of life into form, thus preserving theHealing, 263:is reaping what it has sown, preparatory to a fresh plowing in the springtime of the New Age, withHealing, 263:plowing in the springtime of the New Age, with a fresh sowing of the seed which will (let us prayHealing, 375:a network of true healers all over the world. A fresh start is now being made. We shall and doHealing, 440:again through the processes of rebirth and of fresh opportunity...The destruction of the form inHealing, 461:It is when they swing into a returning or a fresh ingoing activity that the breath of life returnsHealing, 587:and in a new and impelling sense, and a fresh impulsing sense can also flow through humanity intoHealing, 611:all men everywhere. This is a new attitude and a fresh and most hopeful approach. Men are learningHealing, 624:to repeat the story so that there may be a fresh clarity in your thinking. It will be apparent toHercules, 4:goal as we do. Through a reading of his story, fresh interest may be evoked in the mind of theHercules, 4:and destiny that he will go forward with fresh courage. We shall trace the story of Hercules andHercules, 6:and in each sign, he achieved some fresh knowledge of himself, and through that knowledgeHercules, 32:in Aries, only this time with a new focus, a fresh interest and a different vision. He has had heldHercules, 60:being new fields of awareness and present to him fresh spheres for conquest and achievement. It isHercules, 207:will then acquire new meanings and vibrate with fresh life. There have been many books written uponHercules, 208:are striving. Through the reading of this story, fresh interest in the spiritual life may be evokedHercules, 208:bewildered aspirant, and he will go forward with fresh courage as he gains a sequential picture ofHercules, 227:His failure is, however, only temporary. Fresh opportunities occur. The consequence of his mistakeInitiation, 6:Teachers of the race that we are ready for a fresh revelation. We must resign ourselves to the factInitiation, 10:an entrance into the spiritual life, or into a fresh stage in that life. It is the first step, andInitiation, 129:touches it with his own mighty Rod, causing a fresh recharging of its electric capacity. ThisInitiation, 139:centers. The centers, at initiation, receive a fresh access of vibratory capacity and of power, andIntellect, 12:us all. With optimism, therefore, in a time of fresh crisis, we can go forward with true courage,Intellect, 104:be in touch. Then the mind enters upon a new and fresh usefulness and its range of contact includesIntellect, 106:and to have one's attention focused on some fresh and dynamic matter will automatically tend toIntellect, 156:of that which has been experienced. Then a fresh cycle of devotion and discipline is initiated,Magic, 84:drinks, and nurtured in an environment in which fresh air and sunlight are not paramount factors. IMagic, 84:the clear shining forth of the life within. When fresh fruit and vegetables, clear water, nuts andMagic, 89:reorienting its forces, and preparing for a fresh and powerful impulse, but so it is. All forms ofMagic, 102:to urge each one who reads these pages to make a fresh beginning in spiritual living. I would sayMagic, 324:may be encountered, response follows and a fresh cycle of receptivity eventuates. I have enteredMagic, 325:adjustments; they will see the setting loose of fresh life forces, hitherto shut out by theMagic, 352:becomes keyed up to ever higher planes, and thus fresh intuition and fresh reaches of truth pourMagic, 352:ever higher planes, and thus fresh intuition and fresh reaches of truth pour in. When one lessonMagic, 354:this reason that each one of you needs to make a fresh dedication of himself to the work of theMagic, 362:you are all passed over to the other side and a fresh band of aspirants will follow in yourMagic, 374:leads to new experience - experience of fresh phenomena, of new states of being, and of dimensionalMagic, 396:in some field of human expression. This leads to fresh endeavor. The coordinating of theMagic, 431:is going on. It may serve as an incentive to fresh effort on the part of all working to equipMagic, 538:He will stimulate, energize and vivify to fresh efforts all lives that he contacts, be they hisMeditation, 42:(I choose my words with deliberation), a [42] fresh period of chaos, and the escape of theMeditation, 81:in previous incarnations) and is preparing for a fresh period of slow, careful and painstakingMeditation, 86:keyed high enough to receive the acquisition of fresh stimulation. When this has been done, theMeditation, 335:but it should be borne in mind that at each fresh incarnation a body is taken of the exact qualityPatanjali, 61:A sudden flash or vision of the soul Reality, Fresh aspiration and a strong determination to makePatanjali, 391:the [391] destruction of the soul in avitchi, a fresh cycle of becoming will again be offered. ThatPatanjali, 399:which shall not be made known. The sowing of fresh seeds, and the originating of activities whichProblems, 75:to the wealth of the man with capital, fresh industries and the growth of worldwide means ofProblems, 131:of Christ would emerge in strength and with a fresh and new conviction. The church in Russia hasProblems, 132:theology which teaches nothing new but produces fresh quarreling around some doctrines or someProblems, 149:understanding of divine purpose, a new and fresh revelation of divine quality, the institution ofProblems, 149:produced a new civilization and culture or a fresh recognition of relationship between God and manPsychology1, xxv:lack of emotional control - keep you from taking fresh hold and with joy and interest making thatPsychology1, 4:upon the rays I may, in my endeavor to shed fresh light, temporarily increase the complexity of thePsychology1, 15:and thus, from a higher standpoint getting a fresh glimpse of a possible truth. Each age (and thePsychology1, 29:will formulate the new religion and arrive at a fresh enunciation of ancient truth. Through thePsychology1, 179:of unity and of spirit. There will be a fresh attitude towards life which will evidence itself in aPsychology2, 59:a newer reach of development and a fresh grasp of the great Design, coupled with a better and morePsychology2, 253:of meaning and involves a new awareness and a fresh appreciation by humanity of a greater world of
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