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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRESH

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Psychology2, 270:appropriation. This is being brought about by a fresh approach by the soul and an advance towardsPsychology2, 275:at from this angle, should throw new light and a fresh spirit of enterprise into the meditationPsychology2, 365:plane. The crisis thus precipitated leads to fresh illumination when it is properly handled. ThesePsychology2, 512:of vitality, stored up in the soil, in food, fresh air and outer environing conditions, men arePsychology2, 526:This occurs as the result of the uprising (in a fresh and more potent manner) of the mysticalPsychology2, 694:efforts to brotherhood can be stimulated into fresh and increased activity. Psychology2, 701:there and the soul is but gathering itself for a fresh effort and for a stronger and morePsychology2, 711:all of you who read these words, as they come fresh from my heart, my mind and lips, rests a dutyPsychology2, 725:everywhere the necessity of renewed and fresh efforts. But the development and actual functioningRays, 56:aspect begins to control. Here, briefly, is a fresh slant upon the familiar theme of the Word - aRays, 296:impulse has indicated - they pass on to a fresh expression of the dynamic, ever-moving purpose.Rays, 297:the later words - is not possible. Always in the fresh attitude to the developing esotericRays, 347:an opportunity to pass to new experience and fresh revelation - much of which is regarded by him asRays, 473:incite all who read to renewed effort and to fresh endeavor. Students must [474] seek to meet allRays, 689:Logos can reach humanity and bring to men fresh life and energy. The work done prior to and at theReappearance, 9:principle or some divine quality which needs fresh presentation and expression upon Earth; thisReappearance, 21:chaotic and unhappy world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish materialistic livingReappearance, 40:of consciousness is an imminent happening; a fresh recognition of divine attentiveness is nowReappearance, 67:of the new world religion, thus giving us a fresh view of divine intention and a living insightReappearance, 148:secret place of the Most High and brought to man fresh revelation, fresh hope and a fresh incentiveReappearance, 148:Most High and brought to man fresh revelation, fresh hope and a fresh incentive towards fullerReappearance, 148:to man fresh revelation, fresh hope and a fresh incentive towards fuller spiritual living. Some ofReappearance, 150:process has brought him to the point of a fresh orientation to divinity and to the acceptance ofSoul, 31:makes on others, but especially because a fresh mind, unhampered with scientific data, frequentlyTelepathy, 26:work. Therefore love one another with a fresh enthusiasm and devotion; seek to express that love inTelepathy, 56:impression. Each time that there is a fresh vision of a compelling and conditioning nature, it isTelepathy, 108:channel becomes a potent factor in invoking a fresh flood of higher impression; it also makes himTelepathy, 118:and you will therefore be enabled to work in a fresh and in an entirely new manner: The Plan ISTelepathy, 195:men and women of good will - get a grasp, fresh and clear, of the work to be done and that they
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