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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRICTION

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Astrology, 39:in conjunction with the lowest fire, or "fire by friction," as it makes itself felt on the sixthAstrology, 41:energy or electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. Each Hierarchy manifests a triple energyAstrology, 55:the Threshold, expressing and utilizing fire by friction, know each other "with intimate occultAstrology, 57:twelve constellations. He is likewise fire by friction and comes under the influence of theAstrology, 58:the twelve zodiacal constellations. III. Fire by Friction - Path of Evolution - 6th Hierarchy; lifeAstrology, 100:and brings together electric fire and fire by friction, thus producing manifestation. Uranus leadsAstrology, 415:love-wisdom - soul - Qualificatory fire. Fire by Friction - activity - personality - PurificatoryAstrology, 444:three worlds of human experience and - "fire by friction" must burn up that which veils theAstrology, 522:faith to work together with a minimum of friction; it has made Geneva the origin of the Red Cross -Astrology, 644:God the Holy Spirit - 3rd Logos - Fire by friction - Pleiades, Saturn (C.F. 96) 21. "The planetaryAutobiography, 236:deals: electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. This prophecy was fulfiled when A TreatiseAutobiography, 246:fires - electric fire, solar fire and Are by friction - and it was an awaited sequence. It alsoDestiny, 96:faith to work together with a minimum of friction; it has made Geneva the seat of the Red Cross -Discipleship1, 778:fires - electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction - and it was an awaited sequence; it alsoFire, xvii:The Three Fires I. The Internal Fire or Fire by Friction There is heat internal and heat externalFire, xviii:SECTION ONE - THE INTERNAL FIRES - FIRE BY FRICTION Introductory Remarks Division A. Of the SheathsFire, 4:Love-Wisdom, Equilibrized energy. FIRE BY FRICTION (Body or Matter) 3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form,Fire, 33:One - Introductory Remarks SECTION ONE - FIRE BY FRICTION - THE FIRE OF MATTER Introductory RemarksFire, 38:and be defined as follows: [38] Fire by friction, or internal vitalizing fire. These fires animateFire, 41:Activity Rotary motion Economy Fire by friction. 2. Of Mind Love Intelligent Love Spiral cyclicFire, 45:Fire, which is the correspondence to fire by friction. This is the sumtotal of individualFire, 48:The development of matter by the means of friction, under the law of Economy. H.P.B. touches onFire, 50:points of fire, cast off through cosmic friction, produced by the turning of the cosmic wheel,Fire, 50:matter is called in the Secret Doctrine "Fire by Friction." It is an effect and not a cause, It isFire, 69:- Division B - The Personality Ray and Fire by Friction SECTION ONE - DIVISION B - THE PERSONALITYFire, 69:- DIVISION B - THE PERSONALITY RAY AND FIRE BY FRICTION I. The Work of the Three Rays We here touchFire, 71:- Division B - The Personality Ray and Fire by Friction II. The Personality Ray and the PermanentFire, 73:- Division B - The Personality Ray and Fire by Friction III. The Personality Ray and Karma It mightFire, 75:the Primordial, producing thereby that fire by friction which tends to life and fusing. The karmaFire, 79:These emanations are the basis of that "fire by friction" which demonstrates in the activity ofFire, 97:Motion: The essence of the third Logos. Fire by friction. Matter. THE MACROCOSM (subjectiveFire, 97:love between two. Third Logos Motion - Fire by friction The fire of mind, the relation between. THEFire, 97:fire Love and Wisdom. The Personality Fire by friction Activity or Intelligence. THE MICROCOSMFire, 97:organs Personality Active Intelligence Fire by friction. Fire, 150:The third Logos is fire in matter. He burns by friction, and gains speed and added vibration by theFire, 150:of the spheres, their interplay thus producing friction with each other. The second Logos is solarFire, 150:of Spirit (electric fire) with matter (fire by friction), and the emanations of the Son, in timeFire, 152:that totality is produced which we call "fire by friction." [153] In connection with these twoFire, 207:developing the seven principles. Fire by friction - The seven chains. They are the seven centers ofFire, 207:developing the seven principles. He is fire by friction - The seven globes. Each Heavenly Man hasFire, 207:to develop the seven principles. He is fire by friction - The seven sheaths: Atmic. Buddhic.Fire, 207:self. Solar fire - The seven centers. Fire by friction - The sheaths. 87 The Planetary Chains: TheFire, 219:globe or sphere of opposite polarity. The Law of Friction, governs the heat aspect of any atom, theFire, 228:of electric fire (Spirit) and fire by friction (energized matter) solar fire is produced. ThisFire, 229:the product of the electrical union of "fire by friction" and electric fire, and is Himself "solarFire, 231:the man is liberated. Electric fire and fire by friction are fused, and the consequent solar fireFire, 240:once more the wheel of rebirth. That "fire by friction" produces heat and radiation and calls forthFire, 241:Electric fire or Spirit, united to fire by friction (heat) produces solar fire or light. Hence,Fire, 311:forms to cohere. Matter (electrified by "fire by friction") and the electric fire of spirit meetFire, 312:- since, where there are motion, heat, friction, light, there magnetism and its Alter EgoFire, 316:by H. P. B. - S. D., I 567. II, 258.) fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire. Fire byFire, 316:friction, solar fire, and electric fire. Fire by friction is electricity animating the atoms ofFire, 325:P. B. Electric Fire - Positive - Spirit. Fire by Friction - Negative - Matter. Solar Fire - Light -Fire, 351:matter to vibrate and He is therefore "fire by friction"; His is the life of pure Spirit whichFire, 444:of the kingdoms of nature. Sumtotal: Fire by friction. The mother. The Brahma or matter aspect.Fire, 492:from atom to atom according to law, and "fire by friction" responds, being the latent fire of theFire, 492:and its most mysterious angle. Fire by friction, the negative electricity of substance, has beenFire, 493:viewing it as a homogeneous whole, is "fire by friction." The fire devas from the cosmic mentalFire, 506:upon when considering the subject of "Fire by friction." It will consequently be apparent that, inFire, 506:meeting the negative fire of matter, or "fire by friction"; this causes the blazing forth of solarFire, 514:of electric fire, solar fire, and fire by friction, and only a blazing unit is left. This blazingFire, 521:on the second, third and fourth, and as 'fire by friction' on the fifth, sixth and seventh. FromFire, 522:of the fifth [522] plane, and as fire by friction on the lower subplanes of the fifth, on theFire, 522:or Spirit. Electric fire - Solar fire - Fire by friction. Father - Son - Holy Ghost. Spirit -Fire, 522:the prime condition on the higher three. Fire by friction as the most significant factor on theFire, 522:concern primarily the mental sheath, or fire by friction; the fourth subplane is that on which theFire, 523:planes then remain through which the fire by friction aspect may manifest, eighteen subplanes inFire, 525:those who warm themselves by means of fire by friction and respond not to the heat of solar fireFire, 529:can demonstrate in relative perfection fire by friction and solar fire, but it remains for a laterFire, 542:When the fire of matter, or "fire by friction," becomes sufficiently intense; when the fire ofFire, 575:acquiescence. Yet, owing to the increase of friction through that very struggle, they progress withFire, 604:Pavamana means Nirmathana, fire produced by friction, as the friction of two pieces of wood; andFire, 604:Nirmathana, fire produced by friction, as the friction of two pieces of wood; and Pavaka means theFire, 604:the terrestrial fire, the fire produced by friction (Nirukta, VII, 4); and all these three, be itFire, 607:seven Planetary Schemes. Third Activity. Fire by Friction Activity in Matter. Atomic Vitality.Fire, 608:The Heart of the Sun. Personality fire. Fire by Friction. Physical Man. Physical Sun. Each of theseFire, 608:Spiritual Love. Active Intelligence. Fire by Friction. Heat. Spiritual Intelligence. The Ego Will.Fire, 608:Love. Active Intelligence. Manas. Fire by Friction. Substance. The Permanent Atoms. ConsciousFire, 608:Kama. Desire. Activity. Physical body. Fire by Friction. Prana. Activity I seek to emphasize hereFire, 628:Vishnu Heart of the Sun Light Brahma Fire by friction Physical visible Sun Fohat As electric fireFire, 628:radiating through the form. As fire by friction He manifests as the seven Sons of Fohat, the sevenFire, 629:the "Sons of Light." Sevenfold fire by friction. The seven brothers of Fohat. The sevenFire, 729:He is electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. [730] But the point which it is necessaryFire, 731:essence of the fire of matter, or "fire by friction," and colored, and rendered radiatory by theFire, 731:the process in the intensification of "fire by friction." It has relation to the achievement ofFire, 762:or essence in a candle flame, and fire by friction, this latter fire resembling the glowing redFire, 799:objective universe. Electric fire and fire by friction when brought into contact produce solarFire, 802:or will-impulse" in conjunction with "fire by friction" produces light or "solar fire." ElectricFire, 803:itself is fundamentally an emanation. "Fire by friction" is substance with the quality of heat asFire, 803:source, and heat is but the result of friction, and is necessarily dual. Both these conceptsFire, 803:essentially dual in concept, and so is fire by friction; they together produce solar fire, and thusFire, 805:than the other two. It is the aspect of "fire by friction" which is fanned by the egoic breath,Fire, 806:with the blending of solar fire and of fire by friction. Reflex action between the lower and theFire, 818:- Love aspect - The nine petals. Fire by friction - Substance - Activity aspect - The threeFire, 819:the three worlds of human evolution. In fire by friction, the lunar Pitris are represented andFire, 819:The lower vibrations control, and "fire by friction" is that which warms and nourishes to theFire, 833:fire - positive energy - Father. Fire by friction - negative energy - Mother. Solar fire - radiantFire, 888:the fourth kingdom the three fires meet: Fire by friction, or the negative Brahma Aspect, the thirdFire, 946:fires, electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. In terms of the cosmic [947] physical plane,Fire, 947:Logoic etheric body. Atomic energy - fire by friction - three planes of the three worlds. Logoic
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