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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRICTION

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Fire, 996:fires, and render naught that lower 'fire by friction.' The Brother of the Moon ignores the sun andFire, 1044:of the sphere concerned blaze up, the "fire by friction" which produces rotary motion, and "solarFire, 1047:- individual energy - rotary impulse - fire by friction. The first produces light, the second heat,Fire, 1054:in due time will negate the effects of fire by friction." Fire, 1097:phases of activity when considering "fire by friction," and the fiery motion of substance itself.Fire, 1106:apparent from the words, deals with the "Fire by friction" aspect of substance, and therefore withFire, 1121:as a medium of lower energy or fire by friction. Where these centers exist the solar Angel isFire, 1186:Sun. Cosmic Activity (Universal Mind). Fire by Friction. Negative. PLANETARY LOGOS: 1. PlanetaryFire, 1186:Physical Planet. Systemic Activity. Fire by Friction. Negative. MAN: 1. Human Causal Body. Jewel.Fire, 1186:Atom. Lunar Angels. Lower Threefold Man. Fire by Friction. Negative. PLANES: 1. Plane Raja Lord. AFire, 1186:Electrons. Nuclei. Elementals. Negative. Fire by Friction. As time goes on, science will becomeFire, 1197:in conjunction with the lowest fire, or "fire by friction," as it makes itself felt on the sixthFire, 1199:energy or electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. Each hierarchy manifests a triple energyHealing, 120:within the substance of its sheaths a point of friction. Upon this point the eyes of theHealing, 134:within the substance of its sheaths a point of friction. Upon this point the eyes of theHealing, 147:produce the highest manifestation of "fire by friction," just as the energies of the head centerHealing, 185:for electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction, and are related in their usage to the threeHealing, 186:of the three fires, the fire of matter, fire by friction; this produces a premature burning andHealing, 327:and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, fire by friction, solar fire, and electrical fire. [328] Prana isHealing, 365:the chapter for a while upon the fever and the friction and the pain of earth existence. But thereHealing, 432:hatred, producing national and international friction; cruelty, producing pain and death. The rootsHealing, 512:which does not please. In other words, it is friction. You will, therefore, better understand theHealing, 513:The personality no longer attracts attention; friction therefore ceases, and there is nothing leftHealing, 533:within the substance of its sheaths, a point of friction. Upon this point the eyes of theHealing, 564:within the substance of its sheaths - a point of friction. Upon this point the eyes of theHealing, 564:determined to function as a soul, a state of friction is established between soul and personality;Healing, 564:established between soul and personality; this friction is a major cause (if it is not the majorHealing, 564:to the understanding of the phrase, "fire by friction," the third aspect of the divine "fieryHealing, 565:fire, through solar fire and through fire by friction. These three fires I dealt with at length inHealing, 565:area of the physical body and produce a point of friction; this friction, in its turn, produces aHealing, 565:body and produce a point of friction; this friction, in its turn, produces a condition or an areaHealing, 565:body of a correspondingly intense kind. This friction set up is so acute that disease is promptlyHealing, 566:yet inadequate to the desired divine expression, friction is immediately set up and diseaseHealing, 566:advanced people, aspirants and disciples. This "friction" produces then a secondary reaction andHealing, 567:to disease, based upon the internal friction thus produced. At the present point in racialHealing, 567:into diseased conditions as a result of the friction brought about by their striving after "theHealing, 568:moments, produces [568] inevitably a point of friction, even if the man remains unaware of it. OneHealing, 568:of the major manifestations of this particular friction and the diseased condition which it bringsHealing, 568:as he sees it, and upon the physical plane. Friction, therefore, takes place and disease of someHealing, 568:Death, therefore, supervenes as a result of the friction engendered. In studying these ideas, itHealing, 568:controls the man, via the head Center, and the friction engendered is due to the inactivity of theHealing, 569:beautiful controls, via the heart center, and friction is brought about by the failure of the solarHealing, 569:solar plexus Center to respond. A condition of friction is therefore set up. The ending of thisHealing, 569:Center. This relation, when lacking, produces friction. There will be no real expression of "theHealing, 569:within the substance of its sheaths a point of friction. Much of this statement I have coveredHealing, 569:the soul which is responsible for producing the friction. In the analysis of the previous sentence,Healing, 569:because its failure to respond produced the friction and consequent disease. Is it not possibleHealing, 570:of discomfort, and therefore to the point of friction. This friction is sustained and increased byHealing, 570:and therefore to the point of friction. This friction is sustained and increased by the forcesHealing, 570:body, via the subtler bodies, and the point of friction (the outcome of resistance) is found firstHealing, 571:forgotten) constitute the personality, and the friction is necessarily to be found throughout. ItHealing, 572:the directed energy so that the "point of friction" is no longer the object of attention and a newHealing, 573:to explain. We have seen that the point of friction (responsible for the disease) has been causedHealing, 573:of the physical body and either cause points of friction or manifest themselves as divineHealing, 573:manifest themselves as divine qualities. Where friction and resultant disease are present, and theHealing, 573:to their point of emanation, from the point of friction, but not to their Source," as an ancientHealing, 573:words for these new sciences) into the point of friction and from thence to the center whichHealing, 574:the center and the locality where the point of friction had been. It will be obvious to you thatHealing, 575:responsible for producing the point or points of friction. The remainder of his work involves theHealing, 575:can penetrate into the area where the point of friction is located. In ordinary cases, however, andHealing, 588:relation with the same forces and a point of friction be set up, producing a diseased area, pain,Healing, 596:fight in a particular area - produces so much friction that there is no hope anywhere, except inHealing, 596:pointed out that disease refers to the point of friction or of acute trouble; all ills hasHealing, 600:controlling the area which involves the point of friction. That, as with all else in the occultHealing, 602:the center conditioning the area of the point of friction. If the disease or physical trouble isHealing, 604:esoterically, "lights up" the point of friction in the surrounding area and - were the healerHealing, 605:will hold the energy in the area of the point of friction and permit nature itself to bring aboutHealing, 607:energy of the center which controls the point of friction in the patient's body - is responsibleHealing, 610:usher in the so-called golden age. Points of friction will then be far fewer upon the planet andHealing, 611:areas to health and eliminate points of friction? Is not this what the spiritual man who is ill isHealing, 618:conditioning the area wherein the point of friction is located) is the stimulation of the relatedHealing, 626:with the center which conditions the "point of friction" and controls the area under its influence;Healing, 640:with the life of the soul. This conflict or friction is the main cause of what you call disease.Healing, 640:Disease is inharmony; it is the fault of fire by friction; diseased areas are areas of frictionHealing, 640:of fire by friction; diseased areas are areas of friction wherein the atomic substance isHealing, 640:If that pull proves adequately strong, the friction within the atomic structure, localized in theHealing, 641:disease; or - putting it another way - the friction which ensues when the lunar lords are notMagic, 9:the interplay of the poles, and through the friction of the pairs of opposites light flashes forth.Magic, 135:and to work together peacefully and steadily. Friction is oft unavoidable. They must watch for theMagic, 526:called electric fire, solar fire, and fire by friction, and their purpose in relation to each otherMagic, 566:stage is reached, and solar fire and fire by friction must be brought into contact with three "mostMagic, 566:three ancient fires are an aspect of fire by friction. At this point is the hour of danger for theMagic, 590:of the cell life can also induce that internal friction between them which will eventuate in brainMagic, 591:and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, "fire by friction") must be blended with the fire ofMagic, 611:Scripture. Electric Fire, Solar Fire and Fire by Friction, when brought into conjunction, producePatanjali, 149:and both resist each other and produce friction and suffering when united in time and space.Problems, 24:in a state of [24] constant disunion and friction; they have no interior unity. Their psychologicalPsychology1, 18:with intelligent substance. This is fire by friction - a friction brought about by life and matterPsychology1, 18:substance. This is fire by friction - a friction brought about by life and matter and theirPsychology1, 43:solar fire of love, in cooperation with fire by friction, produce the world of created and creativePsychology1, 95:of divine law on earth - a law imposed without friction and without rebellion. This beneficentPsychology1, 167:the solar, and the artificial, or fire by friction. Before proceeding to consider the virtues, thePsychology1, 206:warfare and unrest for the fourth ray man; the friction and the experience gained thereby mayPsychology1, 275:the home, neglected and unwanted children, the friction produced by wrong mating, divorce, and noPsychology1, 373:the solar system is threefold: there is fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire, - the firePsychology1, 373:the fire of body, of soul and of spirit. Fire by friction is coming to be somewhat understood byPsychology1, 419:Universal mind. Element: Fire. "Fire by friction." Sensation: Nervous system. "It is known." BodilyPsychology2, 307:aspect, of the soul, and of the spirit (fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire) merge andRays, 65:know from our study of the three fires - fire by friction, solar fire and electric fire, with theirRays, 351:speaking symbolically - it is only when "fire by friction" is dominated by "solar fire" that the
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