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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRIEND

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Atom, 129:as easy for us to contact the consciousness of a friend in India, Africa, or elsewhere, as it isAutobiography, X:students and friends all over the world. Dear Friend: This letter brings you word of the ending ofAutobiography, X:useful and less restricted cycle for your true friend and mine, Alice A. Bailey. She was released,Autobiography, 1:about my life was a letter I had in 1941 from a friend in Scotland who said that he felt that IAutobiography, 10:engrossing us to the exclusion of all else; friend calling to friend and a resulting hour ofAutobiography, 10:to the exclusion of all else; friend calling to friend and a resulting hour of communion and ofAutobiography, 20:years. It had been given me by a close, girlhood friend, Catherine Rowan-Hamilton, and was printedAutobiography, 47:want my daughters to like me because I am their friend and have proved myself friendly and worthAutobiography, 67:an outlying district, bringing a note from a friend of this man, begging me to go to him as he hadAutobiography, 74:trouble with that gang. One of them is still my friend although I have lost sight of all the restAutobiography, 78:face with it. It often seemed to me like a kind friend and I never had the slightest feeling thatAutobiography, 81:me grow up with much interest. She was my close friend and handled me roughly when she thought theAutobiography, 90:each other and I was fortunate to have her for a friend at that time. She knew me well and trustedAutobiography, 101:I was married in a private chapel of a friend's house by a Mr. Boyd-Carpenter. My father's eldestAutobiography, 115:my pride was very sorely wounded. One morning a friend called me up and asked me to bring the threeAutobiography, 122:which the grocer always took because he was my friend. I used to go out in the surrounding woodsAutobiography, 131:woman though she did not see me. She was with a friend and talking in a loud, clear voice and IAutobiography, 131:kind word passed her lips. She was giving to her friend what is vulgarly called "the dirt" aboutAutobiography, 134:meeting on some peculiar subject and a mutual friend managed to get me an invitation. My motives inAutobiography, 144:went out with the Y.M.C.A., to France and my friend, the Bishop, arranged that I should have anAutobiography, 145:this country, but I am inclined to agree with a friend of mine who remarked that the real foundersAutobiography, 156:too good and the witnesses too reputable. An old friend of mine of long standing, Mrs. JohnAutobiography, 157:Secretary, Mr. A.P.Warrington, was a close friend, and all the senior workers were friends andAutobiography, 160:to get a specialist and in the meantime my friend, Mrs. Copley Enos, and I spent the day rollingAutobiography, 165:He has done. [165] A few years ago a very dear friend and a man who had stood very closely withAutobiography, 165:do something about it. As he was a personal friend of Lord Reading, once Viceroy of India, he wasAutobiography, 177:the children were tiny I always had some elderly friend live with me. After marriage my husband andAutobiography, 203:moved from Ridgefield Park to Stamford, Conn. A friend of ours, Mr. Graham Phelps-Stokes, had aAutobiography, 204:everywhere. I laid the problem before a rich friend of mine and she paid for their tuition in theAutobiography, 205:at clam chowder. Thanks to the kindness of a friend, we had a car and could drive to New York orAutobiography, 206:world except my marriage to Foster Bailey. This friend was simplicity and sweetness andAutobiography, 208:what I did in the past to deserve such a friend in the present. Autobiography, 208:can bring could every year be traced to this friend and not to me. I find it difficult to talk as IAutobiography, 209:and at the dose of his talk I turned to my friend, Baroness..., and said, "How I would like to putAutobiography, 209:talk the afternoon before and had expressed to a friend of mine the wish that he could meet certainAutobiography, 218:before we knew exactly what was right. My friend, Alice Ortiz, at this time came to me with aAutobiography, 220:of the best men I ever knew and regarded as a friend was the son of an emperor. The first andAutobiography, 220:was the son of an emperor. The first and dearest friend I had thirty-five years ago when I came toAutobiography, 221:exciting to them and full of memories to me. A friend had crossed with us in order to be with us atAutobiography, 226:He wrote as soon as He wrote it. She was a friend of high and low and when she died not long agoAutobiography, 226:kindly put at our disposal for two years by a friend and school student. During these years all theAutobiography, 229:Arcane School, the first [229] of them being my friend Lena Rowan-Hamilton. They interjected intoBethlehem, 22:Himself Who thus greets them - the familiar Friend Who, having prepared them by example andBethlehem, 131:Another still, and still another spreads; Friend, parent, neighbor, first it will embrace; HisBethlehem, 234:as a crucial experiment. They knew Him as Friend and Master, and they flung their whole being intoDiscipleship1, 75:your Master and, I think I may say, your friend. There has been established between us a veryDiscipleship1, 102:my heart) for each and all of you. Your Master, Friend and Teacher, THE TIBETAN [104] Discipleship1, 115:and to your work with me, your teacher and your friend. First, I have accepted you into my ownDiscipleship1, 125:and with freedom, and I - your Master and your friend - will mince no words with you or with any ofDiscipleship1, 127:To L. D. 0. November 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Many factors are responsible for bringingDiscipleship1, 130:can be of greater service to them and a finer friend and helper. Therefore, for you, detachment isDiscipleship1, 145:New Age is the earnest wish and prayer of your friend, your brother and your teacher. Discipleship1, 148:to Disciples - F.C.D. June 1936 BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLD: The strain of the past six months hasDiscipleship1, 160:for your fellowmen or rather, my brother and my friend, the externalizing of that love which youDiscipleship1, 169:January 1938 Three words I gave to you, my friend and brother, in my last communication. They were:Discipleship1, 193:and in focusing. You know well, do you not, my friend and brother, that the more disciples areDiscipleship1, 195:with your contact with me, your teacher and your friend. One other point I seek to make, myDiscipleship1, 196:- S.S.P. December 1936 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: One of the secrets of true life, which isDiscipleship1, 210:and, my brother, to trust me, your teacher and friend. NOTE: This disciple was given theDiscipleship1, 214:love and devotion; that you already have, my friend of olden days, and you need not further unfoldDiscipleship1, 215:- I.S.G-L. March 1935 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: (For such you have been for many lives, e'en ifDiscipleship1, 221:- I.S.G-L. August 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY CHOSEN FRIEND: The past few months have been difficult forDiscipleship1, 223:nature to handle it. Is this not so, my friend and brother? Discipleship1, 232:of rays with which to work, my brother and my friend, but a correct understanding of the fiveDiscipleship1, 234:to Disciples - L.F.U. June 1940 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: You are one of the few in the group who haveDiscipleship1, 242:shift your mind away from yourself as teacher, friend, wife, worker, or disciple of the Tibetan;Discipleship1, 250:as you would to an older, loved and trusted friend? I ask for no more than that. I have noDiscipleship1, 266:stable focal point; you must be a wise guide and friend and you must hold steadily the reins ofDiscipleship1, 291:to Disciples - W.D.B. TO W. D. B. August 1934 MY FRIEND AND FELLOW-WORKER: You have had anDiscipleship1, 296:to Disciples - W.D.B. February 1936 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: The discipline which always accompaniesDiscipleship1, 301:- D.L.R. To D. L. R. July 1934 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: I am asking you to work in this group ofDiscipleship1, 310:to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1936 MY FRIEND OF OLD: The past six months have seen you making manyDiscipleship1, 331:time and making real progress. This, I, your friend and brother, tell you gladly. The emphasis uponDiscipleship1, 343:you to increased usefulness is the wish of your friend and co-worker, the Tibetan. [344] Discipleship1, 366:Disciples - R.S.U. June 1936 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Much that I have written to S. C. P. is alsoDiscipleship1, 371:have for me no respect for I would not be a true friend and teacher. If I remind you of this need IDiscipleship1, 371:responsibility which is not the act of a true friend and teacher. Disciples come definitely intoDiscipleship1, 372:- R.S.U. January 1939 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: What can I say that I have not already said? I canDiscipleship1, 375:1937 What shall I say to you, my brother and my friend, that will do for you two things: First ofDiscipleship1, 375:not to myself; I am only your teacher and your friend. Your life lesson is detachment, and - inDiscipleship1, 377:Disciples - W.D.S. April 1938 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: You are entering - if you so choose - uponDiscipleship1, 385:you call upon them, nor will I, your brother and friend, nor will your group brothers. Forget notDiscipleship1, 394:to Disciples - D.P.R. August 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: The past six months have seen youDiscipleship1, 398:of words for you, my brother of old and trusted friend. It is not the length of a message, however,Discipleship1, 422:Disciples - D.H.B. February 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: The past six months have been for youDiscipleship1, 426:- D.H.B. September 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I have much to say to you today but it must beDiscipleship1, 436:however, I would say to you, my brother and my friend, at this time: Guard with care the physicalDiscipleship1, 438:to Disciples - P.D.W. May 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Our relation has been close for many livesDiscipleship1, 439:eyes, link up with your soul and with me, your friend. You will thus create a triangle of lightDiscipleship1, 457:to Disciples - D.I.J. August 1934 MY FRIEND AND FELLOW WORKER: All periods of stress and strain endDiscipleship1, 464:you belong not to yourself or to any earthly friend or claim. You belong to the servers of humanityDiscipleship1, 479:will leap ahead upon the Path. I stand by you, friend of old. I know and - believe me - understand.Discipleship1, 479:Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T. March 1936 MY FRIEND OF OLD: For such you are and have been andDiscipleship1, 480:united auras have been achieved. See to it, my friend, that you continue to do your share. All IDiscipleship1, 486:Disciples - L.U.T. April 1938 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I have for some time watched you withDiscipleship1, 487:you for successful work, you care not. But, my friend, you have cleaned house; you have fought aDiscipleship1, 514:- C.D.P. January 1936 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: The same instructions, the same objective and theDiscipleship1, 518:- C.D.P. January 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: For you (as for R. S. U.) I have at this time aDiscipleship1, 520:- C.D.P. July 1937 MY BROTHER AND FAITHFUL FRIEND: How can I put your problem to you so clearlyDiscipleship1, 539:the Path of Discipleship, my brother and my friend, when your heart center opens and you can think
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