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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRIEND

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Discipleship1, 548:realize. You have two things, my brother and my friend, to do during the next few months. One is toDiscipleship1, 550:your Tibetan brother, your teacher and your friend, and they include your co-disciples. I would askDiscipleship1, 554:work you can help materially my brother and my friend of olden time, because of your naturalDiscipleship1, 554:and power and a dynamic will, my brother and friend. These are divine assets. As you yourself wellDiscipleship1, 554:- O-L.R.D. September 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND OF LONG AGO: Will you take the following ideas intoDiscipleship1, 555:- O-L.R.D. February 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: The past six months have produced in you aDiscipleship1, 562:Disciples - S.R.D. March 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: The lessons of true humility and reticenceDiscipleship1, 562:and take them away even from me, your friend and teacher of several lives, and forget everythingDiscipleship1, 567:me into his mind or to ponder upon me as his friend, his teacher and his brother on the Way. HisDiscipleship1, 567:facts. I was his brother, his teacher and his friend. It was a hard saying, and he suffered much inDiscipleship1, 568:from an illusory form. So, my brother and my friend, I would ask you to concentrate on three thingsDiscipleship1, 570:You have much to give, my brother and my friend. You have a deep and vital knowledge of spiritualDiscipleship1, 578:- H.S.D. January 1937 MY BROTHER AND CHOSEN FRIEND: I have watched you with care and understandingDiscipleship1, 581:you accept this diagnosis, my brother and my friend? You know my keen desire to see you stabilizedDiscipleship1, 591:of your devotion to me, your teacher and your friend. But you have worked always in that area orDiscipleship1, 591:Disciples - H.S.D. March 1939 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: This is one of several instructions which IDiscipleship1, 593:Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D. April 1940 MY FRIEND AND MY BROTHER: I would have a word withDiscipleship1, 605:- L.T.S-K. August 1935 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: You are still walking in a fog. Glamor stillDiscipleship1, 607:- L.T.S-K. February 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I told you in my last instruction that upon theDiscipleship1, 611:- L.T.S-K. February 1938 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I would recall to you certain remarks which IDiscipleship1, 627:a highly valued brother. And I do value you, my friend. Discipleship1, 631:the future and in line with the Plan. I, your friend and teacher, am definitely preparing you andDiscipleship1, 645:have a link with me, your Tibetan teacher and friend. You are free from two faults which haveDiscipleship2, 25:the group endeavor, and if I, your teacher and friend (under the pressure of the present worldDiscipleship2, 89:humility, is the hope and prayer of your friend, collaborator and Master. [90] Discipleship2, 334:your own soul; the results affect your family, friend, or communal group, and are none of ourDiscipleship2, 448:Like all creative workers, my brother and my friend you [449] resent all forms which you do notDiscipleship2, 471:- F.C.D. November 1948 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: It is two years since I last communicated withDiscipleship2, 473:R.A.J. To R. A. J. August 1940 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: For you, as for all disciples at this timeDiscipleship2, 475:note sounds clear for you today, my chela and my friend. It is the hidden note of sacrifice. ButDiscipleship2, 480:- to contact me, your Master and your friend. Expect results, though not at the time youDiscipleship2, 491:Then orient yourself to me, your Master and friend for many years, and again wait. Perchance thereDiscipleship2, 501:and with determination, my brother and my friend, move forward upon the Lighted Way. Discipleship2, 511:- I.S.G-L. To I. S. G-L. August 1940 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: For several lives we have beenDiscipleship2, 513:focused perception - a very different thing, my friend. You were born in the sign Gemini whichDiscipleship2, 518:in any Ashram. As I study you, my brother and my friend, and as I look ahead at your life ofDiscipleship2, 521:- I.S.G-L. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: What I have to say to you today hinges upon oneDiscipleship2, 525:them) may prevent your listening to me, your friend and brother for many years - nay, lives. IDiscipleship2, 555:to Disciples - I.B.S. August 1946 MY FRIEND OF MANY YEARS: I know how greatly distressed you willDiscipleship2, 558:Know too that I, your Master and your friend, will also be aware of it. My love surrounds you andDiscipleship2, 561:from whence it came. Thus, my brother and my friend, travel life's way; work in my Ashram; aid yourDiscipleship2, 568:to Disciples - R.V.B. November 1948 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: There is relatively little that I haveDiscipleship2, 580:to Disciples - P.G.C. November 1944 MY FRIEND AND CO-WORKER: Ever since my last communication toDiscipleship2, 586:need arises you can seek my aid - your Master, friend and teacher - remembering that it will takeDiscipleship2, 586:to Disciples - P.G.C. November 1948 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: I have registered and then recorded onDiscipleship2, 588:of it. This must suffice for today, my loyal friend and brother. There is much to do. Proceed withDiscipleship2, 591:Disciples - J.W.K-P. September 1943 MY BROTHER, FRIEND AND CO-WORKER: Have you lately read theDiscipleship2, 596:for all the work which you have done. I - your friend, brother and teacher - ask and need yourDiscipleship2, 599:naught, for you need not my advice; I - your friend and companion - can only suggest that youDiscipleship2, 601:limitations and yet, my brother and I can say my friend, why resent them? All national heritagesDiscipleship2, 606:to Disciples - R.S.U. September 1943 MY FRIEND AND HELPER: It has been under discussion betweenDiscipleship2, 628:and with me, your Master and your constant friend. Of this you may not be constantly or inspiringlyDiscipleship2, 651:to Disciples - D.P.R. November 1944 MY BELOVED FRIEND AND TRUSTED DISCIPLE: My heart has gone outDiscipleship2, 656:mean, and know that I your Master and your friend of many lives, am satisfied. NOTE: SeventeenDiscipleship2, 657:Disciples - D.H.B. August 1940 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: So much have I said to you anent glamorDiscipleship2, 663:is it not? But what about the other side, my friend and co-worker? This, it is easy to overlook,Discipleship2, 668:to Disciples - D.H.B. November 1944 MY FRIEND AND CO-DISCIPLE: I would have you note this mode ofDiscipleship2, 689:own heart. At any rate, my brother and my tried friend, you know that until the final initiation isDiscipleship2, 692:- D.I.J. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I would like to start this instruction with a wordDiscipleship2, 696:- D.I.J. August 1946 MY BROTHER AND LOVED FRIEND: In publishing the book Discipleship in the NewDiscipleship2, 696:the book Discipleship in the New Age, your friend and teacher, A.A.B. made the remark at the end ofDiscipleship2, 701:along this line is no help to you. I, your friend and teacher, know you as you are, and IDiscipleship2, 703:- D.E.I. September 1943 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Since you entered the cycle beginning with yourDiscipleship2, 707:are the qualities which make A.A.B. your loyal friend and ambitious for your progress. [708] YouDiscipleship2, 708:to Disciples - D.E.I. November 1944 MY FRIEND AND CO-WORKER: I intend to be in touch with you withDiscipleship2, 729:- L.T.S-K. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLDEN TIME: There is absolutely no need for theDiscipleship2, 748:joy; establish a closer contact with me, your friend and teacher. Discipleship2, 759:you: I recognize you and, my brother and close friend on the inner side, I know you and love you. Education, 71:and much will then become possible to the wise friend and guide of youth - which is what everyExternalisation, 101:and illustrate. I, your Tibetan brother, friend and teacher, have a vision of the Plan; I am awareExternalisation, 445:serve, the Master of all Masters and the undying Friend of Mankind shed His light upon your way andFire, 449:not; for the very name of the Brahmana is 'the friend of All creatures' (and the Gayatri is theGlamour, 35:from glamor and illusion, is the prayer of your friend and brother who has fought his way throughGlamour, 138:exists and is found in all religions. He is the friend and the brother of all and, because he lovesHealing, 42:out of death, whereas death is a beneficent friend. Disease can be the sudden and final call to theHealing, 396:or out of trance) and the bereaved relative or friend is not between the one who has experiencedHealing, 457:or woman who is a good citizen, an intelligent friend and a philanthropic worker. The exit in theHercules, 16:and pondered long; then gave the horses to a friend to hold, the sword to still another and the bowHercules, 27:forth and aid me with this task," calling the friend he greatly loved and who ever followed in hisHercules, 27:Abderis came forth and took his stand beside his friend and with him faced the task. Laying allHercules, 28:drive them on the Way to Diomedes. He called his friend, saying: "Abderis, come hither and driveHercules, 28:them through the Gate in the footsteps of his friend. They turned on him; they rent and trod himHercules, 28:the mares again from place to place, leaving his friend, dying upon the ground. Again he caught theHercules, 52:or wife, father or mother, brother or sister, friend or companion. Through right use of the formHercules, 125:and higher still he climbed. And then he met a friend. Upon the way, he met with Pholos, one of aIntellect, 73:these significant words are found: "Self is the friend of self for him in whom the self isIntellect, 207:office, social life or profession, talking to a friend, or whatever may be the activity of theMagic, 203:To measure up to the standard set by a loved friend and teacher, he struggles and strives and gainsMagic, 264:bereft of all on which he may have leant (be it friend, Master, doctrine [265] or environment),Magic, 502:or woman who is a good citizen, an intelligent friend and a philanthropic worker. The exit in theMagic, 638:and not on any human being, be he a beloved friend, teacher, or a Master of the Wisdom. I seek notProblems, 113:should learn to know the Negro personally as a friend and a brother; he should see to it that hePsychology1, 254:of the smell of a beloved master and friend. Quality: Tamas or Inertia, - but in this case it isPsychology1, 428:of the smell of a beloved master or friend. Quality: Tamas or inertia, - but in this case it is thePsychology2, 508:communicated from one person to another. Some friend or relation undergoes some experience. HePsychology2, 508:experience. He seeks to communicate it to his friend or - at the moment of crisis - he thinksPsychology2, 508:moment of crisis - he thinks powerfully of his friend. This registers on the friend's mind but isPsychology2, 508:powerfully of his friend. This registers on the friend's mind but is often only recovered in thePsychology2, 569:of speech and thought of the departed or living friend. This accounts for the mediocre caliber ofPsychology2, 569:and sufficient purpose) to make a contact with a friend or relative via a medium. Such cases are
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