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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRIENDLY

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Astrology, 118:instincts and though he may be, for instance, friendly and kind, it is through a desire forAutobiography, 15:my sister, had the faintest idea of the friendly and happy relationship which existed between meAutobiography, 47:because I am their friend and have proved myself friendly and worth liking. I am not expectingAutobiography, 173:Many of them did what they could to show a friendly spirit to us as individuals. Some of them,Destiny, 59:are largely reincarnated Romans and hence the friendly feeling which basically exists between theDiscipleship1, 483:the astral plane - the rose of affection and of friendly feeling, the blue of an inspiring contact,Discipleship2, 498:first in a definitely personal manner, writing friendly and personal letters and ascertaining theDiscipleship2, 698:The second ray is outgoing, inclusive, friendly and prone to attachment; the first ray is isolated,Externalisation, 384:when the war is over. Establish helpful and friendly relations with them to the best of yourExternalisation, 614:Zionists against Great Britain, an ally and a friendly power; it is authorizing propaganda againstExternalisation, 614:propaganda against Russia, also an allied and friendly power. There is no true effort anywhereMagic, 494:to leaving a lighted and a warmed room, friendly and familiar, where our loved ones are assembled,Psychology1, 87:Stay in the east. The five have given thee a friendly Word. I, the sixth, tell thee to use it on
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