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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRIENDS

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Astrology, 208:environing conclusions of the disciple's family, friends and group that he is a disciple. From thatAstrology, 582:it shows itself in mother love, in love among friends, but seldom as yet as love among groups andAtom, 129:greater love for our [129] family and immediate friends, but we know practically nothing of groupAutobiography, X:letter to thousands of her students and friends all over the world. Dear Friend: This letter bringsAutobiography, 3:alone. I have always been blessed with marvelous friends and helpers who - down the years - haveAutobiography, 3:helpers who - down the years - have remained my friends, no matter what I did to them. I have hadAutobiography, 3:matter what I did to them. I have had many such friends and a few - a very surprisingly few -Autobiography, 4:affection and staunch cooperation of my many friends and co-workers who for years have stood by me?Autobiography, 5:the very highest in the world have been my friends and the very lowest; and in all classes, nationsAutobiography, 6:where too much were required. Weep not for me, friends; the land where I am going There'll be noAutobiography, 6:dusting or sweeping or sewing. Weep not for me, friends, though death us may sever. I am going toAutobiography, 11:had no reason to be miserable and my family and friends would have been greatly surprised had theyAutobiography, 13:do not care to look a sardine in the eye. My friends (and I use the word in its true sense) haveAutobiography, 17:children. Two of these cousins remained my close friends all through my life. They were bothAutobiography, 17:my husband, Foster Bailey. We were three close friends and his constant letters are greatly missedAutobiography, 20:history. It had in it tiny photographs of close friends and autographs of my spiritual companionsAutobiography, 46:matter how rough. I cannot remember any personal friends except one, and she and I are stillAutobiography, 46:friends except one, and she and I are still friends and exchange letters. We had met in SwitzerlandAutobiography, 47:different, and our relationship now is that of friends and not cousins, etc. Taking it by and largeAutobiography, 54:working in the homes were several who became my friends and who helped me a lot to adjust myself toAutobiography, 54:probably, not another woman present and make friends with them; go up and sit down beside them andAutobiography, 70:I shall not manage it this life. I have many friends in India, and among Indians who live in otherAutobiography, 77:generalizations somewhat untrue. I have women friends and am devoted to them but, as a generalAutobiography, 81:a cook called Jessie Duncan. We were very great friends ever since I was a little girl, escapingAutobiography, 97:future. I had confidence in the Lord and in my friends and so I just waited. In the meantime "AuntAutobiography, 98:them was Colonel Leslie, whose daughters were my friends and contemporaries. I went much to hisAutobiography, 103:behind me a group of very worried relatives, friends and servants. But I was quite oblivious of itAutobiography, 106:problem of the minorities. I have many Negro friends and I think I may claim that we understandAutobiography, 106:as sound in their thinking as many of my white friends. I have discussed the problem with them andAutobiography, 109:the house of humanity. She and I became real friends and she used to champion me when Walter EvansAutobiography, 109:me, for the Bishop and his wife became my true friends. I still hear from her. My youngest daughterAutobiography, 114:Sanford, one of the loveliest people and truest friends I have ever had. My general health gotAutobiography, 116:- in cities and villages - who have been my friends as well as my physicians. I was advised to takeAutobiography, 118:no anti-Jewish feeling; some of my most beloved friends such as Dr. Assagioli, Regina Keller andAutobiography, 125:go and (apart from the Bishop and his wife) no friends to whom I cared to talk. I was surrounded byAutobiography, 125:cared to talk. I was surrounded by kind and good friends, however, but none of them were in aAutobiography, 125:in squealing and crying and wailing to one's friends. I knew "God helps those who help themselves"Autobiography, 129:to like them very much and we grew to be good friends. I never, however, learnt to like theAutobiography, 131:word she said. What she didn't say about her friends is beyond belief. Not a kind word passed herAutobiography, 145:that I surely had and that some of my closest friends were Jews. He then inquired if I had everAutobiography, 147:because I have discovered that when my friends and students find out that I've been the victim ofAutobiography, 152:to go to school and kindergarten. I had many friends and the grounds at Krotona, the TheosophicalAutobiography, 157:a close friend, and all the senior workers were friends and there seemed to be great harmony and aAutobiography, 157:affection and personal loyalties were with our friends and co-executives, but our sense of justiceAutobiography, 161:since. His introduction to Ellison was making friends with a fat and very dirty child, makingAutobiography, 171:civilization were all Mr. Leadbeater's personal friends. I knew some of these people - worthy,Autobiography, 182:realization at the expense of their family or friends. There is far too much of this in variousAutobiography, 190:that I knew had been taught me by personal friends and pupils of H.P.B. and this Mr. PraterAutobiography, 190:a happy feeling that the personal pupils and friends of H.P.Blavatsky approved of what I wasAutobiography, 204:that gathered around. Two of them are still our friends and visit us at times though they are bothAutobiography, 204:of men and women who were not only our staunch friends, working with us from then to now, but wereAutobiography, 205:Every Sunday, practically, we were at home to friends and guests and frequently had 20 or 30 peopleAutobiography, 208:of the year before and send them to personal friends who I knew were hard up. I'm no believer inAutobiography, 212:series of lives. What is working out today, the friends and family we are linked with and theAutobiography, 263:in the teacher of the group, and the personal friends of the teacher are frequently informed thatAutobiography, 302:at the present time, with a great many of her friends and students. Those who are sensitiveBethlehem, 77:those who know us well and are our familiar friends, it cannot be expected to express itselfBethlehem, 78:could they meet with more sympathy from their friends, or had they better physical health, there isBethlehem, 102:must prove and purify himself together with his friends in the final Affliction." - The Mystery ofBethlehem, 149:revealed to the astonished gaze of His three friends upon the Mount of Transfiguration. In one ofBethlehem, 152:Moses, Aaron and Joshua; Job and his three friends; Shadrach, Meschach and [153] Abednego, theBethlehem, 153:Shadrach, Meschach and [153] Abednego, the friends of Daniel; the three kings at the cradle inBethlehem, 153:for instance, the meaning of the names of Job's friends. They were Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad theBethlehem, 153:result of mental activity. Thus, in Job's three friends the three aspects of his lower nature standBethlehem, 153:case when we study the names of Daniel's three friends. Abednego means the "servant of the sun,"Bethlehem, 154:as hard to hold as the wind." Thus in the three friends, and in the various triplicities which weBethlehem, 154:It is the same in connection with the three friends of Jesus Christ. I cannot here touch upon theBethlehem, 154:They are timeless and eternal, and the friends of Christ are to be found in every race (ChristianBethlehem, 154:And be it remembered, it is only the friends of Christ who have any right to be dogmatic about Him,Bethlehem, 155:apt symbology of the Scripture, Christ's three friends stood for the three aspects of His humanBethlehem, 155:Christ and those who were immediately His friends, met with God, and so potent was this combinationBethlehem, 156:He can and does at times accord. Christ's three friends had been admitted to a degree of intimacyBethlehem, 159:as He stood transfigured before His three [159] friends, was recognized by God His Father, andBethlehem, 207:professors, harlots and simple folk were all His friends, and the "great heresy of separateness"Bethlehem, 223:of solemn recognition, such as may pass between friends who have endured between them some strangeBethlehem, 232:resurrection was credited in the minds of His friends and for the two or three centuries after HisBethlehem, 232:in themselves and of prestige among their friends; the cause for which they had been so ready toBethlehem, 237:and that after the resurrection of Osiris his friends rejoice together, saying, "We have foundDiscipleship1, 253:with only your brother disciples as comrades and friends? In the developments of the next two yearsDiscipleship1, 306:then for your immediate circle of family and friends, and finally for the group of students whichDiscipleship1, 310:yourself from the "pulling hands" of associated friends and people. The necessity for an innerDiscipleship1, 336:you sacrifice your sense of truth or your friends. Your emotional body is on the sixth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 341:social amenities and the calculated choice of friends no longer entirely govern your attitudes,Discipleship1, 407:acquired, and a gentle outgoing to your world of friends. Let them reveal themselves to you. TheyDiscipleship1, 421:a.To your immediate circle of family and friends. b.To your co-disciples. c.To your group ofDiscipleship1, 473:individuals, with people you meet, with your friends in the same line of thought and with yourDiscipleship1, 492:in security; you have co-workers who are your friends and from whom you are not wrenched by theDiscipleship1, 541:the exception of some words spoken at times to friends and acquaintances and the fulfilment of yourDiscipleship1, 544:the Tibetan's disciples, influenced thereto by friends, but in so doing, learnt much, and on theDiscipleship1, 544:way more accurately defined. This, too, your friends may sense, and being not free from human errorDiscipleship1, 568:upward way - your group brothers, your personal friends, and yourself. For you serve yourselfDiscipleship1, 612:to you with no evasion whatever. Your true friends are deeply distressed and seek to shield you andDiscipleship1, 619:in spite of the very definite warning your true friends gave you, out of affection and knowledge ofDiscipleship2, 146:way that it can be presented to others, to your friends, to those you seek to help and to humanityDiscipleship2, 527:of psychology, your groups of students, your friends and your brothers in the Ashram. Think notDiscipleship2, 537:the radius of a relatively small circle of friends. In the case of a probationary disciple,Discipleship2, 621:them and not yourself. Do you evoke in your friends and associates a good and happy response or theDiscipleship2, 663:materialized; dreams which have not come true; friends who have consistently failed to understand;Discipleship2, 664:is now presented to you. You have made many friends and evoked much love, and that is a lastingDiscipleship2, 668:have you note this mode of address. That we are friends you have known for many years. That we are
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