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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRONT

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Astrology, 78:is a sacred planet) governs a center in the front of the throat which is related to theAstrology, 79:related to the throat center. This center in the front of the throat falls into disuse as theAutobiography, 25:head of the household with the family Bible in front of him and the family and guests gatheredAutobiography, 39:of water. Standing ahead of the crowd and in front of the rock were three Figures. They formed aAutobiography, 57:even then to unroll the scroll right there in front of them but when I got back to my quarters thatAutobiography, 81:in the kitchen about my naughty behavior in the front of the house, I heard about it from her. IfAutobiography, 83:quarters in Mumballa, looking out on the road in front of the compound and at the countless hordesAutobiography, 132:divorces when their husbands were absent at the front. It never seemed to me really logical,Autobiography, 132:to me really logical, because the man at the front or the man at home are just the same people.Autobiography, 136:disciplining. I learnt to iron with a book in front of me and to this day I can read and ironAutobiography, 136:I can shell peas and string beans with a book in front of me. I always read when sewing andBethlehem, 74:is past and stretching forward to what lies in front of me, with my eyes fixed on the goal, I pushDiscipleship1, 440:though for you there can be no activity in the front rank of the battle, I would remind you thatDiscipleship1, 530:it and the spruce trees to right and left, in front. Across the stream from the pagoda, in theDiscipleship1, 530:and has an English box bush at either end. In front of it is a natural rock, of chair shape andDiscipleship1, 530:a fern. There is a small, graveled space in the front of the well - it contains a rustic table,Discipleship2, 603:sphere of usefulness in this connection right in front of you,... Your destiny is that of teacher.Discipleship2, 608:work your soul has planned for you opens up in front of you. You have, therefore, three things toEducation, 130:any category and bracket) present a united front to the world; parents defend their own childrenExternalisation, 140:satisfaction. But a renewed opportunity lies in front of you and it is of a practical nature,Externalisation, 224:intrinsically is; they realize that a united front and a spirit of joyous certainty areFire, 966:313. The third eye exists in etheric matter. In front of the head. On a level with the eyes. It isHealing, 31:when the powerful vibration of the center in front of the pituitary body, and the center around andHealing, 72:the following points: There are two of them in front of the ears close to where the jaw bones areHealing, 465:at the following points: There are two in front of the ears, close to where the jaw bones areHealing, 649:left hand on the part of the body immediately in front of the special area and over the part of theHercules, 91:therefore, how we have here held pictorially in front of us the consummation in Capricorn, whereinHercules, 130:the beast to walk down the mountainside on its front legs, and that this spectacle excites theHercules, 159:illusion and stands free with the goal clear in front of him. Gemini is the opposite ofHercules, 168:We are living with the emblem of Sagittarius in front of us all the time. We are trying to bringHercules, 184:us en rapport with God, will have surged to the front. Putting it another way, we shall have leftInitiation, 158:colors and symbols of the various sounds pass in front of him, so that he hears and sees that whichIntellect, 76:substitutes which we create and then set in front of ourselves as objects of worship, or thoseMeditation, 322:certain stated exercises and a small stool in front of the Master's pictures, on which will bePsychology1, 201:love. The first ray man will always "come to the front" in his own line. He may be the burglar orPsychology2, 206:and artisans, and all those who, though in the front rank, yet take ideas and propositions and workPsychology2, 589:they seem to know anything) as existing in the front and center of the torso or the front of thePsychology2, 589:in the front and center of the torso or the front of the throat. This carries the energy downwardsPsychology2, 640:reached. On every hand, people are coming to the front with some solution, gathering a party to putPsychology2, 672:same time exist in harmony and present a united front to the world? How can wars be ended and peaceRays, 78:enable the mass of men to present a united front upon views hitherto regarded as the vague visionsRays, 765:in the midst of an arid desert. A man stands in front of the scene in an attitude of indecision.Soul, 64:the dead, is, in matters of pure science, in the front rank of this age. He says: "What about theSoul, 86:brain, which was supposed to look towards the front, was the ventricle of common sense; becauseSoul, 114:nerves, from the parts of the brain just in front of the bulb. Writers of the Yoga and TantraTelepathy, 146:just above the top of the head, another just in front of the eyes and forehead, and the third at
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