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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRUIT

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Astrology, 62:the zodiac, the consummation and the spiritual fruit of earlier life experience, world experimentAstrology, 161:of responsibility which is the first flower and fruit of self-conscious awareness. This fact isAutobiography, 111:plumbers, workers in the vineyards or the fruit orchards and school teachers. The rectory was aAutobiography, 113:grateful. Custards, pie, port wine, fresh fruit poured in. Women turned up in the morning to do myBethlehem, 58:leaving the seed sown, to germinate and bear fruit. In the fullness of time Christ came and, ifBethlehem, 66:alone, but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." (St. John, XII, 24.) This was the destinyBethlehem, 159:and Christ's example is rapidly bearing fruit and bringing results. Divinity cannot be gainsaid,Destiny, 128:of this desire and his determination to see the fruit of his labor has produced much difficulty inDiscipleship1, 11:penetrate into the living consciousness and bear fruit. But in this group effort which we areDiscipleship1, 302:training of the disciple upon the Path. Now the fruit of that subjective experience, known only toDiscipleship1, 344:sometimes to know that one's efforts are bearing fruit. This group of mine is by no means an easyDiscipleship1, 435:of wisdom. Like a sage, I endure and garner the fruit of wisdom for others. I add no more to theDiscipleship1, 446:but that is of no moment for they can still bear fruit interiorly and, my brother, it is ourDiscipleship1, 530:and looks towards the entrance gate, one sees fruit trees, en espalier on the wall to the right,Discipleship1, 530:it contains a rustic table, where the grapes and fruit are brought to be arranged in flat baskets,Discipleship1, 553:its own development. The onlooker tastes the fruit thereof." This thought, of ancient import, willDiscipleship1, 562:ancient aspiration is bearing, and will bear, fruit. Take your eyes off yourself, take them off theDiscipleship1, 604:much sound thinking the past six months and the fruit of your meditation is being garnered. TheDiscipleship1, 739:activity. What results can I recognize as the fruit of my work? Do I feel that my work has beenDiscipleship2, 50:activity which (at some later date) will bear fruit and inaugurate a new method of drawing nearerDiscipleship2, 657:which - when the war is over - will bear much fruit. It is a period of preparation for disciplesDiscipleship2, 661:with the heart center. Wisdom, which is the fruit of love and indicates the awakening of the loveDiscipleship2, 661:of soul energies, thus giving your brothers the fruit of your month's meditation. Be of goodEducation, 4:must grow that which is new, its flower and its fruit. Education involves more than theEducation, 22:be considered. Devotion grows out of and is the fruit of dissatisfaction, plus the use of theExternalisation, 27:"taking root downwards" in order to "bear fruit upwards." Should these groups develop as intended,Externalisation, 98:self-directed man was the result. The fruit of this quality, plus the livingness of the seedExternalisation, 587:injunction) to "take root downward and bear fruit upward" has for him a deeply occult significance.Fire, 77:under proper conditions may be called karmic fruit." - Some thoughts on the Gita, p. 53. Fire, 393:which germinates the plant, yielding good or bad fruit, to be eaten by him during his subsequentFire, 572:Builder, and that this material itself is the fruit of some previous system, all that is left ofFire, 672:(in time and space) whereby this union and its fruit is consummated, and the resultant creation ofFire, 738:preferences, thoughts, and gathers in the fruit of his meritorious actions. No pain, no grief norFire, 849:there but dies ere garnering all the longed-for fruit. The serpent stings him, and the joy desiredFire, 850:and seeks to guide. Desire of a higher kind, the fruit of manas and its use, supplants the lowerFire, 850:the twilight Halls of Intellection seeks for the fruit of knowledge. He finds it but to realizeFire, 882:- S. D., III, 481. One realizes knowledge is the fruit of Spirit alone. - S. D., III, 453.Fire, 1155:alone, but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit." The Sun is governed by the same laws as allHealing, 6:spirit) the best that is in them, and also the fruit of their meditation upon these matters. IHealing, 374:pass through a cycle in which we will garner the fruit of the ages; in which we will skim (if I mayHealing, 502:the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul andHealing, 536:the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul andHealing, 678:the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul andHealing, 692:the qualities of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soulHercules, 55:fair cherish the tree, protecting well its fruit. A dragon with one hundred heads protects theHercules, 56:thus destroying him, break down and pluck the fruit." Yet, wrestling with much strength, heHercules, 119:of corn, or the sheaf of wheat, or the branch of fruit in her arms. Remember also the prophecy inMagic, 84:shining forth of the life within. When fresh fruit and vegetables, clear water, nuts and grains,Magic, 343:pure dispassion, and with no desire to see the fruit of action. This process, long continued andMeditation, 81:lies the chance for the Ego to assimilate the fruit of these stages. [82] It takes a long time toMeditation, 115:of his own heart) [115] will produce much fruit of real value, and which the pupil can thenMeditation, 268:to the duty in hand (which is after all the fruit of meditation worked out in daily living) willMeditation, 348:and more loving than his, is weighing up the fruit of his service; and that judgment, more profoundPatanjali, 26:of patient endurance; his achievement is the fruit of a steady effort which is based uponPatanjali, 29:of wisdom, united in soul-vision, giving up the fruit of works, freed from the bondage of rebirth,Patanjali, 393:are latent those germs or seeds which must bear fruit, and it is these latent seeds which are thePatanjali, 398:seeds from coming to fruition. They must bear fruit in this present life or be concealed until aPatanjali, 399:the originating of activities which must bear fruit at a later date is, however, a different matterPsychology2, 48:world at this time, and their work is bearing fruit, but they need at times the incentive of thePsychology2, 126:spontaneity along the right lines and bear much fruit. Of this, the selfless service and the deepRays, 116:body wherein the soul experiences and reaps the fruit of experience, must be and will be destroyed.Rays, 287:The effort to do this will bear much fruit and bring rich reward to you. You will not grasp theRays, 337:of experiments with energy. Having garnered the fruit of the experiment above indicated, thereRays, 492:sacrifice. When the disciple has gained the fruit of experience which is knowledge and is learningSoul, 10:But the attempt is a notable one and should bear fruit in a more intelligent approach to both types
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