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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRUITS

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Astrology, 201:in planetary history. It is one of the first fruits of initiation and only in the next root race toAutobiography, 291:the truth (as given by Christ) that "by their fruits ye shall know them"; the fact is emphasizedBethlehem, 200:still more ancient times by the sacrifice of the fruits of the earth. Men are saved from God'sBethlehem, 250:kingdom and to rise from the dead, the "first fruits of them that slept." (I Cor., XV, 20.) PurposeDiscipleship1, 140:come. Your life has been a discipline, but the fruits of that discipline will demonstrate as youDiscipleship1, 144:run. By this, I refer not to action but to the fruits of action. A decision can be made and a lineDiscipleship1, 295:each objective gained and its consequence. The fruits of discipline have to be clearly understoodDiscipleship1, 360:is negated a great deal because you see the fruits of your labor; but in the sensitive life of theDiscipleship1, 517:if you so choose - capitalize upon the garnered fruits of a life of constant orientation towardsDiscipleship2, 78:the Christ, said when last on Earth: "By their fruits ye shall know them." In so saying, heDiscipleship2, 180:became a point of human focus. One of the first fruits of suffering, as universally shared, hasDiscipleship2, 337:on the part of science and a dedication of the fruits of scientific research to human welfare; itDiscipleship2, 650:infinitely freer and are less handicapped. The fruits of all this suffering you will reap as youEducation, 65:spiritual integration, which is Their goal; the fruits of Their labor will be seen in the third andEducation, 113:come and go with them, garnering the fruits of experience, and progressively marching on to fullerExternalisation, 196:animal kingdom, the riches of the sea, and the fruits and the flowers are all offering themselvesExternalisation, 292:Their messages are familiar to all and the fruits of Their lives and words have conditioned theExternalisation, 326:words of my great Master and yours: "By their fruits ye shall know them." I would remind you thatFire, 164:from whence the Monad abstracts and garners the fruits of objectivity. We will therefore onlyFire, 268:development of Spirit (or its assumption of the fruits of evolution) is only to be realized andFire, 268:psyche is consummated. Then Spirit garners the fruits of evolution and gathers to itself theFire, 286:remember, apprehend, anticipate, and utilize the fruits of past experience, and thus influence theFire, 496:activities of those devas who work with flowers, fruits, trees and herbs. Fire, 700:towards maturity, and the garnering of the fruits of earlier experience. The three Halls again canFire, 829:or a final period in which he garners the fruits of the experience in the two first halls, andFire, 849:from out his grasp. All seeking thus the selfish fruits of karma must each despise each other;Fire, 914:and the fields, the elementals who work with the fruits, vegetables, and with all that leads to theHercules, 54:of the Hesperides. The fame of these sweet fruits had gone to distant lands, and all the sons ofHercules, 54:God desired them. Hercules, too, knew of these fruits, and when the word went forth to seek forInitiation, 196:must confine himself to vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts. Only thus can he build the [197] typeIntellect, 78:to be experienced before a man can garner the fruits of meditation. It is a part of theIntellect, 150:among the illuminati of mankind. If 'by their fruits we shall know them,' these men have shownIntellect, 150:fruits we shall know them,' these men have shown fruits so far above the average as to make themIntellect, 190:degree that they depend on exterior things; the fruits it gains under this form are either visibleMagic, 368:will be yours, for to the tired warrior the fruits of achievement and rest are doubly sweet; theMeditation, 10:until in process of time he garners the fruits of meditation. Meditation, 334:requires the eating of only those vegetables and fruits that vitalize. Careful judgment shown inPsychology1, 122:of a desirable or undesirable nature, flowers, fruits, and vegetable life of a certain kind, andPsychology1, 272:souls need longer periods wherein to garner the fruits of experience. They are however open to thePsychology1, 397:and gather more, but know no peace. Garner the fruits of mind, and seek your power in widePsychology2, 16:the limitations of the individual, garnering the fruits of the individualization process andPsychology2, 104:disciples meditate, if they are ever to reap the fruits of sacrifice. "Having pervaded the worldsPsychology2, 105:The soul has also to learn to relinquish the fruits or gains of service and learn to serve withoutPsychology2, 249:This use of the creative imagination and the fruits of its endeavor will work out into the manyPsychology2, 602:becomes possible. The true and valuable fruits of the mystical experience of the past are neverPsychology2, 649:confidence, and the Christ will see the fruits "of the travail of His soul and be satisfied."Rays, 117:and then the soul - loaded with riches and the fruits of labor long - will vanish as the mist andReappearance, 10:Their messages are familiar to all, and the fruits of Their lives and words have conditioned theTelepathy, 19:upon the Path of Discipleship. It is one of the fruits of true meditation. The area involved is the
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