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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FRUSTRATION

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Astrology, 397:is the effect of a constant concentration on the frustration of desire in the personality life,Autobiographyfor the expansion of the worldwide work and the frustration and disappointment of inability to meetDiscipleship1, 27:conditions, leading frequently to a sense of frustration, or of futility or of importance. TheDiscipleship1, 262:would not suffer so much over people or over the frustration which always comes - and always will -Discipleship1, 493:issue. Reason out the causes of your sense of frustration and of blocking - both materially andDiscipleship1, 503:do not stay there. The reason for this sense of frustration (as I could easily prove to you) isDiscipleship2, 563:drastic, hampering experience, plus repeated frustration, is to fit you in a later life (next life,Discipleship2, 584:incident to the times and the constant sense of frustration have all contributed to what I mightDiscipleship2, 600:We might call it the "glamor of continuous frustration." In your case and in the constant failureDiscipleship2, 663:Is it not [663] perhaps and above aught else frustration? Plans which have not materialized; dreamsDiscipleship2, 663:discover. A hint lies for you in the fact that frustration has been the keynote of your personalityDiscipleship2, 667:understanding of the Plan. Let naught - fatigue, frustration, people or circumstance - deflect youDiscipleship2, 680:the Goodwill movement to the world. An era of frustration has swept the world, due to certainDiscipleship2, 701:the two your life has been one of misery and frustration, and frequently of despair. In spite ofDiscipleship2, 750:be ready for a certain feeling of nausea and of frustration as your life goes on and on along itsExternalisation, 79:You can realize, perhaps, the sense almost of frustration which could sweep over me (if I wereExternalisation, 614:he is apt to register a sense of complete frustration; he longs to help, but knows not what [615]Externalisation, 616:loved humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vital questionExternalisation, 617:among men. The situation indicates no divine frustration (of which that of the world disciplesExternalisation, 618:is, therefore, nothing to offset the sense of frustration (which is undeniably present and based onExternalisation, 634:upon human living and design. Owing to planetary frustration and the enhanced activity of theExternalisation, 634:been through no fault of theirs; this period of frustration will be over before very long and aExternalisation, 637:that all of you were attempting to do, met with frustration; the work of all disciples was in manyExternalisation, 637:that we are therefore facing another period of frustration and of major world difficulty. FeelingExternalisation, 638:this out. The good reaction is based on the frustration of the idea or concept of developing aHealing, 92:Bitterness, disgust, hatred and a sense of frustration can and do produce many of the prevalentHealing, 338:the list may at some time serve you. A sense of frustration, a thwarted wish-life, or a recognitionHealing, 347:of lost opportunity, and therefore a sense of frustration, but it is not more than that, for theHealing, 365:experience wherein the sense of futility and frustration meets the server in the world today. FromHealing, 365:who as yet experience no sense of futility or frustration. They desire and are satisfied; or theyHealing, 365:pushing consciously forward, yet who meet with frustration. This frustration is due either to worldHealing, 365:forward, yet who meet with frustration. This frustration is due either to world conditions whichHealing, 562:enough to show the danger of a sense of frustration and a morbid (even if at the time anHealing, 610:planet and therefore in individual man; areas of frustration and of futile activity will die out.Psychology1, 92:a possible and ardently desired future in which frustration will end, in which full expression willPsychology1, 275:hidden sex life, ill-health as a result of the frustration of the natural instincts, psychologicalPsychology2, 317:inner and often hidden and unrealized sense of frustration, of disillusionment, of trouble; all thePsychology2, 354:a selfish destroyer, but he is also conscious of frustration and futility. Next he passes through aPsychology2, 421:which does not truly want to do so. The sense of frustration then descends upon him and he becomesPsychology2, 422:life in futility, deep depression and a sense of frustration which runs all the way from aPsychology2, 422:impossible goals and the consequent inevitable frustration. When this part of the conflict [423]Psychology2, 423:of the desire nature, leading to the sense of frustration and a break in the life continuity ofPsychology2, 426:and the mental aspect is aware of need, of frustration and of intense suffering and difficulty, yetPsychology2, 430:consciousness. A period of wild unrest, of frustration and futility, leading sometimes to disaster,Psychology2, 461:the violent and often dangerous expressions of frustration in which the man attempts to release thePsychology2, 463:illness or a life rendered futile through frustration can eventuate. Only two things can reallyPsychology2, 496:of a distressing dream life is, in every case, a frustration or an inability of the soul to imposePsychology2, 496:frustrations fall into three categories: Sex frustration. This type of frustration leads in manyPsychology2, 496:three categories: Sex frustration. This type of frustration leads in many cases, especially in thePsychology2, 496:love. This would perhaps be included under sex frustration by the average psychologist, but it isPsychology2, 496:love nature of the subject may meet only with frustration and lack of response. Where these threePsychology2, 496:and lack of response. Where these three types of frustration exist, you will frequently have aPsychology2, 534:struggle, conflict, and aspiration plus constant frustration; this process produces thoseReappearance, 161:it is easy to register a sense of complete frustration; he longs to help but knows not what to do;Reappearance, 163:loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vital questionReappearance, 164:many humanitarian movements, indicate no divine frustration but growth of spiritual understanding;Reappearance, 165:effort must be to offset the widespread sense of frustration and individual futility. That whichReappearance, 165:futility. That which will offset the sense of frustration and futility and provide likewise the
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