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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULFILED

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Astrology, 168:little understood. Christ was born in Capricorn, fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiated the eraAstrology, 314:but, this time, with full awareness and properly fulfiled organization, so that form is a perfectAstrology, 452:reaction. Where the above conditions are fulfiled, then the impact of the inflowing energies willAstrology, 559:[559] Now that the "time was at hand," the Son fulfiled the law in cooperation with the Holy SpiritAstrology, 592:of the divine will runs the thread of a fulfiled synthesis. This is more than cohesion in time andAtom, 91:and these little conscious lives, having fulfiled their function, dissipate. The consciousness ofAutobiography, 236:fire and fire by friction. This prophecy was fulfiled when A Treatise on Cosmic Fire was given outBethlehem, ix:for men who struggled with their loss. But hope, fulfiled, came through my thorny crown And throughBethlehem, 11:particular that the hope of all religions is fulfiled? - Freedom and the Spirit, by NicholasBethlehem, 24:idealism, patience and perseverance he has fulfiled the major requirements. These are indeedBethlehem, 48:accomplished what He had set out to do. He had fulfiled the Plan; the Father's business had beenBethlehem, 65:"Among the thirty-two signs which were to be fulfiled by the mother of the expected MessiahBethlehem, 65:her child's birth.' Therefore, 'that it might be fulfiled which was spoken by the prophets' theBethlehem, 101:But after the purification in Jordan, having "fulfiled all righteousness," (St. Matt., III, 15.) HeBethlehem, 129:gift, these words would never have been fulfiled, as they surely will be at some date, perhaps notBethlehem, 195:all the traditions of the past for He "not only fulfiled the Judaic Scriptures, but He alsoBethlehem, 195:only fulfiled the Judaic Scriptures, but He also fulfiled those of the pagan world, and therein layBethlehem, 207:overcome by His all-inclusive spirit. Thus He fulfiled the law of the past, emphasized the type forBethlehem, 207:the Savior of the world. In perfection He fulfiled the will of God, and said to us the words whichBethlehem, 240:(in the view of the biblical writers) must be fulfiled to qualify him for the reception of anBethlehem, 278:- the fulfiling of the will of God, as Christ fulfiled it. We need to transcend the inferiorityBethlehem, 278:such words occur as the above phrase: "As Christ fulfiled it." A book earlier quoted states thatDestiny, 55:the ideal before her, but not as yet the exactly fulfiled achievement. The United States representsDiscipleship1, 310:many readjustments in your life. As you have fulfiled your outer obligations in the various fieldsDiscipleship1, 314:the life of [314] the one who - having fulfiled the duties of the scholar, of the householder, ofDiscipleship1, 524:Therefore, your soul purpose has not yet been fulfiled. The differences between your attitude nowDiscipleship1, 614:the little things, the minor tasks, faithfully fulfiled, of the disciple who is free from personalDiscipleship2, 58:third stage. In October, if you have faithfully fulfiled requirement, I will outline the work nextDiscipleship2, 168:the purpose of the Creator of all things will be fulfiled. No one can use this Invocation or prayerDiscipleship2, 201:greater Ashram, composed of many Ashrams, is the fulfiled production of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 326:a Sacred Planet, if all right conditions are fulfiled. A new divine quality (as yet unrevealed andDiscipleship2, 482:necessary and educational. Once however you had fulfiled the duties and obligations entailed, andDiscipleship2, 613:but also of frequent happiness; you have fulfiled your duties and adhered to your obligations.Externalisation, 101:the case, because the needed conditions are not fulfiled. The early seeds sown among animal-menExternalisation, 247:of defense around humanity; then - having fulfiled every physical plane requirement - to standExternalisation, 273:between intention and desire. When humanity has fulfiled the conditions through a focused mentalExternalisation, 596:Today, all these three conditions have been fulfiled and humanity faces renewed opportunity. TheExternalisation, 608:initiation, and when He has passed the test and fulfiled His task He will pass to a still moreExternalisation, 643:be desired expression of divine purpose will be fulfiled if humanity (as a whole) stands in steadyFire, 671:when they meet and merge, the promise of life is fulfiled. When the one who sees and knows standsFire, 819:puts out the other fires. The lunar Pitris have fulfiled their work, the solar Pitris [820] haveFire, 956:bringing about its destruction when it has fulfiled its mission. The average man is often theFire, 1063:radioactive, certain conditions have been fulfiled and certain results brought about, whichFire, 1079:great when certain conditions have been fulfiled. First, when the present world chaos has subsided.Healing, 283:been permanently deluded. Had Christian Science fulfiled the original intention of the group ofHealing, 523:nature at present) can respond, and these - when fulfiled - will conclude the purpose of the secondHealing, 711:be ended when the storm subsides and energy has fulfiled its charted destiny. Straight to the heartHercules, 7:that many claim it to be. The claim will be fulfiled at some future date, but the time is not yet.Hercules, 41:said. "I have these empty hands, because I have fulfiled the task to which I was assigned. TheHercules, 80:way, back to the teacher of his life. "I have fulfiled the task, set by the great Presiding One.Hercules, 90:the world savior. "Christ was born in Capricorn, fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiated the eraHercules, 152:death of a world savior because he has perfectly fulfiled his function. Death in astrology may meanHercules, 198:the work was accomplished. The World Savior had fulfiled his [199] function. He had lifted upInitiation, 194:responsibility thereby awakened, and who have fulfiled the law, knock and meet with response, andInitiation, 205:in its spiritual progress, and the law perfectly fulfiled. That it may be advisable, at certainIntellect, 50:moulding, till, as perfect flowers They bloomed, fulfiled of loveliness unveiled." - Hall, W.Intellect, 215:have proceeded upon these assumptions, have fulfiled the needed requirements, and - as a result -Magic, 262:needed direction, the purpose of the thinker is fulfiled. All life is vibration and the result ofMagic, 434:science that many claim it is. The claim will be fulfiled at some future date, but the time is notMeditation, 106:to household endeavor, and only when he had fulfiled his function as a man could he go on to theMeditation, 322:matters not, provided these conditions are fulfiled. Each room must be non-communicating, save withPatanjali, 11:way: The man who knows the conditions and has fulfiled them as indicated in the preceding sutra,Patanjali, 130:The method of release is seen, the law is well fulfiled, and man emerges well-nigh adept." [131]Patanjali, 176:The stage wherein he can say with truth "I have fulfiled my dharma, and accomplished my wholePatanjali, 177:whole duty." He has worked off karma, and [177] fulfiled the law. Thus he becomes a Master and aProblems, 143:a constantly recurring experience until man has fulfiled the command of the Christ (and this refersPsychology1, 15:Certain great initiates, down the ages, have fulfiled their function of revealers, and have heldPsychology1, 65:purposes: [65] Kill out desire when desire has fulfiled its work. Thou art the one who indicatesPsychology1, 317:from latent purpose in the first race to the fulfiled evolutionary Plan in the seventh race. ThePsychology1, 367:as to whether such a prophecy will indeed be fulfiled; and if unfulfiled, will not that factPsychology1, 387:I say, is the ideal before her, but not the fulfiled achievement. The United States represents thePsychology1, 404:he has achieved this fivefold knowledge, he has fulfiled the Delphic injunction: "Know thyself,"Psychology2, 589:psychic. This decentralization is technically fulfiled when the central plexus is no longer theRays, 169:organizing the plans whereby that purpose can be fulfiled. As on manasic levels the Ashrams as aReappearance, 42:called. Today, these three conditions have been fulfiled and humanity faces renewed opportunity.Reappearance, 55:initiation and when He has passed the test and fulfiled His task, He will pass to a still moreReappearance, 113:all human beings, that will must eventually be fulfiled; because of the tremendously materialTelepathy, 136:end of the world cycle, when divine purpose is fulfiled and the evolutionary process has brought
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