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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULFILMENT

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Patanjali, 207:entire energy can then be given to the perfect fulfilment of his dharma, or obligatory work.Problems, 153:"Lead us from darkness to Light", has seen fulfilment to a large degree. Today we are on the vergePsychology1, 60:stage of development, They are "impelled toward fulfilment." They are fully self-conscious andPsychology1, 65:its work. Thou art the one who indicates fulfilment. Quality - clear vision. Seek out the gentlePsychology1, 296:upon the point of evolution, and for its right fulfilment necessitates the true integration of thePsychology1, 297:Right preparation will take place prior to any fulfilment of the sex urge, and souls will bePsychology1, 331:of the new psychology. This will work out to its fulfilment [332] and true usefulness in thePsychology1, 367:be are nevertheless well aware that though the fulfilment of the prophecy is inevitable, yet thePsychology2, 33:Buddha flashes forth into manifestation, for the fulfilment of the Plan and at the urgent behest ofPsychology2, 44:disciples, and too little attention to their own fulfilment of the law of love, and to their ownPsychology2, 74:the process, but is alert and active in its fulfilment, then the work proceeds apace and the bridgePsychology2, 154:and wishes and the labor incidental to their fulfilment, all men give their lives; and everythingPsychology2, 154:for happiness, for heaven, and for the eventual fulfilment of the hoped-for ideal state. EverythingPsychology2, 255:ideas and to push forward towards their fulfilment. This is the new history which - as might bePsychology2, 403:of the individual to a life of usefulness, fulfilment and service. Some of the difficulties whichPsychology2, 430:point of crisis, a moment of unrealized fulfilment. The disaster comes when this point of crisis isPsychology2, 431:problem case, the idea of hope, the thought of fulfilment and of ultimate achievement. It will alsoPsychology2, 501:he will favor himself by participating in the fulfilment of what he desires, which is alwaysPsychology2, 504:deeds which are related to other people, to the fulfilment of duties involving other people, to thePsychology2, 557:be seen functioning at a definite point of fulfilment in man, because man includes in his naturePsychology2, 663:upon the expression of good will and the fulfilment of the law of love and not upon affiliationRays, 28:obsolete because purpose has reached a point of fulfilment and the activity set in motion is suchRays, 33:motive - the motive being the intelligent fulfilment of the will aspect of divinity, or of theRays, 101:by the automatic, ceaseless and unquestioning fulfilment of duty, from the angle of recognizedRays, 109:unless these energies are directed towards the fulfilment of the Plan (which coordinates and makesRays, 116:express the will-to-good and the will of God in fulfilment of the purposes of God. The will of thisRays, 126:appeal of those desires which work out in the fulfilment of lower desire. No one is accepted intoRays, 183:needed experience, and so progress towards the fulfilment of the will of God. Maya is not somethingRays, 222:has been created at the midway point. In the fulfilment of the requirement here enjoined, the groupRays, 264:the application of the principle of economy. The fulfilment of these laws is necessary andRays, 289:Him simply the fulfiling of the law, and to that fulfilment His entire life was and had beenRays, 349:does this for his own selfish ends and for the fulfilment of his own ambitious purposes. But at theRays, 383:Love and intelligence are coordinated, Plan and fulfilment are achieved. All this will be broughtRays, 448:aware of the process but alert and active in its fulfilment, then the work proceeds apace and theRays, 481:- a bodily form which he creates for the fulfilment of monadic purpose. He then fully expresses allRays, 659:significances, progress is seen and the day of fulfilment draws much nearer. Rays, 663:prepared to take it. Yet they are "set apart for fulfilment," as it is esoterically called, and inReappearance, 25:for Him the fulfiling of the law and to that fulfilment His entire life was and had been geared.Reappearance, 28:Christ, and proved His progress towards divine fulfilment. Then in the Garden of Gethsemane HeReappearance, 70:of the Will of God is deeper and His fulfilment of that Will is more in line with the divineReappearance, 111:forth into the hearts of men" will meet with fulfilment. Christ will let loose into the world ofSoul, 126:And is the possession of these powers and the fulfilment of Christ's prophecy that we shall doTelepathy, 163:circles or of linked rings, indicating the fulfilment of interlocking relationships. In this
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