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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULL

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Astrology, 7:contemplate it, even though you grasp not its full implications as yet. The Ancient Wisdom teachesAstrology, 53:fusion of the related energies and, therefore, full expression, a great world period comes to anAstrology, 57:Fire - Path of Initiation - 4th Hierarchy; full soul expression; monadic life. Goal: IdentificationAstrology, 57:Fire - Path of Discipleship - 5th Hierarchy; full life experience; soul life. [58] Goal:Astrology, 99:plan in Capricorn whether that objective is the full flower of the planetary life in all its forms,Astrology, 104:stands for the life of the spirit which comes to full expression as the result of the greatAstrology, 105:imposer of retribution and the one who demands full payment of all debts and who therefore condemnsAstrology, 118:was fluid in Pisces and emotionally selfish and full of desire in Sagittarius, begins to focusAstrology, 131:longer required. The man, coming definitely into full soul consciousness, requires now no mediatorAstrology, 143:said the Christ, "thy whole body shall be full of light." This single eye takes the place of theAstrology, 154:New Testament which makes the "whole body to be full of light." Then Capricorn, the Goat, relatedAstrology, 169:Five times he has to pass through that Gate in full waking consciousness and these five happeningsAstrology, 171:when the Christ life and consciousness come to full fruition. There is much, as you can see, to beAstrology, 171:triumph is followed by that of spirit. There is full expression of the earthly nature in CapricornAstrology, 179:the pairs of opposites, and finally release into full spiritual service. In connection with theAstrology, 180:In [180] Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in twoAstrology, 217:energy of Neptune, for the one is "objective and full of blood" and the other is "subjective andAstrology, 217:full of blood" and the other is "subjective and full of life." A great mystery is veiled and hiddenAstrology, 249:brain consciousness. It is only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity canAstrology, 274:stage of adolescence until the initiate attains full maturity. This necessitates persistence,Astrology, 275:opposite, Capricorn, stands and which finds full expression in Aquarius which completes theAstrology, 278:will be scientifically carried forward; full use will be made of the planetary influences and theAstrology, 281:the antahkarana. In Virgo, Mercury reaches his full power, for Virgo is intelligence and the hiddenAstrology, 294:will and self-effacement. When he has reached full self-consciousness and mental integration andAstrology, 296:(at the final revelation and liberation) the full expression of the consciousness of Deity. ThisAstrology, 299:festival in August, held at the time of the full moon, will be dedicated to the task of makingAstrology, 306:produces the following developments: The sun - Full self-consciousness. This - through theAstrology, 307:the conscious, integrated Self, functioning with full occult knowledge and also with mysticalAstrology, 314:of the "breath of spirit" but, this time, with full awareness and properly fulfiled organization,Astrology, 315:the true meaning of the Mutable Cross and, with full knowledge, mounted the Fixed Cross, with allAstrology, 320:from the state of embryonic consciousness to the full flower of divine knowledge, from theAstrology, 322:humanity is not yet fully equipped to bear the full range of these impacts, to handle themAstrology, 327:the form through which divinity is seeking full expression. The relation of the fourth ray to theAstrology, 338:Leo-Aquarius The individual seeks full expression and arrives finally at the point where he usesAstrology, 338:love and the initial desire of Aries becomes the full expression of love-wisdom. Desire to manifestAstrology, 357:produces eventually the awakening of humanity to full planetary consciousness, [358] and, in theAstrology, 358:and, in the case of the planetary Logos, to full cosmic consciousness. This effect is most powerfulAstrology, 378:people and peoples who seek, even if without full understanding, to work out the plans of God,Astrology, 380:begins his career - objectively and in full consciousness in the sign Taurus and "on the wings ofAstrology, 401:to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achieved and also theAstrology, 414:the interplay of the three forces. It is their full expression and the result of their successfulAstrology, 445:plane rhythm which provides opportunity for full creative expression. To bring this about, energyAstrology, 448:of the Aquarian man. You can, therefore, see how full of promise is the future. In the AquarianAstrology, 487:They express strength, illumination and love in full expression. Leo appears again in this worldAstrology, 530:nations will participate in the process with full independence and cooperation, voluntarily andAstrology, 541:Leo, the constellation in which the keynote is full self-consciousness, is becoming increasinglyAstrology, 541:masses of the people; they can and will act with full awareness and intentional conscious purposeAstrology, 545:Such are the issues involved. To bring about the full presentation of the choice and to indicateAstrology, 547:spiritual standing. Pluto, therefore, comes into full force and expression in order to stage theAstrology, 563:their influences is the power to include and the full expression simultaneously, in time and space,Astrology, 565:energy enabled Him to say, when confronted with full knowledge of the imminent sacrifice which HeAstrology, 565:"if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Taurus is, as you have heard, theAstrology, 570:stanza was immediately successful and met with a full response from those good and well-meaningAstrology, 583:then and even for Him, the achievement of the full expression of will seemed well-nigh impossible;Astrology, 601:statements anent the rays, you can see that the full circle of their activity is complete from theAstrology, 601:progressive expression meets the will towards full achievement and the energy of Being itselfAstrology, 601:in time and space today (in the mind of God) at full consummation. [602] Astrology, 605:cause. Ray VII - The will to express. When their full creative work is completed, there will emergeAstrology, 614:man's immediate goal is the unfoldment (into full expression) of the love nature. This begins toAstrology, 615:and as enforcing and eventually bringing about a full expression of soul purpose. This resultsAstrology, 648:vision is developed, all calculations will be full of error." (C.F. 1057) 37. "A planetary Logos isAstrology, 664:body. The particles of her decaying corpse are full of active and destructive life, although theAstrology, 682:an analogy between the coming in of the Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certain periods inAtom, 53:and omniscience are realized: in a word, to the full realization of the Absolute of God." ThisAtom, 64:in those early rebellious days, when a man is full of desires, aspirations, longings and ideals,Atom, 112:is reading a difficult book, and reads with the full force and power of his brain, getting at thatAtom, 127:is that we should consciously function, with full continuity of realization, upon the physical,Autobiography, X:much to be thankful for. I have had a rich and full life. So many people all over the world haveAutobiography, 6:to cook and wash (and God knows has done her full share of it) and who hates publicity. I haveAutobiography, 8:own as well as other people's. It comes through full and complete living. In the English graveyardAutobiography, 12:years I was surrounded by beauty; my life was full of variety and I met many interesting people. IAutobiography, 21:that better things lay elsewhere. I was morbid, full of self-pity, through loneliness, exceedinglyAutobiography, 30:she was over my destroying her jewelry. I made a full confession, you will note. That reaction ofAutobiography, 37:of the love-wisdom of which the Christ is the full expression. The real value of this experience isAutobiography, 38:and then it is not necessary. The world is full of disciples. Let them acknowledge it. Let themAutobiography, 38:a happening was possible. Twice I had a dream in full waking consciousness. I called it a dreamAutobiography, 39:takes place every year at the time of the "Full Moon of May." It is the full moon of the HinduAutobiography, 39:at the time of the "Full Moon of May." It is the full moon of the Hindu calendar month of VaisakhaAutobiography, 39:as if it was three feet across. This bowl was full of water. Standing ahead of the crowd and inAutobiography, 55:the meeting that night. The explosion was like a full stop. Several weeks later I returned. ThisAutobiography, 62:and a cross lion, and I can recommend it with full confidence in the case of an affectionate drunk.Autobiography, 84:rose garden and the roses at that time were in full bloom. I spouted my piece; I declaimedAutobiography, 101:I am firmly convinced, entered into with the full knowledge and determination of the soul, theAutobiography, 113:suddenly woke up to the fact that the world was full of lovely people and that I had been blind allAutobiography, 114:a pound of cheese at me and that it had hit me full in the face. She went back home and shortly theAutobiography, 119:western Europe. In spite, however, of knowing full well the wonderful qualities of the Jew, hisAutobiography, 123:and gardener and my rich life as a girl and my full life as an evangelist finally got me completelyAutobiography, 124:to believe in the Word of God. Life is so full of movement today, of heroes, of beauty, of tragedyAutobiography, 125:his letters grew increasingly abusive. They were full of threats and innuendo. There was nothingAutobiography, 125:the three little girls. The war in Europe was in full swing. Every relative that I had wasAutobiography, 130:you 'the diamond lost in the mud'." I found that full compensation for all that had been said. IsAutobiography, 147:health and I think I can truthfully say I'm not full of self pity. I am normally conservative andAutobiography, 159:or loving, and love and intelligence, in full measure, are the hallmark of the initiate. AmongstAutobiography, 164:of intense, positive attention. I remain in full control of all my senses of perception and thereAutobiography, 169:up trouble and we collaborated with him to the full in order to swing back the Theosophical SocietyAutobiography, 187:English girls over-estimating the English boys, full of the mysteriousness of sex and not knowingAutobiography, 199:them. I never made any charge and my days were full of seeing people who had some problem or otherAutobiography, 201:Twenty years ago I got a divorce with the full approval of the Bishop and clergy in the dioceseAutobiography, 203:not trust the parents largely because they are full of fear and do not trust their children. AllAutobiography, 217:project and lecture and teach. She offered us full hospitality and was willing to have the three
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