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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULL

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Discipleship1, 583:Full Moon Contact, making the weeks between each full moon simply preparatory to the work to beDiscipleship1, 583:THE RULES OF THE ROAD The Road is trodden in the full light of day, thrown upon the Path by thoseDiscipleship1, 588:is that you concentrate upon the work of the Full Moon Approaches. For you, the time of each fullDiscipleship1, 588:Full Moon Approaches. For you, the time of each full moon is one of real importance; if you prepareDiscipleship1, 590:how a group should be run? [590] You are full of plans and of ideas which you lay before manyDiscipleship1, 599:situation, true wisdom is born. Before the full light of the sun can shine at the time of dawn,Discipleship1, 618:you to aid and help. If you will always act in full cooperation with your fellow workers, and ifDiscipleship1, 618:not worked out as you anticipated and you are full of inner distress, questioning [619] andDiscipleship1, 626:You exact frankness, my brother, and give it in full measure; hence my frankness with you. It isDiscipleship1, 627:with that understanding heart which is yours in full measure when you descend from your tower andDiscipleship1, 629:must now be turned into work at the time of the Full Moon. Each month spend your periods of innerDiscipleship1, 629:ready for the work of the five days of the Full Moon period: The two days of preparation andDiscipleship1, 629:of preparation and introspection. The day of the Full Moon with its opportunity to tune in withDiscipleship1, 629:to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of May, the Wesak Festival; no price isDiscipleship1, 631:clear vision may be needed in time to come. Give full measure of advice and aid, tempering all withDiscipleship1, 632:your spiritual sensitivity at the time of each Full Moon and do this from three angles: Seek toDiscipleship1, 636:fire and the magical work of the astral plane is full of danger for you. Even your intense interestDiscipleship1, 637:particularly ask you to make the period of the Full Moon each month one of true spiritual tensionDiscipleship1, 638:not only from academic training but from a full experience in other lives and a natural intuitiveDiscipleship1, 642:open to you. I would ask you to bring to the Full Moon approach an intensity of purpose whichDiscipleship1, 642:many days for preparation before and after the Full Moon period of five days. For you I wouldDiscipleship1, 642:would, therefore, suggest that you focus on the Full Moon Approach (owing to the tension and strainDiscipleship1, 642:in your vehicles) for only one day prior to the Full Moon, for the day of the Full Moon itself, andDiscipleship1, 642:day prior to the Full Moon, for the day of the Full Moon itself, and for the day succeeding theDiscipleship1, 642:Full Moon itself, and for the day succeeding the Full Moon. I would ask you to look for and expectDiscipleship1, 642:consciousness during the week which succeeds the Full Moon. I refer not here to lower psychicDiscipleship1, 643:The last group instructions given were long and full and will warrant fresh study andDiscipleship1, 643:There is much in what I say which will provide full time study; there is a new meditation to beDiscipleship1, 661:your really strategic position. But you are too full of fear and of self-interest and so fail toDiscipleship1, 664:suffering. Carefully follow the work of the Full Moon Approach, for it will bring you much and youDiscipleship1, 664:discipleship, seek to serve our fellowmen. This Full Moon work involves the use of the creativeDiscipleship1, 667:much to say to you at this time for I gave you full and long instructions and several suggestionsDiscipleship1, 674:rose of living life is seen in bud; not yet the full blown flower. Stage II. The picture changesDiscipleship1, 675:light. The cave is long and narrow. The air is full of fog. The sound of running water meets theDiscipleship1, 682:evokes your deep interest. The beginner is full of questions upon all sorts of subjects. TheDiscipleship1, 691:who recognize the Plan and are trying (with full or with qualified dedication) to help bring itDiscipleship1, 716:integration has been stabilized and the man is full grown and mature in his consciousness and isDiscipleship1, 747:before the student has what I might call "the full freedom of the Ashram." The Ashram, you mustDiscipleship1, 748:swept by energies which [748] (when given full and proper sway) enable the group to carry out theDiscipleship1, 751:by him and he becomes an accepted disciple in full waking consciousness. The Master is aware of hisDiscipleship1, 752:today this is very often the case. The world is full of struggling disciples, intensely preoccupiedDiscipleship1, 765:serious physical disability and yet to be so full of vitality and so uninterested in the physicalDiscipleship1, 781:of men. She has steadily set herself, with my full approval, against the unwholesome curiosity asDiscipleship1, 781:blight on so many occult groups, leading to the full tide of competition, jealousy, criticism andDiscipleship1, 787:she has done to a certain degree but not to the full extent that was intended. She has shrunk fromDiscipleship1, 788:importance and hierarchical status; they know full well that disciples, initiates and Masters areDiscipleship1, 789:Christ is with his people, that the world is full of disciples unrecognized because silentlyDiscipleship2, 4:than before. I do not say that it is as yet in full right outer expression. It can and does produceDiscipleship2, 8:only once a year, at the time of the Full Moon of May. I shall then indicate to you any neededDiscipleship2, 14:Dweller on the Threshold. Through this process, full consciousness is achieved. The work of thisDiscipleship2, 15:to get in touch with the group during the coming full moons, prior to that of May. I ask you, at noDiscipleship2, 16:May. I ask you, at no matter what hour the [16] full moon each month may fall, to endeavor to keepDiscipleship2, 16:can attempt to find some time, as near to the full moon period as is reasonably possible in yourDiscipleship2, 17:work will not become apparent to you until the full moon of May, and even then you will onlyDiscipleship2, 17:ask you also to make a careful record every full moon - from two days before until two days afterDiscipleship2, 17:- from two days before until two days after the full moon - of all experiences and visions. Then inDiscipleship2, 17:and visions. Then in June turn in your full moon records along with your other work, for theDiscipleship2, 21:by me. This I will do at the time of the Full Moon of May (Taurus) each year. This may involve atDiscipleship2, 24:process, calling forth all the soul powers into full expression on the physical plane. It isDiscipleship2, 25:that I desire you should do at the time of the full moon during the coming year. This aspect ofDiscipleship2, 25:the interesting fact that - at the time of the full moon - it is almost as if a door suddenlyDiscipleship2, 26:to change your work in connection with your full moon contact. Two days before the time of the fullDiscipleship2, 26:moon contact. Two days before the time of the full moon, I will ask you to begin to cultivate thatDiscipleship2, 26:consciously. Then at some hour in the day of the full moon, but prior to the exact hour if thatDiscipleship2, 27:concentration. Do this until the time of the full moon of May, for it is a preparatory exercise inDiscipleship2, 27:for the two days succeeding the time of the full moon, for the seeping through of information andDiscipleship2, 27:the inadequate alignment of the bodies. The May full moon will inaugurate the first real unitedDiscipleship2, 37:with your group work with me at the time of the full moon, exactly as outlined in your groupDiscipleship2, 37:what you think you registered each month on your full moon report. I will signify to A.A.B. theDiscipleship2, 43:turn of the spiral, this time entered into with full conscious cooperation. This refocusing bringsDiscipleship2, 43:or a belief that this life is preparatory to full service in the next; alibis are easy to discover,Discipleship2, 44:- reporting on the meditation work and on the Full Moon Approach which has been carried on now forDiscipleship2, 49:the new rules, and are adult aspirants. Your full moon work remains unchanged and I will again sendDiscipleship2, 49:and in speaking the phrase each month at our full moon contact, I will do it the day before, on theDiscipleship2, 49:I will do it the day before, on the day of the full moon, and on the following day, and will alsoDiscipleship2, 49:but I will give you a fuller picture of the full moon activity and purpose with some of theDiscipleship2, 49:work I sought to have you do at the time of the full moon, I undertook to work with you along theseDiscipleship2, 49:each year expanding the work somewhat until the full moon of May of the third year. This period ofDiscipleship2, 50:three years' work intended to be done during the full moon periods as outlined to you by me. EachDiscipleship2, 51:New Age, the churches of the future will (at the full moon period) make a definite approach to theDiscipleship2, 53:by me when you had worked for a year at this full moon activity, I began to widen the teaching andDiscipleship2, 54:you was that in which I pointed out that these Full Moon Approaches required one entire week ofDiscipleship2, 54:divided as follows: The three days prior to the full moon were to be dedicated to preparation. ThisDiscipleship2, 54:there were the twelve hours on the day of the full moon, wherein a consciously achieved contactDiscipleship2, 54:future contact. The three days succeeding the full moon period then were considered. In these days,Discipleship2, 55:by you. I am trusting that he importance of this full moon work will become increasingly clear toDiscipleship2, 55:if you will remember, that at the time of the full moon it was as if a door was opened between theDiscipleship2, 56:be given, at this stage of the training, to the Full Moon Approach was shortened, but tremendouslyDiscipleship2, 57:raising of his consciousness. On the day of the full moon, you were asked to go through a symbolicDiscipleship2, 67:are unavoidably subjected. This evokes a full expression of all his inherent qualities, both goodDiscipleship2, 73:the group antahkarana. I am going to change your full moon work a little. Proceed as heretofore,Discipleship2, 73:phrases among which I shall choose one for each full moon contact. The golden lotus of the heart.Discipleship2, 75:many spiritual enterprises which called for your full measure of enthusiasm, time, money andDiscipleship2, 76:she no longer do this work, and with him I am in full agreement. A.A.B. has also to conclude theDiscipleship2, 76:me. With this general letter I am sending very full personal [77] instructions - the last you willDiscipleship2, 77:of this group. The personal instructions will be full and concise and will give you enough work,Discipleship2, 84:on she will leave the Arcane School and, with my full approval, all the other activities in theDiscipleship2, 92:were too lazy to avail yourselves to the full of that which was given, and consistently failed toDiscipleship2, 99:or the group? What effect has the work of the full moon had upon you? Have there been any resultsDiscipleship2, 108:ask you on one day each month - the day of the full moon - to sit down and mention each of these
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