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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULL

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Discipleship2, 115:be continued and consciously held until the next Full Moon of May. You might regard it as theDiscipleship2, 116:this attitude can be constantly held until the Full Moon of May, the individual seeds within theDiscipleship2, 118:and group instructions. At the time of the Full Moon each month - dating from the time that youDiscipleship2, 119:You will have noted also that at the time of the Full Moon and in group formation, plus directDiscipleship2, 119:group life can you complete the meditation. The Full Moon work will remain as already assigned forDiscipleship2, 126:Vol. I. Pages 89-91). In connection with your Full Moon work, I seek to change the process whichDiscipleship2, 127:follow five stages: [127] At the time of the Full Moon (covering five days) picture to yourselvesDiscipleship2, 127:will each of you do this on the five days of the Full Moon (as earlier detailed), you will produceDiscipleship2, 127:evocation of the will. Each month send in your Full Moon report. I would ask you to do this eachDiscipleship2, 127:ask you to do this each month, embodying your Full Moon report [128] and your meditation reportDiscipleship2, 128:One suggestion I will make. At the time of your Full Moon Approach to me, endeavor to have in yourDiscipleship2, 147:their consideration, during the period of three Full Moons. They then meet in conclave and eachDiscipleship2, 148:are one... VI. Intensive work at the time of the Full Moon along established lines. Discipleship2, 151:can receive distribution at the time of the Full Moon of June 1945, as far as the Occident isDiscipleship2, 158:in latency, and finally develop into the full flower of divinity, with all three lines perfectlyDiscipleship2, 160:aspirants and the disciples of the world for the full expression in time and space of theDiscipleship2, 189:the Lords of Karma work, exacting from him the full price for all past misdeeds. This, in reality,Discipleship2, 190:life in all forms, and therefore enter into a full measure of inclusiveness, with all that thatDiscipleship2, 201:Servers, down the ages. This is a statement full of important implications. 2. The NirmanakayasDiscipleship2, 217:Ashrams. At the times of the new moon and of the full moon, all members of all the Ashrams meditateDiscipleship2, The fu:year - at the April, May and June Festivals [The full moon of Aries or Easter, of Taurus or Wesak,Discipleship2, 248:you to achieve through my instructions re the Full Moon contact - something you have mostDiscipleship2, 251:you to ponder on them and - prior to the Wesak Full Moon - I would ask you to write yourDiscipleship2, 254:perfectly at-one. It is the man, as the soul, in full waking consciousness who takes initiation.Discipleship2, 270:these words of the great initiate, St. Paul. The full expression of these highest spiritualDiscipleship2, 287:of the planetary Logos to identify himself in full consciousness with the soul in all forms ofDiscipleship2, 290:needed organ, doing so as the soul working in full consciousness on its own level, but so fullyDiscipleship2, 291:of his created world and to participate with full knowledge in all events and happenings. ThroughDiscipleship2, 295:an understanding goodwill. The world is full of movements for relief and for the amelioration ofDiscipleship2, 333:as the Wesak Festival and, increasingly, the Full Moon or Festival of the Christ. There are otherDiscipleship2, 335:approach to people, he is then free to become a full member of an Ashram. If you consider the manyDiscipleship2, 346:has been passed. Life for all men everywhere is full of revelation, recognized or unrecognized; itDiscipleship2, 353:initiation, is with deliberation and with his full and free consent merged into the group; heDiscipleship2, 356:learn much. I shall not be able to give you full and adequate interpretations or write you atDiscipleship2, 358:is a fact, even if he fails to comprehend the full implications of that phrase. At the same time,Discipleship2, 387:that they have only "become again in full expression what they have always been." Now the removalDiscipleship2, 406:unfoldment, and comes to its focus and its full expression at the time of the sixth Initiation ofDiscipleship2, 416:upon the Antahkarana." It took the disciple a full two years to arrive at the hidden significanceDiscipleship2, 420:significance. Let me quote this hint again in full: "One of the marks of readiness for initiationDiscipleship2, 438:mysteries and you cannot expect or anticipate full comprehension. Many lives of struggle, serviceDiscipleship2, 447:nature is profoundly satisfied; the other is full of doubt and enquiry; your soul is on its way toDiscipleship2, 448:in the coming period of reconstruction, but its full expression is dependent upon your achieving aDiscipleship2, 453:his forces into a "well of silence" - a well, full of the water of life. In this state ofDiscipleship2, 454:place one of the interludes at the time of the full moon each month, and the second interlude mightDiscipleship2, 454:interludes at the time of the twelve yearly full moons. [455] Four brief quarterly abstractions atDiscipleship2, 455:or of abstraction at the time of May and June full moons. These points of inner abstraction, ofDiscipleship2, 455:at all times. Seek to get in touch with me every Full Moon period, and expect results. My love andDiscipleship2, 457:gain stimulation from it. You have therefore a full life's work, and in that all aspects of yourDiscipleship2, 457:and in that all aspects of your nature will find full mode of expression. For disciples, only thoseDiscipleship2, 457:disciples, only those tasks which call forth the full quota of innate effectiveness are of realDiscipleship2, 461:of the mental body. This militates against the full manifestation of a very fine mental equipment.Discipleship2, 468:for group purposes, and the achieving of this in full waking consciousness. In the final race theDiscipleship2, 471:relationships, and of these you have had your full share. There are stresses and strains due to theDiscipleship2, 476:of devotion, and of that quality you have a full supply. It is however to its magnetic attractiveDiscipleship2, 479:[479] Then say the following words with full intent: "May that soul of mine whose nature is loveDiscipleship2, 483:the world is so set at this time that there is full opportunity for you to find a wide sphere ofDiscipleship2, 483:you to find a wide sphere of contact, to work in full cooperation with other people and withDiscipleship2, 484:a joint piece of work which you carried out in full comprehension with someone else. This willDiscipleship2, 490:the past week or day; then definitely and with full concentrated interest and attention - youDiscipleship2, 495:Then pause a minute, endeavoring to realize the full significance of this undertaking. Then dismissDiscipleship2, 499:On receipt of this instruction, will you take a full month for the establishing of such a closeDiscipleship2, 516:to Shamballa. [516] Be simple, clear as day and full of love. A glamor settles down because aDiscipleship2, 527:free from all emotion, yet at the same time, full of unimpeded love. This is the reward ofDiscipleship2, 527:faced clear-eyed, free from glamor, with a heart full of love and a mind released from allDiscipleship2, 527:prepares the disciple. Today, you know you are full of emotion and that it almost sweeps you offDiscipleship2, 535:but the soul thinks in terms of life cycles. A full and rich life cycle will open up for you as aDiscipleship2, 538:I would ask you always to take action with as full an understanding of the probable followingDiscipleship2, 539:side, you will find that you can do so with a full realization of what should be the theme of yourDiscipleship2, 544:and consequent decision - you have evaded the full facing of the implications and the effect whichDiscipleship2, 551:for the five days which come at the time of the Full Moon each month. In company of your groupDiscipleship2, 555:the disciple acts "as if" he were the soul in full expression, "as if" the Master were ever awareDiscipleship2, 555:the doings of his disciple, "as if" he walked in full liberation consciously. For you, these twoDiscipleship2, 557:like to see you take these themes and give them full consideration for three years. At the end ofDiscipleship2, 568:for individual souls; you have been provided full preparation. I would have you ponder deeply uponDiscipleship2, 569:So you see, my brother, your life is rich and full and free and promises to be even more so. YourDiscipleship2, 591:minutes but it must be done dynamically and with full control over thought and activity. MyDiscipleship2, 593:and can eventually be focused around the various full moons. In the coming year let "joy be yourDiscipleship2, 595:success of your work. Your mind and brain are full of the work to be done. You work as do all firstDiscipleship2, 598:you have (for this incarnation) an adequate and full supply. Let your fellow workers catch from youDiscipleship2, 599:soul expression and prevent the entrance of the full light of the soul, and if I give to them namesDiscipleship2, 607:wherein - again as in your case - there is full and free inner expression and at the same timeDiscipleship2, 608:you should develop the facility to make full use of what you have acquired, so that the stream ofDiscipleship2, 611:You have, my beloved brother, lived a full and rich life; you have been brought into contact withDiscipleship2, 633:have permitted him to enter the Ashram with the full consent of its membership. He hovers, however,Discipleship2, 637:vital importance; you have not yet absorbed its full significance. In that instruction there wereDiscipleship2, 638:The recognition that the soul, enjoying the full richness of life's garnered experience, is nowDiscipleship2, 654:with strength, the other down below to find it full of power to lift. A burning sea of flame.Discipleship2, 654:the other side, and near my heart." A garden full of flowers, of bees and glowing light and sun. IDiscipleship2, 662:if you have not ascertained this for yourself, full of information, indicative of your soul'sDiscipleship2, 662:of your soul's desire or plan for you, and full also of esoteric symbolism. It is a symbolism whichDiscipleship2, 695:liberation will be sensed by you. Keep full notes and in a year's time (if you care to do so) bringDiscipleship2, 704:the music. The music is there and will emerge in full tonal quality once you have resolved theDiscipleship2, 715:soul and with me every Sunday morning and at the full moon period. You can participate in the groupDiscipleship2, 721:to, the task assigned. A room in shadow, full of peace and calm, of books and enterprise. And atDiscipleship2, 730:before you pass over to the other side. Make full use of the time and read, study and think. YouDiscipleship2, 738:of shock, applied by you in love and yet with full detachment and clarity of speech. You need toDiscipleship2, 740:to you were very brief, but they were full of suggestion and potent to bring you release, had youDiscipleship2, 742:this, but that is because your daily life is full of the non-essentials - non-essential in view ofDiscipleship2, 743:the Law of Fulfilment. By this is meant the full compliance of a disciple with the service demandsDiscipleship2, 743:upon the outer plane. When his service is as full and as effective as he can render it, then -
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