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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULL

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Hercules, 52:"If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"? May it not be that true celibacyHercules, 52:controlling factor and the whole body will be full of light. Through control, through the use ofHercules, 57:of Hercules - Labor III - Part 1 Chastened, yet full of questioning relief, Hercules continued withHercules, 61:is evil if it holds the soul and hinders it from full expression. It is not evil per se. It is toHercules, 71:search. [71] The first stage of that search is full of encouragement for them, had they been ableHercules, 75:Hercules was kept in bondage. The world today is full of teachers, and like Busiris, they baseHercules, 78:did, time and again. Thus for the length of a full year, the son of man who is a son of GodHercules, 79:wood, he hunted it until close to a quiet pool, full-length upon the untrampled grass, he saw itHercules, 96:Teacher of my life, armed, as you see, with the full panoply of war? What do I here?" "A call hasHercules, 97:They trod the highway in the light of day, yet full of fear. They greeted Hercules with joy atHercules, 102:a spiritual goal. Through our own will and in full knowledge we are here. In order to raise matterHercules, 102:has carried him round and round the zodiac until full self-consciousness has been achieved. TheHercules, 106:is the cup that every human being has to drink, full of that which he has distilled out of hisHercules, 109:a very small minority. Now we have a world full of aspirants; the coming generation in all nationsHercules, 109:People are now very individual, the world is full of personalities, and the time has come when theHercules, 109:and with the problems that will draw out the full powers of the soul. In Capricorn we shall climbHercules, 110:the body, the pituitary. When this gland is in full and proper functioning activity, we shall haveHercules, 122:defines clearly what should be our attitude at full moon meditations and our use of individualHercules, 128:those who think themselves wise are too often full of solemnity and a bit stodgy, but wisdom shouldHercules, 175:It is pictured in an ancient zodiac as a fish full of life leaping out of the water into the airHercules, 185:that we know little about as yet. The world is full of organizations and societies, brotherhoodsHercules, 192:and not by emotion, and we shall have the world full of thinkers. The function of those who writeHercules, 202:circles, was reached during the period the Full Moon of June 1936 and the Full Moon of June 1945.Hercules, 202:the period the Full Moon of June 1936 and the Full Moon of June 1945. The point of decisionHercules, 215:from the Greek 'zodian', a little animal, full expression being the zodiacal circle, or circle ofHercules, 220:But Aquarius is an air sign and the skies are full of aircraft. Even, therefore, in its exotericInitiation, 21:in nature. This kingdom is entered through the full development and control of the fifth principleInitiation, 21:intelligence applied to all states through the full conscious utilization of the faculty ofInitiation, 22:of development are synthesized and come to their full fruition. He is verily and indeedInitiation, 22:that of the group, and this shows itself in the full flowering of the love-wisdom faculty. Man butInitiation, 39:of active intelligent loving will. They are the full flowering of the intelligence, having achievedInitiation, 39:embody types of energy which as yet are not in full demonstration upon our planet. Each of theseInitiation, 40:with the Lord of the World showing forth the full planetary color, these six being subsidiary.Initiation, 117:of a great center of fiery energy, and of the full flower of evolution, lies hidden in these terms,Initiation, 122:the lesser lives. He not only is brought to a full recognition of the purposes and plans for allInitiation, 135:function simultaneously on the three planes with full inner realization. Initiation, 141:the three enshrining petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire ofInitiation, 150:or the Word spoken with power, that is, with the full purpose of the will behind it. Herein, as isInitiation, 167:used, at first unconsciously, and finally with full intelligence. a. In the Hall of Ignorance theInitiation, 178:of his centers are vitalized, and come into full activity, other methods of stimulating the cellsInitiation, 197:exceptional people can subsist and retain their full physical energies on the diet mentioned in theInitiation, 216:Born in India about B.C. 621 he became a full buddha in B.C. 592. The Buddha is one who is theInitiation, 225:which takes place in the Himalayas at the full moon of May. It is said that at this festival, atIntellect, 10:we call a human being?" Have we reached our full development? Are there shades of meaning to lifeIntellect, 11:with the past behind him, in a present that is full of chaos, and before a future into which heIntellect, 18:[18] as a whole will be able to demonstrate its full potency. Both the East and the West areIntellect, 27:number, the individual must be given his full heritage, and special culture provided which willIntellect, 69:of its sun. But the mystic lives in the full light of the vision: what others dimly seek he knows,Intellect, 70:too particularly; he is waiting, too, with the full consciousness that his own effort has nowIntellect, 84:enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination." "The mind then tends towardsIntellect, 106:points out that "attention is a direct path to full perception, to hallucination, or, moreIntellect, 123:an [123] individual instance of that which in full manifestation is universal." - Morgan, C. Lloyd,Intellect, 132:of the mystics themselves which - while they are full of wonder and of truth - are colored by theIntellect, 137:to ascertain truth at first hand, and aware in full waking consciousness of its own nature,Intellect, 143:with some words of Evelyn Underhill: "The full spiritual consciousness of the true mystic isIntellect, 144:hidden from other men... On the other hand, the full mystic consciousness also attains to what is,Intellect, 151:enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination." "The knowledge (or illumination)Intellect, 168:but little advanced in the Way, and still full of selfhood; either by the force of a heatedIntellect, 173:of God and they carried that knowledge down into full realization in physical incarnation. They areIntellect, 185:meditation upon the Rare Path... Having acquired full power over the mental states and facultiesIntellect, 194:awareness of the Self and assimilation in full waking consciousness with both interior and exteriorIntellect, 208:better. The trained executive, with a busy and full life, seems to find it much easier to obtainIntellect, 217:sense of freedom from noise, for the world is full of sounds and as we grow in sensitiveness we areIntellect, 244:and revered Teacher. The world of illusion is full of these thought-forms, constructed by theIntellect, 247:a contact. [247] The Christ is the Son of God in full functioning activity, the "Eldest in a greatIntellect, 248:repeat what has often been said before; they are full of statements and phrases which link them upIntellect, 253:causes, and enunciate principles. The world is full of those who tear down, and who feed theMagic, 10:developed unit has eventually to be merged, with full intelligent participation, in the greaterMagic, 26:higher solar initiations and can function in the full consciousness of the monad, awareness of thatMagic, 62:soul's experience, whilst others are vibrant, full of experience and of growth. This should beMagic, 62:but which when wisely utilized will produce a full and fruitful service. The above thoughts canMagic, 63:times in the dark; sometimes he knows the joy of full communion and again all seems dull andMagic, 64:flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new moon. Let this be borne inMagic, 64:moon. Let this be borne in mind. May there be a full and steady play of cyclic force from theMagic, 77:and can (through thought) be brought into full functioning activity. This is done by right thinkingMagic, 80:the regulation of the middle fire of mind, can a full light be achieved, and the whole body be fullMagic, 80:a full light be achieved, and the whole body be full of light, the fire from above - the triadalMagic, 90:work. The Sons of God will triumph on earth in full incarnated expression, and will bring lightMagic, 90:which hides the vision, and fills the hands so full that they cannot grasp what has been calledMagic, 97:has eventually to learn to express himself in full consciousness in more than one way and thatMagic, 117:the heavens pours in on him; he gives all and is full to completeness; he asks nothing for himselfMagic, 170:so long seen him. This may come in two ways: in full waking consciousness or by the registering ofMagic, 172:Master once a year, usually at the time of the full moon in May. He finds also that theMagic, 195:of separateness, and finally emerges into the full light of realization - a realization of unityMagic, 200:you appreciate the fact that if you were making full use of each piece of information given in theMagic, 205:life, just [205] as the fertilizing of a garden full of weeds will produce a stupendous crop ofMagic, 205:shadows in the vale of illusion and brings to full growth the serpent of pride, lurking in theMagic, 212:for the work of treading the Path, back to full soul consciousness. The development of the buddhicMagic, 215:no longer can control, and the soul comes into full domination in the three worlds. The elementalMagic, 235:be noted how extremely abstruse it is and how full of almost blind occult information. This shouldMagic, 241:soul, as it seeks to draw the lower self into full realization. Physically speaking, it is the urgeMagic, 246:of energy rightly used and directed. With full knowledge of his divine Sonship and a potent mindMagic, 250:freedom is experienced and the soul comes to full expression. It is the symbol of the buddhicMagic, 276:a purpose, a beauty and a form which will be full expressions of an inner spiritual reality and inMagic, 285:of his evolutionary progress. 1. Self-assertion (full development) The coordinated quaternaryMagic, 285:character. Finally, we have the assertion or full manifestation of the divine nature. This,Magic, 303:sees before him appears black and forbidding and full of cataclysmic disaster. Yet if men carriedMagic, 319:positiveness of a new kind. Definitely and with full awareness of what he is doing, he gathers intoMagic, 324:particular time as any other kind of service. Full expression and consciousness on each and everyMagic, 358:of ideas - man is steadily forging ahead towards full liberty and full control of the earth, which
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