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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULL

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Magic, 358:steadily forging ahead towards full liberty and full control of the earth, which it is his right toMagic, 362:of the Hierophant. The Initiator then, with full knowledge of the disciple's ray and of his subray,Magic, 364:the Sun." The throat center opens the way into full understanding of the path of the physical SunMagic, 393:there is the achieving of personality, or of a full registration or awareness of the indwellingMagic, 397:and are making themselves individuals in full conscious awareness. This is, for them, as much aMagic, 417:of carrying forward the work. They possess a full realization of their own limitations, but are notMagic, 424:hours of sleep. The dream life as related is as full of illusion as any of the more definitelyMagic, 442:the so-called unregenerate selfish individual, full of desire for satisfaction. The group ofMagic, 463:the soul. It is essential that through him, in full waking consciousness, the soul should beMagic, 466:regain again group existence, only this time in full awareness and control. In the group with whichMagic, 468:rose of living life is seen in bud; not yet the full blown flower. Stage II The picture changesMagic, 469:light. The cave is long and narrow. The air is full of fog. The sound of running water meets theMagic, 480:of a time for a disaster or a catastrophe. The full effect will take place in the realm of theMagic, 498:the transition to withdraw consciously and in full waking awareness out of the physical body and soMagic, 505:a thousand the brain awareness is there, with a full consciousness of happenings, but there is aMagic, 507:seventh rays are in power, either coming in, at full meridian, or passing out, the work is muchMagic, 512:influence can still be felt; the third ray is at full meridian, and the seventh ray is rapidlyMagic, 519:only the unselfish and the pure can be given the full instructions. All can be given theMagic, 531:a self-conscious intelligent entity, working in full awareness of intent and objective, andMagic, 531:solar Angels, the divine sons of God who in full self-consciousness work out certain well seen endsMagic, 543:make it well nigh impossible for me to do full justice to this rule and to elucidate the work onMagic, 558:"If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light". These words which He enunciatedMagic, 570:this Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into full manifestation upon the physical plane andMagic, 572:work. This has to be done consciously and in full awareness of the source from which they come, ofMagic, 591:body and yet at the same time to preserve - in full awareness - a point of contact in the head, andMagic, 595:until such time as the aspirant has used to the full the knowledge which he has gained from lesserMagic, 624:to contribute. They are still, however, so full of what is called personality that their service isMagic, 628:into their higher correspondences the full flower of soul expression will emerge. I would like toMagic, 629:can apply himself to the problem of progress in full awareness. Students need to realize moreMeditationtogether for publication. They are published in full as received, with the exception of certainMeditation, 4:the dominant fifth of the Ego, followed by the full chord of the Monad or Spirit. It is theMeditation, 27:cost he determines to dominate and function in full liberation on the three lower planes; heMeditation, 32:approaches. Spring has been experienced, the full verdure of summer has succeeded, now must be feltMeditation, 60:the individual need can only be supplied when full causal consciousness exists on the part of theMeditation, 71:are too great for us to venture yet to give full and detailed instructions. We seek to developMeditation, 81:this manvantara is reached. The lower lotus is full blown, and reflects the greater with precision.Meditation, 83:etheric center has to be magnetically linked, in full alignment, with the corresponding centers inMeditation, 109:and in mystic meditation. To be practical, full of common sense, to know the curriculum of the HallMeditation, 134:body, over-developed in some direction and full of great gulfs and gaps where virtues should be.Meditation, 178:used than those calling the devas. History is full of instances of where this has been done, andMeditation, 184:the human being, - the microcosmic system - in full manifestation. At the cessation of that innerMeditation, 202:for consideration and for speculation and is full of helpfulness for the wise student. Aught thatMeditation, 237:exact impartation of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration. Why have I notMeditation, 240:this consciously, when he willingly and with full comprehension of what he has to do endeavors toMeditation, 243:by the group that practices healing of full information as to the patient, based on the followingMeditation, 244:physical body, yet much time must elapse before full comprehension of the emotional body hasMeditation, 258:the promise of knowing Those Who already have full knowledge of the struggler. Therein lies theMeditation, 260:and this is not potentially but in full effective power, realized through experience. This has beenMeditation, 260:has found not only the chord of the Ego, but the full chord of the Monad, and can ring the changesMeditation, 261:the occult method, that is, consciously and with full knowledge of each step taken. He learns theMeditation, 280:to a point where he can consciously and with full knowledge of the law work with his centers, andMeditation, 282:must be expressed in terms of service before the full flower of either is attained. Let us considerMeditation, 289:conditions are fit and the moon approaches the full) when he becomes conscious within his brainMeditation, 294:respond and chant forth the reply in the same full sonorous tone, thereby, through the power ofMeditation, 340:and before the causal consciousness (the full consciousness of the higher Self) is reached: ClearMeditation, 348:workers hold positions where their skill has not full scope and where less well equipped men andMeditation, 351:Born in India about B.C. 621, be became a full buddha in B.C. 592. The Buddha is one who is theMeditation, 360:which takes place in the Himalayas at the full moon of May (Taurus). It is said that at thisPatanjali, 12:puts it) and the soul-powers have been prevented full expression. The instinctual powers of thePatanjali, 18:and wraiths and shadows, gloomy spaces and areas full of darkness as yet confuse his vision!" AtPatanjali, 32:microcosm. The three gunas have all been used, full experience through the use of form has beenPatanjali, 48:and the initiated action) is undertaken with a full knowledge of the result to be attained. ThusPatanjali, 52:thus developed, until it flowered forth into the full glory of the liberated soul. This conditionPatanjali, 102:which transcend definition. He is aware, in a full sense, of his direct Spiritual Identity. Patanjali, 106:each man is manifesting and the Christ-life has full expression, and until the man is one with thatPatanjali, 112:in process of elimination, overcome, or in full operation. 5. Avidya is the condition of confusingPatanjali, 112:enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination. 29. The eight means of yoga are, thePatanjali, 123:which entered the race too late to permit of the full flowering of the soul) will manifest as SonsPatanjali, 128:in process of elimination, overcome, or in full operation. The comprehensiveness of this sutra isPatanjali, 133:the not-self which is impermanent, impure, and full of pain. When this is not realized, the man isPatanjali, 134:If the aspirant will regard the development and full use of the sixth sense as his immediatePatanjali, 149:and necessity for the guna of mobility and the full play of the emotional or desire nature in thePatanjali, 159:The work of Raja Yoga is to bring forth into full knowledge this vague surmise so that theoryPatanjali, 165:principle" or with mind control), has achieved full power over the mind and over mental substancePatanjali, 174:the life of service which leads eventually to a full realization of the significance of groupPatanjali, 177:of divinity and utter bliss takes its place. Full self-realization is the next and final stage. ThePatanjali, 177:and final stage. The initiate can now say, with full conscious knowledge, "I am that I am" and hePatanjali, 177:with the All-Self. Doubt no longer controls. The full light of day or completed illumination takesPatanjali, 178:enlightenment takes place leading up to full illumination. We now come to the practical part of thePatanjali, 178:is given as to the method to pursue if full yoga, union, or at-one-ment is to be achieved. The workPatanjali, 184:soul knows, sees and understands. This produces full illumination. Patanjali, 187:they are followed by all the sons of men, the full significance of the term "peace to all beings"Patanjali, 199:at this time in the low health average, in the full hospitals, and the diseased, enfeebled andPatanjali, 227:this Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into full manifestation upon the physical plane andPatanjali, 231:out of the head. This can be done in full waking consciousness when certain rules are learned andPatanjali, 234:pass away, and the perceiving consciousness has full sway. 10. Through the cultivation of thisPatanjali, 249:awake on his own plane, is able to function with full use of the brain, sheaths and mind of thePatanjali, 252:for in the various interpretations will come a full understanding of the Sanskrit terms. Briefly,Patanjali, 256:it in the head, the aspirant is enabled to take full advantage of, and safely to cultivate thePatanjali, 258:pass away, and the perceiving consciousness has full sway. If the student will look at any of thePatanjali, 266:in every symbol or form. [266] The revelation of full consciousness, or the streaming forth of thatPatanjali, 266:but which can and will be carried forward to the full flood-tide of awareness. The revelation ofPatanjali, 288:is of a different nature to "union with." One is full of desire and causes obligation and effects;Patanjali, 289:of the egoic oneness [289] brought down into full activity in the three worlds through meditation. Patanjali, 291:Jha), The inner Light (Dvivedi), The mind, full of Light (Dvivedi), The radiance in the headPatanjali, 293:is gradually brought from a state of atrophy to full functioning activity and the center ofPatanjali, 300:for the sons of God are luminous, radiant and full of beauty, Delighting in love, for love is thePatanjali, 301:By meditation upon the door of the sun full knowledge can be achieved. This means very briefly thatPatanjali, 306:The animal soul controlled, and consequently full contact with the anima mundi was the dominantPatanjali, 311:upon the solar plexus he can become aware in full consciousness of every part of his physical body.
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