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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULL

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Patanjali, 313:Adepts and Initiates and thus contact them in full waking consciousness, registering those contactsPatanjali, 313:and of using the light that is in one, to the full. By use and care, the power of the spiritualPatanjali, 316:the forerunner of complete illumination and the full light of day. Ganganatha Jha in his briefPatanjali, 317:stream until the aspirant walks in the full light of day. When the intuition begins to function,Patanjali, 317:Thus this knowledge becomes available in full waking consciousness to the incarnated son of God,Patanjali, 318:so-called rational mind, it may act directly, as full illumination, the 'vision and the facultyPatanjali, 319:Holy Ghost, and is therefore responsible for the full functioning of all the parts of man's naturePatanjali, 321:worlds otherwise closed to it, and to develop full awareness in all parts of the Father's kingdom,Patanjali, 348:Finally, the tenth power will be seen in full manifestation and no form provides any hindrances orPatanjali, 368:which proved a hindrance and an obstacle to the full expression of divinity in manifestation hasPatanjali, 369:He is free and liberated, and can say with full conscious realization of the significance of thePatanjali, 380:soul aspect is still dormant for many because full experience and development of the lower naturePatanjali, 386:creates forms of matter inadequate for the full expression of the divine powers. As evolutionPatanjali, 409:The hidden powers of the soul when brought to full expression will make us aware of a new world andPatanjali, 409:of existence to bring to his search his full equipment, and hence the necessity therefore for thisPatanjali, 423:and the liberated man stands forth in the full light of day, these methods and modes of disciplinedPatanjali, 426:All that hindered, veiled or prevented the full expression of the divine life has been overcome;Patanjali, 426:possibilities, has developed them to their full extent and unfolded the full flower of the soul.Patanjali, 426:them to their full extent and unfolded the full flower of the soul. The law of cause and effect asPatanjali, xi:is depicted for us the life of a Son of God in full manifestation, wherein, freed from every veil,Patanjali, xi:the soul, to attain liberation, and become, in full glory, a God walking on earth. In the YogaProblems, 33:so essential to happiness, to success and to a full experience in any chosen sphere of humanProblems, 35:the human soul. The future which lies ahead is full of promise. Let us base our optimism uponProblems, 41:the world war and whose countries have felt the full brunt of occupation, are laying their ownProblems, 69:and material gains, and by a failure to offer full cooperation with humanity as a whole. TheProblems, 86:who are an ancient and civilized people with a full culture of their own, plus certain inherentProblems, 90:lines a solution may lie. The world today is full of [91] clamoring minorities who - rightly orProblems, 93:the people in every land - great and small - are full of fear and questioning; they are worn by theProblems, 95:to be solved, but that justice and fair play, full opportunity and equal sharing of the world'sProblems, 105:alone, and will begin to cooperate with a full sense of spiritual understanding and so aid theProblems, 110:in which they are now to be found to that full and useful maturity in which they will handle theirProblems, 113:today so many Negroes are arrogant, vindictive, full of hate and anxious to assert themselves it isProblems, 114:brought about in a world of men which is today full of distrust and fear and hardly aware of whatProblems, 114:legislation the Negro minority gained its full rights the problem would remain the same, for theProblems, 122:spirit; it exists and is essential to a full and true life on earth. We can recognize theProblems, 125:and our religious periodicals and magazines are full of appeals for men to turn again to God and toProblems, 135:prepare the present generation of children for full living in the world of tomorrow, a world whoseProblems, 142:The Old Testament and its presentation of a God full of hate and jealousy. Both concepts are todayProblems, 153:but eternally present and moving towards full expression. Nothing can or ever has prevented mankindProblems, 156:manifesting; there is [156] little chance of its full emergence during the present generation. TheProblems, 163:is determined always by the date of the first Full Moon of spring. The eyes and thoughts of menProblems, 163:This Festival is determined in relation to the Full Moon of Taurus. [164] It is the great EasternProblems, 164:the Christ. It will be held at the time of the Full Moon of Gemini. If in these early days ofProblems, 170:of International Unity The world today is full of warring voices; everywhere there is an outcryPsychology1, xxv:as existing and as developing. The world is full of knowledge, which is in the last analysisPsychology1, 13:This often reaches its height in some life of full personality expression, wherein the soul isPsychology1, 15:function on the higher planes of the system in full awareness, he can begin to glimpse that awfulPsychology1, 25:of a ray to a planet. Therefore seek not full information at this time. The influence of this sixthPsychology1, 44:as yet functioning actively. It will come into full play only when the time comes for the purposePsychology1, 47:appearance and driving the created world on to a full display of the divine nature. This is true ofPsychology1, 49:intermediate stage. None are as yet working with full intelligent activity, though some day eachPsychology1, 50:within the secret place of the Temple in its full glory. Such is the work of the seven Builders.Psychology1, 53:will arise and walk among His builders in the full light of the glory which shines from the east.Psychology1, 63:the Destroyer, am. This ray Lord is not yet in full expression, except as He causes destruction andPsychology1, 92:future in which frustration will end, in which full expression will be achieved, and in which eachPsychology1, 106:the shoulders of the Master. The world today is full of disciples of varying degree, and [107] eachPsychology1, 107:to guide and help some aspirants. The world is full of teaching and of books able to inspire andPsychology1, 131:in the formative process. The achievement of full awareness is of course the goal of thePsychology1, 137:of appearances? It is a truer world and less full of illusion. When the understanding is developed,Psychology1, 141:activity, for manifestation of beauty, and for full conformity to the Plan. This Plan is rooted inPsychology1, 182:for "when thine eye is single, thy whole body is full of light." In that light shall we see light,Psychology1, 200:Thus the qualities emerge and appear in their full glory as man develops himself and unfolds withinPsychology1, 205:technique is not fine, but his subjects will be full of thought and interest. He will love music,Psychology1, 205:will not produce it. In all walks of life he is full of ideas, but is too impractical to carry themPsychology1, 206:by rajas; of the wild speculator and gambler, full of enthusiasm and plans, easily overwhelmed byPsychology1, 207:In music, fourth ray compositions are always full of melody, and the fourth ray man loves a tune.Psychology1, 207:or poet, his work will often be brilliant and full of picturesque word-painting, but inaccurate,Psychology1, 207:of picturesque word-painting, but inaccurate, full of exaggerations, and often pessimistic. He willPsychology1, 208:theory. He will generally be extremely truthful, full of lucid explanation of facts, thoughPsychology1, 209:ray of devotion. The man who is on this ray is full of religious instincts and impulses, and ofPsychology1, 209:whether these be concrete or abstract, for he is full of devotion, it may be to a person, or it mayPsychology1, 218:of the spine is the last one to be aroused into full functioning activity, and is thus aroused onlyPsychology1, 221:world. This will not, however, be realized in full potency and magical revelation until the innerPsychology1, 226:are related and unified, then we shall have a full expression, at the point of deepest and densestPsychology1, 228:the power ray, are needed in conjunction for the full working out of the Plan, as it is found inPsychology1, 232:for the coming generation of enquirers, knowing full well that the advanced teaching of today, andPsychology1, 300:family and group obligations. They will know full well that "whatsoever a man soweth, that will hePsychology1, 304:a position where they can today live normal and full lives is equally a consequence of our presentPsychology1, 304:and service, and its opportunities for the full expression of every part of man's nature. There isPsychology1, 307:women are forced to live without a natural and full life expression. The sex problem must, in thePsychology1, 312:are the three divine qualities found in their full flower and together. In man, God the Father hasPsychology1, 316:ray relationship to the races as follows: Ray Full Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will. 1st rayPsychology1, 317:from love or divine desire in the second race to full intuitional understanding in the sixth race.Psychology1, 329:might be enumerated as follows: The power type - full of will and governing capacity. The love typePsychology1, 329:of will and governing capacity. The love type - full of love and fusing power. The active type -Psychology1, 329:full of love and fusing power. The active type - full of action, and manipulating energy. ThePsychology1, 329:and manipulating energy. The artistic type - full of the sense of beauty and creative aspiration.Psychology1, 329:and creative aspiration. The scientific type - full of the idea of cause and results. ThePsychology1, 329:The mathematical type. The devotee type - full of idealism. The business type - full of organizingPsychology1, 329:type - full of idealism. The business type - full of organizing power. given to ritualisticPsychology1, 345:nor stays His hand though deep [345] and full the pain and agony. Peace must be the goal. BeautyPsychology1, 389:group-conscious, occult, aggressive, full of grandeur, interested in law and in laying the emphasisPsychology1, 429:Ray. [429] The Relationship to the Races Ray Full Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will. 1st rayPsychology2, 10:nature of man. The individual, on the way to full coordination and expression, appears upon thePsychology2, 10:he makes his debut and prepares for the day of full personality emphasis. The soul comes forth intoPsychology2, 11:self-awareness and potency and seeking the full expression of their powers, he will be lost fromPsychology2, 14:at the third initiation to manifest forth as "a full-grown man in Christ", and present at that timePsychology2, 14:that time the opportunity to the Monad for that full expression of life which can take place whenPsychology2, 14:unfoldment. Individualization, carried to its full, consummates as the integrated personality,Psychology2, 14:power to control the emotions and yet have the full use of the sensory apparatus to sense
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