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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FULLY

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Fire, 1046:the 'desire to know,' and thoroughly and fully understand the nature of the I and the This. ThenFire, 1055:ever vibrant in all the Logoi, as all are fully intelligent Creators, having perfected thisFire, 1129:to make itself felt after the lower four are fully active. A second factor which works into theFire, 1135:physical body of the solar or planetary Logos is fully developed, and conscious contact can thenFire, 1158:its consummation when the four lower centers are fully active. The sevenfold energy of the psyche,Fire, 1158:when each of these seven centers is not only fully active but is rotating as "wheels turning uponFire, 1174:of profit here if we dealt with it a little more fully than with the other laws, for mankind is nowFire, 1177:development are not. It is not possible to give fully the types of schools and teaching which isFire, 1198:Men, but not being able to express themselves fully. Some clue to this mystery will come if theFire, 1201:other lives who are also self-conscious, or fully intelligent. This, certain of the hierarchies areFire, 1202:in this solar system expressing themselves more fully than the others, and this necessarily entailsFire, 1210:will be done by the coming in of egos who are fully conscious on the etheric levels and who can seeFire, 1236:in their degree and therefore unable to express fully that which is the spiritual factor lyingFire, 1247:that Path which of all the seven expresses most fully the effects of the Law of Attraction. It willGlamour, 7:This higher center must be awakened more fully before aspirants can measure up to their fullGlamour, 39:secondary glamor and maya. Illusion does not yet fully play its part and the Dweller is seldomGlamour, 66:objective [66] Deity. At that moment, He entered fully into the consciousness that He was HimselfGlamour, 194:and to the at-one-ment which Christ expressed so fully for us in His life on Earth. When,Glamour, 197:for a time control until the intuition is more fully developed. This illusion will produce vastlyGlamour, 222:own death. Second ray aspirants are usually fully aware of any glamor which may be seeking to holdGlamour, 245:only when goodwill [245] is finally and fully developed on Earth, through the agency of humanity.Glamour, 267:known that the Dweller upon the Threshold is the fully developed personality - the sumtotal of allHealing, 19:affect the present. I shall deal with this more fully under our third point, dealing with ourHealing, 75:inactive and unresponsive. Other centers will be fully active, and therefore predominantlyHealing, 82:at the base of the spine. When these centers are fully awakened and functioning in right rhythmHealing, 83:entire universe. Each of the centers can, when fully awakened and consciously and scientificallyHealing, 100:their maleficent [100] indications. These are fully covered in any ordinary medical treatise andHealing, 133:to our next point, try to grasp somewhat more fully the Laws of Healing and the Rules given thusHealing, 139:man (unconsciously effective) is to respond fully to personality force, focused primarily at theHealing, 147:or mask. It achieves this functioning activity fully by the time the third initiation is taken. IHealing, 147:the individual "electric fire" which, when fully expressing itself, we call the kundalini fire. ItHealing, 211:when the nature of the indwelling Christ is fully, spontaneously and automatically expressingHealing, 213:and the disciple will experience not only a fully awakened consciousness, and a brain which is everHealing, 283:to demonstrate today and immediately as a fully manifested son of God (with no intermediate orHealing, 292:in the scope of this treatise to deal more fully with this subject of karma as it produces the manyHealing, 322:the dangers of infection. I cannot explain more fully than this, for the problem of origin andHealing, 336:embryonic as yet that their conclusions are not fully demonstrated nor entirely reliable. In theHealing, 370:magnetism; still others radiate the energy of a fully integrated personality. A few radiate theHealing, 370:radiation of such a healer if he is himself a fully integrated human being? If you say to me thatHealing, 370:not how to do it. Later all this will be more fully elucidated. [371] Healing, 397:processes of dying and to consider a little more fully the factor of death - the most familiarHealing, 463:is then focused in the etheric body, but is not fully utilizing all the centers; it has simply aHealing, 467:unconscious as the onlooker might infer, but is fully aware within himself of what is occurring. IfHealing, 480:symptoms or their treatment because that is fully covered in the textbooks available; they canHealing, 494:place, the inner man is, as I have earlier said, fully conscious. The physical brain and the swirlHealing, 540:different, because they frequently remain fully conscious through the death process. You will,Healing, 612:physical body is the only one which is as yet so fully developed that it has in this planetaryHealing, 623:soul is working. The glands therefore express fully the point in evolution of the man, andHealing, 680:of civilization which will express more fully the evolutionary attainment of the planet and theHercules, 134:controlled by an over-arching will-to-good. The fully developed man, or initiate, might perhaps beHercules, 167:things in order that I may more perfectly and fully serve". Draco, the serpent. We met the hydra,Hercules, 183:each other [183] and the Aquarian age will be fully with us, but only fully with us in the senseHercules, 183:the Aquarian age will be fully with us, but only fully with us in the sense that we shall beHercules, 220:water carrier, though we have not yet entered fully into that sign, a process that will takeInitiation, 4:the fact that the average man is as yet fully conscious only on the physical plane, nearlyInitiation, 35:thus learnt, he chooses that which concerns the fully conscious spirit aspect of divinity, andInitiation, 69:highest of the astral, as they can be there most fully utilized and are most easily accessible.Initiation, 88:Why has this become possible? Because now the fully consecrated physical body can safely bear theInitiation, 93:more and more, and to respond to it ever more fully; finally, he becomes increasingly sensitive toInitiation, 117:required, and the initiate stands free of both, fully liberated and able to contact the Monad, asInitiation, 124:which, when known, will tend ever more fully to swing the initiate into the line of self-abnegatingInitiation, 135:The subject is immense, and will be more fully dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. There areInitiation, 151:triple sequence. First. They are sounded by some fully self-conscious entity, and this invariablyInitiation, 155:and desired result; to utter words, and be fully aware of the consequence on all planes; and toInitiation, 170:of humanity, and thus enable men to become fully self-conscious and self-reliant in the occultInitiation, 207:mysteries and subjects too immense to be fully handled here. It is [208] included in these rules soInitiation, 215:GLOSSARY Note: This glossary does not undertake fully to explain all the above terms. It is simplyIntellect, 36:of meditation whereby the mystic becomes the fully conscious knower. However much one may seek toIntellect, 142:In a former book I have dealt more fully with this use of the mind as the instrument of the soul,Intellect, 172:intuition can be used at will by the trained and fully educated man, and the "light of the soul"Magic, 26:investigations. They [26] bring to that study a fully developed intuition, plus that mentalMagic, 37:at this time will be found to be functioning fully as neither purely animal nor purely divine, butMagic, 197:it is wide open, actively functioning and almost fully awakened. The work of transmutation isMagic, 212:the three worlds is brought about. Just as the fully intelligent human being can only beginMagic, 212:to contact the kingdom of the soul, so only the fully active and dominant soul, in which theMagic, 213:body. This is the eye of Shiva, for it is only fully utilized in the magical work when the monadicMagic, 325:so closely affecting their power to serve - be fully aware of each step taken. As regards theMagic, 353:the voice of their Master as well. His time is fully occupied and disciples must train themselvesMagic, 379:the human unit, stimulate the brain and make him fully self-conscious on the physical plane. TheirMagic, 423:and by this we mean the power to be fully aware of all happenings in all spheres and departments ofMagic, 453:and the Treatise on Cosmic Fire will only be fully understood towards the end of this century. Magic, 460:world will be solved in a large measure. The fully conscious sons of God, aware of themselvesMagic, 514:This he must do if he is to avail himself fully of the opportunity which life experience isMagic, 597:force and life and produce the incarnation of a fully revealed son of God, with all the powers andMagic, 633:the other. The group of those who respond more fully to the incoming Aquarian vibration registerMeditation, 46:and having the faculties of the causal body fully developed, will apply the method to the immediateMeditation, 52:note for this the second system. It is not fully sounded or rounded out, nor to the end of theMeditation, 70:old forms is progressing, nor is the work as yet fully accomplished. Enough has, nevertheless, beenMeditation, 72:will. I will not, therefore, deal more fully with this center beyond these general indications. FewMeditation, 83:has been difficult for you to comprehend, and I fully realize it. The difficulty lies in the factMeditation, 84:ever more and more inwards. When the picture is fully built then gently sound the Word again, andMeditation, 140:forms to achieve certain results cannot be fully acquiesced in. I do not propose to outline for youMeditation, 190:Yuga. The knowers are as yet few. Yet to know is fully possible and is subject only to theMeditation, 193:As evolution progresses, and the matter is more fully comprehended, meditation groups will changeMeditation, 241:than beneficent. The subject will later be fully eluciated if the future brings that which isMeditation, 278:the higher contact, and though his Ego [278] is fully aware of his position on the Path, not yet isMeditation, 294:with the Master. In time this will be more fully understood and effort will be made to keep theMeditation, 349:GLOSSARY Note: This glossary does not undertake fully to explain all the above terms. It is simplyPatanjali, 27:the lower psychic versatile nature in order fully to express his own spiritual nature. Thus, andPatanjali, 85:sense than does the westerner and this must be fully grasped by the aspirant. To the oriental, the
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