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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTION

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Discipleship1, 189:new impulse emanating from the inner side, can function adequately unless there is willing andDiscipleship1, 192:ceases there is a complete break. You then function as a sentient, emotionally vital and activeDiscipleship1, 197:producing illumination, and does this factor function normally in my life? 4th month - What effectDiscipleship1, 212:levels, via the head center. You must learn to function also more powerfully from the centerDiscipleship1, 217:responsibility to my group of disciples and your function in my group. The power through which thisDiscipleship1, 235:you hints as to capacity. Beyond that I have no function. You have been working and serving forDiscipleship1, 238:being; to be is for you the goal. It is not the function of the true teacher ever to criticize. ItDiscipleship1, 238:of the true teacher ever to criticize. It is his function to watch over the chela and in the lightDiscipleship1, 239:training a group of disciples so that they may function as a unit, and as a welded totality. ThatDiscipleship1, 245:to you. You will not then stand alone but will function as an attractive magnetic unit in groupDiscipleship1, 258:conflict. In your next incarnation, you should function through a second ray personality but thisDiscipleship1, 280:of this or that quality, and lack others; some function primarily on the plane of mind, others onDiscipleship1, 285:problem of this materializing. It is a creative function. This is your obligation to your soul, andDiscipleship1, 304:ray personality will offset some of this, as you function more easily on the mental plane than onDiscipleship1, 324:you now instruct and teach. Remember that your function as a teacher in no way resembles that ofDiscipleship1, 324:and you give them what they need but your prime function is to charge the group members withDiscipleship1, 331:polarization is emotional, even though you function, as a soul, on the power ray. You have,Discipleship1, 340:life of mankind) your lower mind must perforce function and thus the gap between the two majorDiscipleship1, 341:it will emerge humanity - whole, and able to function in human ways, free from the major trends andDiscipleship1, 345:its real service until its individual members function in an unbreakable unity. The problem is toDiscipleship1, 366:to leave my group and for some one else to function in her place. I am suggesting to her that sheDiscipleship1, 374:there is little true comprehension. When you function as a soul, you love much and quiteDiscipleship1, 377:in the world today and fulfiling their rightful function. That, they can and will do. But I referDiscipleship1, 391:approach? To recognize the Presence, I must function as the solar Angel. Can I, at this time,Discipleship1, 414:major requirements, [414] if you are ever to function as a disciple, is the sense of spiritualDiscipleship1, 433:With a sense of inner freedom, you must learn to function as a Messenger, despite all handicaps andDiscipleship1, 456:futility seems to overwhelm, and the capacity to function as a soul detached from personalDiscipleship1, 475:my Ashram, for service and they will have to function as a group - both on the inner and the outerDiscipleship1, 497:ray where your soul is concerned, whilst you function through a first ray personality. You have,Discipleship1, 505:pouring in of divine energy (which is a creative function, my brother) and that you send it on aDiscipleship1, 516:you could free yourself from ties and begin to function in your home and in all your relationshipsDiscipleship1, 517:and I know whereof I speak. Those of us who function with full vision on the inner side of life seeDiscipleship1, 543:it is not, and you are among those who should function creatively and whose life should beDiscipleship1, 554:my last communication, to perform its intended function. Your grasp of teaching is so quick and soDiscipleship1, 599:distorts and hides. This is done not by any function of the mist itself, but by the growth in powerDiscipleship1, 628:achieve. I have several times told you that your function in this particular group is to giveDiscipleship1, 631:the principle of mind, thus permitting it free function but using it with the wings of love and onDiscipleship1, 633:egoic groups of liberated egos or souls which function on the higher levels of the mental plane,Discipleship1, 633:that you recognize the plane whereon you function, with its obvious limitations. [634] Have youDiscipleship1, 635:you relinquish this activity and begin again to function as a soul. The soul in its true natureDiscipleship1, 638:and this the group will enable you to gain. Your function in the group will become more apparent asDiscipleship1, 642:predisposed to mental healing; that others will function more easily along the line of astral orDiscipleship1, 649:on all the planes whereon you can consciously function. As you meditate during the coming months,Discipleship1, 698:to the ability of the group, as a whole, to function under the impetus of the spiritual instinctDiscipleship1, 741:Their minds are closed to all warnings and they function often behind a barrier of smugDiscipleship1, 766:nature and the development of the forces which function as form "divinely consecrated," willDiscipleship2, 7:that meditation which I feel will enable you to function as an integrated personality, fused andDiscipleship2, 7:the soul. This will lead the group as a whole to function correctly, because the individual groupDiscipleship2, 10:and which can be discovered by those who can function in the world of meaning. These "foci ofDiscipleship2, 20:invocation and evocation. They also have a third function: they ground or focus energy, thusDiscipleship2, 38:creating the network of goodwill. The function of the New Group of World Servers is dynamically toDiscipleship2, 43:that the assertion of one's determination to function as a server and as a disciple brings about aDiscipleship2, 80:and one of the Master K.H.'s disciples is now to function as senior disciple in my Ashram, becauseDiscipleship2, 149:will eventually, under its Head, the Christ, function openly and visibly on Earth. This will happenDiscipleship2, 159:can love be truly born, intelligence correctly function, and the Will of God demonstrate itsDiscipleship2, 185:His Ashramic consciousness and his power to function as a disciple or an initiate must be blendedDiscipleship2, 195:the higher Evolution. He will at the same time function in the three worlds as a serving disciple.Discipleship2, 196:higher Evolution. He will, again consequently, function efficiently in the three worlds as theDiscipleship2, 201:fifth principle, there are five major groups who function primarily through "creative andDiscipleship2, 232:have different cultures and traditions; they can function adequately under varying and distinctiveDiscipleship2, 236:material values. But when a man is beginning to function as a soul-infused personality and isDiscipleship2, 252:Age will be greatly in advance of those who now function as the adepts of today. I have warned youDiscipleship2, 271:of God conditions this system in which we now function. But this is not consciousness or awareness;Discipleship2, 286:motivated by his "fixed determination" to function as the Savior of the planet, in the same senseDiscipleship2, 286:The initiate, on his tiny scale, must learn to function also as a savior, and thus express the LawDiscipleship2, 294:the world have no clear idea as to the function of the mind as an organ of vision illumined by theDiscipleship2, 358:group consciousness and is beginning to function as "one absorbed within the group" can he trulyDiscipleship2, 360:he visions it [360] is not so. He must learn to function entirely differently. This hint is notDiscipleship2, 368:to the unfolding consciousness of those who function in the Council Chamber of Shamballa. HumanDiscipleship2, 398:that the unified soul-infused personality may function directly under the inspiration of theDiscipleship2, 400:the initiate is completely [400] aligned and can function straight through from the head center toDiscipleship2, 400:eye during this initiatory process and its new function in relation to the Monad - throws freshDiscipleship2, 400:Logos what the third eye (in its initiatory function) is to the disciple of the third degree ofDiscipleship2, 400:enabling it to reorient itself and change its function when the right time and the correctDiscipleship2, 401:third eye is subjected to training and begins to function in the two following ways: It is (in aDiscipleship2, 402:of this same Will and to appreciate his future function as a creative Builder. The building here toDiscipleship2, 410:upon the physical plane by the Christ in his function as Initiator, that then the time factor mustDiscipleship2, 410:is not easy to induce aspirants and disciples to function in this preparatory group formation andDiscipleship2, 415:the will aspect in some measure is beginning to function. Discipleship2, 426:will be possible. The Christ can and does function now upon the atmic plane and embodies withinDiscipleship2, 432:the Mind of God, or he is learning to live and function from a point therein attained to which weDiscipleship2, 467:question, my brother (about the nature and the function of the counterparts in the head of theDiscipleship2, 511:into the background as the group grows in function, purpose and usefulness but this withdrawal intoDiscipleship2, 565:levels where the planetary Logos and his Council function. The first step is to respond to firstDiscipleship2, 574:the mechanism through which your soul has to function) make a much closer study of the seventh ray.Discipleship2, 604:and constructed of etheric matter, and their function is simply to express the energy which flowsDiscipleship2, 634:What has happened to him, as both his eyes "function in the dual light," is that his sense ofDiscipleship2, 693:various meanings and policies which will function on the different planes of consciousness, suchDiscipleship2, 694:more liberated than you now are, and should function freer for service. Your present life conditionDiscipleship2, 734:that of psychic sensitivity. Like S.C.P. you function on the astral-buddhic line; but, having aDiscipleship2, 734:and you must learn to work with it and function in it but with complete detachment from it - justDiscipleship2, 744:never rule each other out, but you must learn to function efficiently in both careers. Your timeDiscipleship2, 750:year because they constitute your duty and life function and also provide the wherewithal wherebyDiscipleship2, 753:to you. I shall not be more explicit. My function is to indicate direction, but it is for you toEducation, vii:in which the Eastern and Western hemispheres function like the right and left lobes of man's brain,Education, 7:In answer to the first question, the prime function of all educators is twofold: 1. To train theEducation, 8:active government. In this formulation of the function of the apparatus with which all educatorsEducation, 12:worlds are unified. Soul and its mechanism function as a unit. Towards this consummation allEducation, 17:servant of the soul. The soul will then function on earth through the medium of the mind, therebyEducation, 18:aspect of [18] the bridging energy of man can function and the soul (manifesting its third or
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