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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTION

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Education, 22:the disciple, even though the masses cannot yet function on these levels. The first thing that mustEducation, 23:through the development of innate faculty to function under directed purpose and ritual. ThisEducation, 28:of thought; he learns to think and begins to function consciously on the mental plane, in which theEducation, 32:astral body and the mind nature are beginning to function as a unit, and the soul also isEducation, 38:arts are taught him in order to enable him to function with the needed efficiency in a competitiveEducation, 40:intuit, for with us the mind is beginning to function. Their attitude to the deity was equallyEducation, 67:Esotericism really is training in the ability to function freely in the world of meaning; it is notEducation, 77:not become active until the mind is beginning to function), and by the urge to attract attention -Education, 117:the point of integration. They are beginning to function as a unity within themselves, preparatoryEducation, 118:and because they can [118] function as high grade and idealistic persons. From the altitude atEducation, 131:will not be regarded primarily as an animal function or as a purely social or economic function,Education, 131:function or as a purely social or economic function, which are the usual lines of approach at thisEducation, 136:- under which, for instance, the animal lives function, or the seasonal law under which forms inEducation, 145:body" through which the spiritual man must function in the world of souls, and which - when blendedEducation, 148:and reproduces a personality through which to function. Then through the building of theExternalisation, 14:of the solar plexus until such time as he can function as a true mediator; if this involves theExternalisation, 15:psychics whose powers are understood and who function on the astral plane with as much intelligenceExternalisation, 15:astral plane with as much intelligence as they function on the physical plane, and who areExternalisation, 29:of force has evoked a response from those who function upon one or other of these levels ofExternalisation, 32:of the mental plane is concisely stated. Its function in this connection will be increasinglyExternalisation, 33:to the interior values; they should be able to function upon the outer plane of appearances and, atExternalisation, 34:people belong to neither group and yet they can function more or less in relation to both. This, asExternalisation, 35:coming forth from the seclusion of the ages to function again in the light of physical day. TheyExternalisation, 37:polarization is on the mental plane and they function there as sons of mind or of manas. TheirExternalisation, 38:region or realm of synthesis can the first Ray function. This is a point to be remembered and oneExternalisation, 40:is a part and in which it can play an important function, and occupy a key position), which canExternalisation, 40:to approach much nearer to mankind. The third function of this second group lies in a more distantExternalisation, 41:then initiated, is now upon us. The third function, therefore, of the group can be grasped at thisExternalisation, 62:of littleness. The seed groups that will function in the new age are, at this time, in the dark andExternalisation, 95:a man is confronted with the opportunity to function as a disciple in training with a view toExternalisation, 97:of World Servers and who can (in every country) function in group formation if they choose, and soExternalisation, 101:thus actuated, then the Kingdom of God will function objectively upon the earth. This is not yetExternalisation, 104:with their [104] souls and with each other - may function so successfully that the new civilizationExternalisation, 149:unable to lay hold upon the soul aspect and to function on that level of consciousness whereon theExternalisation, 160:and those who are consciously endeavoring to function as souls can now stir these reservoirs ofExternalisation, 168:This center begins to become active and to function dynamically, governing and directing theExternalisation, 173:Great Forces are awaiting the hour when They can function as the Liberators and the Deliverers ofExternalisation, 193:to another nation; it should be taught that the function of each nation is the perfecting of itsExternalisation, 241:the entrenched forces of aggression as they function today through the medium of the totalitarianExternalisation, 280:and integrate on all three levels and thus function as a whole. This will mean the finish of theExternalisation, 312:through which the new forces and energies can function, the new ideas can spread, and the comingExternalisation, 339:men to recognize that the Kingdom of God must function on Earth; that it must be externalized andExternalisation, 361:nature is love and understanding) can [361] function, and fusion of these two will take place. ThisExternalisation, 365:task is not that of fighting and whose place and function is perforce in the civilian aspects ofExternalisation, 388:light" of the initiates and of those who can function freely as souls - the Members of theExternalisation, 390:who truly love their fellowmen - be enabled to function? Can the situation be so staged that theExternalisation, 458:They are closer to man than are Those Who function in the Council Chamber at Shamballa. It must beExternalisation, 461:lead to activity on their part. These forces can function [462] fully and until 1949 hold sway overExternalisation, 489:will eventually, under its Head, the Christ, function openly and visibly on earth. This will happenExternalisation, 492:in high Places. Such inner pressures themselves function under the laws of the Spirit and not justExternalisation, 512:bodies, and through them therefore the laws that function on the planes whereon those bodies [513]Externalisation, 524:you are a definite part of the Hierarchy; as you function in an Ashram you have a most usefulExternalisation, 531:a nature that [531] Members of the Hierarchy may function with the minimum of difficulty on earthExternalisation, 533:separateness. At Shamballa, the Great Lives Who function there not only see manifestation whole andExternalisation, 547:people in order to see how far an ashram could function in external form on earth. It has provedExternalisation, 570:in any department in which they choose to function, will be so [571] convincing that littleExternalisation, 635:closely related to the far more important function of World Teacher. People love to be saved, forExternalisation, 652:the world if and when the Masters of the Wisdom function objectively and physically among people inExternalisation, 660:or disciple who is making the primary effort to function objectively, to work before the screen ofExternalisation, 674:task of the externalized Ashrams, organized to function openly. It was the knowledge that thisExternalisation, 676:at the same time His Ashram will continue to function upon buddhic levels, for the entire personnelExternalisation, 682:Hierarchy (initiates and accepted disciples) Who function in physical bodies, has had itsExternalisation, 693:learning to redeem the bodies through which they function. It is in reality the art or science ofFire, 41:beyond the physical and enables him to function on the lower levels of the mental plane. Fire, 53:in other human forms, the basis of the sex function. Human radiatory, or active fire, is a factorFire, 57:and, as is well known, the vehicle of prana. Its function is to store up the rays of radiatoryFire, 57:is adequately assimilated, the human frame will function as desired. The subject of the blending ofFire, 81:of all... Prana, or vitality, is the common function of the mind and all the senses." - SerpentFire, 89:the FACT of the etheric body and its basic function will be established past all controversy, andFire, 97:Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana III. The Function of the Etheric Body We will now continueFire, 97:body, and take up the consideration of its function and its relation to the physical body. The twoFire, 98:respect to the dense physical body. The second function - that of assimilation - is strictlyFire, 106:reception is brought about must be allowed to function with greater freedom, and with lessFire, 113:can even now escape from the etheric body, and function in their [114] astral sheath, which is theFire, 115:from Their planetary environment, and will function with greater ease on the cosmic astral plane,Fire, 120:of the human and deva Monads) begin to function, and to escape eventually from the cosmic ethericFire, 121:the seven Heavenly Men, whose bodies they are, function normally on the fourth plane of the system,Fire, 121:and has monadic consciousness and continuity of function. At the seventh Initiation he dominatesFire, 122:of the law) no longer perform its protective function. Let us see first of all what thoseFire, 142:fundamental. The threefold goal, The threefold function, The threefold mode of activity. The ThirdFire, 142:the perfect blending of Spirit and matter. His function is the manipulation of prakriti, or matter,Fire, 145:in cooperation with the third Logos. His function is the building of forms to be His instruments ofFire, 147:Logoi, are considered the seven Existences who function through the seven stars of the Bear." - S.Fire, 148:in matter, are gaining in quality. His function is, by means of will, to hold them in manifestationFire, 155:of the atom, Coherence of the atom, Ability to function. Heat supplied to the composite form ofFire, 164:in those cycles are always synthetic; their function is to gather up and synthesize that which hasFire, 173:or that bridge which all who seek to function in the buddhic vehicle must build between higher andFire, 183:spine, and, in the normal average man, its main function is the vitalization of the body. KundaliniFire, 196:parallels the coming of Mind, both in time and function. We have hearing, touch or feeling, andFire, 204:centers of force on the buddhic plane begin to function until the vibratory interplay between theFire, 207:with the evolution of the centers, with their function, their organization and their graduallyFire, 211:as yet has been given out. It has its place and function in certain ceremonies connected with theFire, 219:in our Puranic writings. The revealed Veda whose function is to trace out the cosmos from one basicFire, 225:as to Who is the Son, and what is His function. Two [227] factors are universally recognized in allFire, 263:Flame. - S. D., I, 45. III, 374. Note also the function of the Gods in furnishing man with hisFire, 287:intuition, or the transcendental mind, begins to function, and eventually supersedes the lower orFire, 324:was earlier pointed out that the majority of men function consciously on the fifth subplane of theFire, 324:In them the fifth principle is beginning to function, but not in sufficient force as yet to do moreFire, 336:Science. The Lord of Harmony and Art. These four function through the fourth cosmic ether, and haveFire, 340:that of a Heavenly Man, thus enabling a man to function consciously, or be vitally active on the
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