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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTION

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Meditation, 3:consciously and ever more continuously to function through the aligning Personality. Perhaps weMeditation, 19:method of meditation. Today we might take up the function of the personality ray in determiningMeditation, 22:we saw, a different process. Then we took up the function of the personality ray in combinationMeditation, 27:will; at any cost he determines to dominate and function in full liberation on the three lowerMeditation, 98:set up in three kingdoms. Before the spirit can function through forms of the fifth or spiritualMeditation, 106:endeavor, and only when he had fulfiled his function as a man could he go on to the life of theMeditation, 128:mostly from the mental plane by those who can function there freely and so contact the Thinker inMeditation, 206:and on the planes on which those vehicles function. When it is known by the occultist which colorMeditation, 263:A Master of the Wisdom is He Who can consciously function as part of the Heavenly Man to Whose BodyMeditation, 315:through to them. He must be consciously able to function on the astral plane at night and to bringMeditation, 324:can consciously leave their physical bodies and function elsewhere on the physical plane. This isMeditation, 357:the planet. Prakriti Derives its name from its function as the material cause of the firstPatanjali, 19:its third aspect. Raja Yoga trains a man to function in his second aspect and through that secondPatanjali, 21:the man's lower energy. When the man begins to function as the soul this "image" he has created,Patanjali, 43:way for the fifth or Aryan race, for those whose function it is to develop the fifth principle orPatanjali, 60:to unify the soul and the lower man so that they function as a coordinated unit on earth, the manPatanjali, 202:a form through which spirit can adequately function; The protection of the purified form fromPatanjali, 211:symbol which is his lower nature. He begins to function consciously as the divine inner subjectivePatanjali, 225:of the true or spiritual man in order to function on some higher plane, Or the bringing down intoPatanjali, 232:the threefold lower man so that the three bodies function as a coordinated unit. The freeing of thePatanjali, 249:man, awake on his own plane, is able to function with full use of the brain, sheaths and mind ofPatanjali, 285:is at hand. Through meditation and ability to function as the ego he can arrive at the world ofPatanjali, 296:These subtle bodies are the means whereby we function upon the inner planes, such as the emotionalPatanjali, 296:and the mental. At present the majority of us function on these planes unconsciously. Through thisPatanjali, 308:between the activity of the solar plexus and its function, and the first three and one-half monthsPatanjali, 312:when the solar plexus is performing its highest function. On the astral or desire plane, within thePatanjali, 312:his evolution where he can "escape upward" and function in the head. The tortoise has from thePatanjali, 313:of divinity, of God, the Holy Ghost, with His function as the energizer of matter or body. Patanjali, 313:light grows and waxes and develops a dual function. The aspirant becomes a light or lamp set in aPatanjali, 317:full light of day. When the intuition begins to function, the aspirant has to learn to utilize itPatanjali, 322:awakening and conscious use he becomes able to function as freely on the inner planes as he does onPatanjali, 323:state and must be left behind by the man who can function freed from the three worlds altogether.Patanjali, 327:upon an understanding of the nature, purpose and function of the mind. The basic law of thisPatanjali, 330:and mastered, for it involves the capacity to function in the head and to control the entire naturePatanjali, 336:and as the aspirant is one who seeks to function as "free in the macrocosm" and to transcend hisPatanjali, 349:unity, the coherence of the three, so that they function as a whole and not independently andPatanjali, 368:and means of service. The soul can now function freely and intelligently in the three worldsPatanjali, 368:bodies has been achieved and the Son of God can function freely on earth. Thus has the greatPatanjali, 369:forms may be similar, the consciousness may function on differing levels of being. 16. The manyPatanjali, 379:higher planes whereon initiates of the Mysteries function. 1. Incarnation The physical planePatanjali, 402:forms may be similar, the consciousness may function on differing levels of being. This sutraPatanjali, 406:thought is identical to the occult student) do I function? Do I identify myself with the form orPatanjali, 410:when a tiny part of a big mechanism refuses to function correctly. Frequently much adjustment isPatanjali, 413:organ of subtle vision (the third eye) begins to function, and instead of mind, brain, and twoPatanjali, 414:an instrument, as said before, capable of a dual function, registering contacts from one of twoPatanjali, 427:stands free of the field of knowledge, yet can function in it; he can utilize the instrument ofProblems, 19:among the nations which will enable her to function smoothly and attain her ends. She has beenProblems, 37:arts are taught him in order to enable him to function with the needed efficiency in a competitiveProblems, 42:of their own inner life. It is surely the function of the wealthier and free nations to help themProblems, 63:assets of civilization and culture an ability to function as souls, not only in the two worlds ofProblems, 99:aristocracy of humanity, and though they function in Jewish bodies and bear Jewish names, they joinProblems, 115:everywhere: Can the Great Powers be trusted to function selflessly in the interests of the LittleProblems, 128:was human, the nature of the Virgin Birth, the function of St. Paul as a teacher of ChristianProblems, 158:discipline and training will enable mankind to function under the control of the inner divinity, orProblems, 171:which will train the youth of all nations to function as world citizens and [172] not asPsychology1, xviii:of the group of world disciples who will function with freedom and power in a later cycle. You seePsychology1, 15:when he has attained certain steps and can function on the higher planes of the system in fullPsychology1, 15:initiates, down the ages, have fulfiled their function of revealers, and have held before the eyesPsychology1, 20:organs and centers of differentiated life which function in rhythm and relation, but which havePsychology1, 24:4. The Lord of Harmony, Beauty and Art. The main function of this Being is the creation of BeautyPsychology1, 28:I - Section One - I. Introductory Remarks 4. The Function of Christianity I have now laid down thePsychology1, 60:to express consciously all the qualities, and to function freely on all the planes. The seven rayPsychology1, 70:the fourth ray to do its work and can therefore function on the fourth or buddhic plane) within thePsychology1, 76:the lower. Just as the personality has no other function in the divine plan than to be a channelPsychology1, 87:ray. This minority are destined for an important function. They will constitute the nucleus whichPsychology1, 88:system the first ray will perform a similar function. Two rays are largely the goal of humanPsychology1, 91:of coherence or of integration ceases to function, that which it produced - the coherentPsychology1, 91:coherent functioning body - likewise ceases to function. Consciousness and choice, awareness andPsychology1, 94:disproved its existence? Is consciousness a function of the brain and of the allied nervous system,Psychology1, 114:groups will be formed increasingly, which will function on a new basis, and some of these newPsychology1, 116:contacted his own [116] soul, and has learned to function as a controlled mind as well, there isPsychology1, 116:As long as you walk on that plane and function on that level of consciousness, it is not possiblePsychology1, 160:whether a man in any particular life will function as an introvert or an extrovert, then they willPsychology1, 179:to a reorientation of the mind so that it can function with equal facility in two directions. ItPsychology1, 185:whereby the means of contact with those who function out of the physical body will be greatlyPsychology1, 186:Men are intended to acquire the facility to function freely in either direction, and so with easePsychology1, 195:by the creating Will or Life aspect so that they function as one. Therefore the aspirant is taughtPsychology1, 216:possible forces is without effect. All of them function, qualify and motivate, but one or otherPsychology1, 241:on our planet. That is its divine and unique function. This pranic fluid, in its form of the astralPsychology1, 245:will come a new light upon sex and upon the function it serves in the interrelation of lives andPsychology1, 255:animal bodies. It is found performing a similar function among human beings, and along these twoPsychology1, 262:superhuman kingdoms were focused and the great function of humanity began, which is thePsychology1, 262:a truer picture of the creative and preserving function of the fourth kingdom. Psychology1, 268:for the anticipated developments in that human function which we designate the sex function. WePsychology1, 268:that human function which we designate the sex function. We shall see consequent changes in thePsychology1, 268:excessive puritanism and prostituted a natural function into a prurient mystery. This intimacyPsychology1, 268:as the functions of eating and drinking. It is a function, however, which has not been reduced toPsychology1, 269:results of an agelong wrong attitude to the sex function lie two major evils, or rather two majorPsychology1, 272:have misused and wrongly employed a God-given function; they have prostituted their birthright, andPsychology1, 273:the diseases incident upon the misuse of the function, nor shall I deal with the subject ofPsychology1, 289:synthesis, the true creative artist begins to function. The throat, the organ of the Word,Psychology1, 293:only just come into its own, and only now is its function beginning to be understood; in onePsychology1, 301:diseases originating in the misuse of the sex function underlie a large percentage of our physicalPsychology1, 350:life a steadily growing group of those who can function [351] under the influence of this firstPsychology1, 351:ray. When enough of the sons of men can thus function, their united responsiveness will constitutePsychology1, 368:activity and begin to approximate its true function and to fulfil its long-seen destiny. One pointPsychology1, 368:main emphasis, has been potently placed on the function and place of the W.M., and not upon thePsychology1, 369:ray influence and the true spiritual work and function of the lodge itself is understood. The primePsychology1, 369:the lodge itself is understood. The prime cosmic function of the seventh ray is to perform thePsychology1, 374:I referred to the fact that man must before long function as freely on the astral plane and through
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