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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTION

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Psychology1, 376:with the form or matter aspect. When these three function together, during this particular cyclePsychology1, 378:must work, early in his training. Until he can function as a soul, independent of the cyclicPsychology1, 384:the fifth ray is transmuted into the revealing function of this ray, then France will enter into aPsychology1, 384:is an exponent of the art of control, and her function has been, as you may realize, to produce thePsychology1, 384:instead of subsidiary nations. These two powers function in this way and with this wide objectivePsychology1, 387:the future sixth great race, whilst Brazil will function as the leading division of the great sixthPsychology1, 394:"the sun and his seven brothers" did not function with true unanimity; hence (and herein lies aPsychology2, 16:seven lives (occasionally eleven lives) will function as a dominant personality in some field ofPsychology2, 27:consciousness is free and unlimited, and can function in form or out of form according to thePsychology2, 27:the time he takes the third initiation, he can function actively and consciously in fourPsychology2, 54:and as relatively tangible, and which can function as a mode or medium whereby the soul can contactPsychology2, 71:thought itself, beginning with its dual esoteric function which is: The recognition of, andPsychology2, 73:of the bridge whereby the consciousness can function with facility [74] both in the higher worldsPsychology2, 75:[75] the Mysteries be restored and the world function, therefore, more consciously in line with thePsychology2, 85:moment to all who live (or begin to live) and function as conscious souls, through definitePsychology2, 87:soul life, which is group life, to begin to function and make their presence felt. This will atPsychology2, 91:[91] realizations of those who are beginning to function as superhuman entities. All this has beenPsychology2, 112:beings understand something of what it means to function as a soul. Then, under obedience to thisPsychology2, 135:can be made to the man or woman who seeks to function as a true server than to ask them to repeatPsychology2, 142:habitations for those dynamic entities whose function it has ever been to charge the thoughts ofPsychology2, 142:Ray III The servers on this ray have a special function at this time in stimulating the intellectPsychology2, 148:concerns the psyche or soul, and therefore its function is to further the spiritual interests ofPsychology2, 149:into three parts: The Law of Repulse, and the function and quality of desire. The Law of Repulse,Psychology2, 156:indicated the soul's need to incarnate and to function, for a needed period, under the Law ofPsychology2, 174:Ray Factor of Evolution This law begins to function and to be registered in the personalPsychology2, 175:which indicate that the aspirant is beginning to function as a soul and is ready for conscious lifePsychology2, 182:and service) then they will begin to function outwardly and their life aspect will begin to makePsychology2, 185:of the Divine Life, minute or great. The function of the etheric body is to receive energy impulsesPsychology2, 191:them. 7. A few groups will have an interesting function, but one which will not materialize for aPsychology2, 191:else, the energy of ideas. That is their major function. The world of ideas is a world of dynamicPsychology2, 192:be assimilated and transmitted and this is the function of those force centers which will expressPsychology2, 195:when the units in the group are beginning to function upon the mental plane and are developing thePsychology2, 198:the Law of Group Progress begins definitely to function and to control. It might be of interest, ifPsychology2, 208:they have constructed in order to enable them to function in the world as we know it today. SciencePsychology2, 214:which must control the man who is seeking to function as a soul in command of the personality.Psychology2, 233:control all our relations with each other, as we function in group units. It works through thePsychology2, 238:high moments of aspiration. Only when a man can function as a soul, and can turn the developedPsychology2, 241:in group formation and by those Masters Who can function in full monadic consciousness. They alonePsychology2, 249:of his life forms. True creative art is a soul function; the primary task, therefore, of the artistPsychology2, 262:because of the aptness of the phrase to indicate function. These souls, because of their point inPsychology2, 266:mental natures can be fused and can subsequently function as one, and thus produce a mechanismPsychology2, 287:recognition, and the intuition begins faintly to function. These petals of love, which are onlyPsychology2, 305:becomes related in all its parts and begins to function harmoniously. This is of value to rememberPsychology2, 306:centers throughout the body awaken and begin to function faintly. The centers below the diaphragmPsychology2, 321:truly possible to the man who is beginning to function as a soul. Psychology2, 332:experience is lost and only the longing to function as a conscious part of the greater WholePsychology2, 335:personality and the soul so that the soul can Function through any one body at will, or FunctionPsychology2, 335:can Function through any one body at will, or Function through all the three bodies whichPsychology2, 354:personality until, in the fourth life, he can function safely through a first ray personalityPsychology2, 363:group, a bridging group, upon our planet. The function of this intermediate group is to embody aPsychology2, 364:and the consciousness of its advanced units will function normally upon the fourth plane of buddhicPsychology2, 367:with the Hierarchy. If we ponder on this, the function and relation will be apparent. [368] Let usPsychology2, 398:and brought into activity by those who can function as souls. Undefined Attributes are those ofPsychology2, 408:the personality, so that all three aspects shall function as one unit. We have, therefore: ThePsychology2, 447:higher and the lower natures or aspects begin to function as one? This involves the blending of thePsychology2, 473:owing to the enormous majority of people who function astrally always. Maya is vital in characterPsychology2, 473:he has achieved integration and is able to function in the mind nature; because his orientation isPsychology2, 475:of this present cycle is accomplished) should function consciously in forgotten areas of awareness,Psychology2, 475:Atlantean races. It is intended that men should function as Caucasians, though no reallyPsychology2, 502:plus the physical body, then these three aspects function harmoniously. A capacity to pursuePsychology2, 517:today whose minds are awakening and who can function actively and creatively on the three levels ofPsychology2, 521:the diaphragm. That average man is beginning to function primarily through the solar plexus centerPsychology2, 536:place normally and naturally as man learns to function as a soul and not just as a personality.Psychology2, 539:of least resistance; they, therefore, begin to function almost exclusively through that center.Psychology2, 575:The time is, however, coming when humanity will function on a large scale and as a mass through thePsychology2, 588:stands wide open? He seeks to shut it and to function normally; he distrusts and fears his psychicPsychology2, 598:unfold prematurely and before their nature and function is understood or the laws of their controlPsychology2, 612:the glamor of the astral plane" and proceed to function without error and can thus bring about thePsychology2, 636:and arouse, through them, the masses. Their function and the part they play is of supremePsychology2, 660:owing to the urgency of the crisis. Those whose function it is to cooperate and help will appear,Psychology2, 662:the work constructively. Theirs is not now the function to organize the men of good will in thePsychology2, 663:have hitherto remained theoretical, is the prime function of the New Group of World Servers. TheyPsychology2, 667:the newer and truer ideas may be grasped. Its function is the spreading of the message ofPsychology2, 668:Group of World Servers can make itself felt. The function of the New Group is to balance the forcesPsychology2, 677:weak and as yet but little realized. The second function of the New Group of World Servers is toPsychology2, 679:of profound magnitude to the race. The third function of the New Group of World Servers, and onePsychology2, 685:student. [685] The Buddha has a special function at this time as an interplanetary mediator, and inPsychology2, 687:work and think and act in group formation, and function as a silent distributor of force. For twoPsychology2, 694:new world and the new ideals. This group will function under no name, and will remain perfectlyPsychology2, 695:number of thinking men and women realize its function and possibilities, it will be easier for thePsychology2, 696:beings understand something of what it means to function as souls. Then, under obedience to thisPsychology2, 703:familiar. It has to learn to be at home and to function effectively in the world of human livingPsychology2, 743:nature, the kingdom of God can be born and can function upon the outer world of manifestation.Rays, 37:in his lesser degree to achieve the same dual function and thereby fit himself for the widerRays, 69:and the Custodians of the Plan. The function of the Registrants of the Purpose is to keep theRays, 69:planet Venus and the Central Spiritual Sun. The function of the Custodians of the Will is to relateRays, 76:conditions in which the new world order may function? These are the important questions which theRays, 77:The clarity of that light indicates the function of the soul, as its great light enables theRays, 77:and the clear light of their souls can so function that united invocative cry will evoke aRays, 81:aspect of manifestation. He has learnt to function through form; he has become aware, as a soul, ofRays, 100:emotional states, enabling the astral body to function on the seven subplanes of the astral plane,Rays, 111:develops and more and more people begin to function as souls, the nature of the soul (which isRays, 119:humanity, in its higher brackets, enables him to function upon the Path of Discipleship and onRays, 119:of the ability of the initiate consciousness to function on initiate levels and also in the threeRays, 122:In those schools, those who are beginning to function as souls will be led on to take their nextRays, 138:evolution; the intention is to teach him to function on those planes of conscious contact which areRays, 140:or instinct which enables all forms of life to function, which embodies the principles ofRays, 153:whole, within which he must also learn to function and play his part. First he, as a disciple, hasRays, 160:has ever taught that mankind has a special function in saving and regenerating nature. The "savingRays, 166:undergone in order to enable the initiate to function upon the cosmic astral plane, when withdrawn
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