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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTIONING

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Externalisation, 586:or to see the Ashram with which he is affiliated functioning physically on the outer plane. He mayExternalisation, 593:thus because not only are all those who are functioning consciously in the Kingdom of God [594]Externalisation, 603:men are good enough! It is something which is functioning efficiently today and demandingExternalisation, 630:such organizations exist today, but the few now functioning can set an example which will beExternalisation, 639:some day materialize, after the creation and the functioning of blocs have proved how men shouldExternalisation, 655:and effectiveness, and are regarded as functioning "below the threshold of the consciousness" ofExternalisation, 683:no longer withdrawn, isolated and protected, but functioning openly in the middle of events andExternalisation, 698:[698] disciples - are to be found today actively functioning in human affairs and struggling, underFire, 45:then nature will perfectly display the needed functioning, and the correct adaptation of theFire, 46:its lowest point of contact, the personality, functioning through a physical vehicle. It likewiseFire, 46:of the thoughts, purpose or desire of their Ego, functioning through the physical brain. Most ofFire, 48:a planet, of the entire constitution of active functioning man upon the physical plane, and of theFire, 60:These inner fires of the earth can be seen functioning, as in the sun, through three main channels:Fire, 64:the PERSONALITY OF THE LOGOS, and are seen functioning as one. Hence the secret (well recognized asFire, 64:The inner fires of the atom can likewise be seen functioning along similar lines, theirFire, 81:beings, etc., are only parts of the body, each functioning in subordination to the law whichFire, 91:When the etheric body is in good order and functioning correctly, enough of this prana is absorbedFire, 91:This is the whole object of the etheric body's functioning, and is a point which cannot beFire, 92:or the prana of whichever planet man may be functioning upon during a physical incarnation. A veryFire, 105:the heat latent in matter; when received and functioning through the etheric body correctly, theyFire, 106:activity of the physical vehicle, and the right functioning of its organs. It will, therefore, beFire, 113:the mental unit. This leads eventually to causal functioning, or to the ability to dwell, and to beFire, 115:subplane of the astral plane is the normal functioning ground of the average man and that in thisFire, 120:When these three cosmic ethers are mastered, the functioning is perfected, polarization is centeredFire, 162:vibration, he will find that the development and functioning of the centers has pursued a parallelFire, 164:this point and will have their five senses fully functioning on the three planes in the threeFire, 166:of pure life force. The centers, therefore, when functioning properly, form the "body of fire"Fire, 172:He is sensing the spiritual, though actively functioning in the personal life and the developmentFire, 184:in the body is vivified, every center is fully functioning, and a threefold path of fire can beFire, 236:process. In connection with the Heavenly Men, functioning through the planets, there are,Fire, 247:not yet attained full activity. Only four are functioning at this stage, and the fifth is inFire, 253:on this fourth globe, is awakened, though not functioning as it will in the fifth round. Much ofFire, 287:by instinct and by the use of the concrete mind functioning through the physical brain can beFire, 292:or each of the seven centers are awakened and functioning consciously and freely, with theirFire, 317:are to man, the thinker in the three worlds, functioning in the causal body. We must not forgetFire, 317:between these is pondered on. Man is a unit, functioning as a unit in the causal body. He is aFire, 317:as a unit in the causal body. He is a triplicity functioning under the will aspect, or mental body;Fire, 336:This description is true of all group-souls functioning on the physical plane, but gives no idea ofFire, 405:in our Sanskrit works and the entities that are functioning there are called the Pitris, which ofFire, 419:realizes himself as distinct from every other functioning sphere of matter from the materializedFire, 421:three lower kingdoms, and his conscious [421] functioning in the three worlds. This occurred atFire, 464:vibrations of men, whose fourth spirilla is functioning adequately. In these last two cases we areFire, 464:The fourth Creative Hierarchy, viewed as a unit functioning on this planet (and leaving out ofFire, 473:of the concrete to the essence. Man, while functioning in material, substantial forms in the threeFire, 499:of the human family will be fully aware, functioning with uninterrupted continuity of recollectionFire, 504:comprehension of this subject, that of the Ego functioning in the causal body, comes the ability toFire, 508:the continuity of the consciousness of the man functioning in the causal body. This distinctionFire, 526:first aspect of the personality triad, or of man functioning in the human kingdom on the threeFire, 530:the true nature of Spirit. Therefore in man, functioning in the human family, this fact is apparentFire, 554:types of vibrations to which our solar Logos (functioning in a material body) will in due course ofFire, 616:worlds; the formless lives are those which are functioning in and through the etheric body of theFire, 617:that Self-conscious Unity, a solar Logos, functioning through His physical vehicle. From theFire, 619:the body corporate. Each human being likewise, functioning in the three worlds, works in aFire, 670:that this particular branch of pitris are those functioning in our particular scheme, and areFire, 735:different proportions. When a man can be seen functioning in his etheric physical body by theFire, 746:he becomes, therefore, aware of his real Self, functioning freely and consciously beyond the planesFire, 774:next round will the fifth spirilla be an active functioning unit in a sense incomprehensible now.Fire, 777:Saturn scheme work somewhat differently to those functioning in the Venus, the Vulcan, the Mars,Fire, 789:through which man (as an aggregate of lives) is functioning. The activity of these centers sets upFire, 791:close aggregation. As two of the centers are not functioning as actively as the other five, anFire, 800:is concerned. The life impulse of the Thinker functioning in the causal body who - though a greatFire, 810:and each other, as divine self-conscious units, functioning primarily in the causal body butFire, 815:of the inner consciousness of the human unit (functioning in the physical body) to the higherFire, 818:of development and true evolution of the Ego, functioning in the causal body. In terms of fire, theFire, 831:to its source, escaping out of prison and functioning as a center of energy on planes of cosmicFire, 845:all the elemental lives of the lesser Builders functioning as, or forming, the substance of anyFire, 887:confined ourselves to those who are the functioning agents in the three worlds of human endeavor.Fire, 889:produce effects upon other human beings functioning on the three planes of human evolution and uponFire, 986:force of the second aspect as long as he is functioning in connection with the three lower planes.Fire, 1007:powerful work performed by those in whom it is functioning. The third eye only begins to functionFire, 1008:More need not be said here, for until the eye is functioning, it is not possible for men toFire, 1009:plane. The latter, nevertheless, has to be functioning more or less before the "Eye of Shiva"Fire, 1010:and then the three physical head centers are functioning. Second, through the coordinated activityFire, 1100:His physical body; the human units will be then functioning upon the buddhic plane, and the groupsFire, 1107:On the subplane which is formed of lives functioning through the third spirilla, are found "theFire, 1108:separation of the mental body and its individual functioning. It is anent the process of "heavenlyFire, 1123:streams of energy and therefore consciously functioning. These factors might be considered asFire, 1124:nervous system. These various alignments (when functioning with due adjustment) result in theFire, 1128:self, and which have also to be actively functioning before the triple egoic force can make itselfFire, 1130:The third eye is the window of the Ego or soul functioning on the physical plane whereby he looksFire, 1175:living and can follow the etheric cycles, functioning consciously on the three higher ethericFire, 1176:and have their own evolutionary problems and are functioning as part of the solar Body. They areFire, 1198:on the seventh plane. The energies which are functioning are those which the Logos has unfolded,Fire, 1206:two lowest groups are the lives which are found functioning as the involutionary matter (organizedFire, 1219:group, it [1219] should be remembered, which is functioning on the physical plane is also found inFire, 1219:units who form a part of the group, and yet are functioning without the physical plane sheaths orFire, 1256:stages are personally taught by Sanat Kumara, functioning as the embodied planetary Logos. ThisGlamour, 2:to teaching of any kind does not infer the functioning of the intuition. It is not only the seeingGlamour, 3:of the principle of universality, and when it is functioning there is, momentarily at least, aGlamour, 3:forms. Intuition is light itself, and when it is functioning, the world is seen as light and theGlamour, 7:is vibrating very gently, but is not in full functioning activity. This higher center must beGlamour, 8:or intuitional faculty can be brought into functioning activity. It is a delicate art, this art ofGlamour, 16:Now I can do so, as the group members are functioning together with a much increased innerGlamour, 58:perception is therefore essential for each mind, functioning correctly. Aspirants must learn toGlamour, 107:problem was the right comprehension, correct functioning and control of the physical body) began toGlamour, 108:the consciousness which is aware and capable of functioning upon a plane higher than that on whichGlamour, 115:astral body and the mental body are active and functioning, he himself becomes a manufacturer ofGlamour, 116:nature and of the vital body which latter, functioning through the dense physical nature, produce aGlamour, 124:must be offered, even though it delay functioning in group service. Several of the group membersGlamour, 179:obliterating the Eastern contribution, and the functioning of the Law of Rebirth holds the clue to
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