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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTIONING

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Psychology2, 194:directed energies. When the groups are functioning adequately and have achieved, not only anPsychology2, 195:some measure of soul contact. These groups are functioning entirely through a subjective relation,Psychology2, 197:individual before he can consciously become a functioning member of the New Group of World Servers,Psychology2, 201:through human beings, of the selves who are functioning through form and are therefore intangiblePsychology2, 202:As a definite Self, an entity, informing a body, functioning at various levels of humanPsychology2, 202:and an outpost of the divine consciousness, functioning in time and space for purposes ofPsychology2, 205:are primarily emotional. The mind nature is not functioning strongly, and only rarely does it swingPsychology2, 227:that which the divine Spirit (which is will, functioning in love) has been able to effect inPsychology2, 228:is understood, and when the soul is seen to be functioning through all parts of all forms. AtPsychology2, 233:his fellow man. It is this principle, working or functioning through the human consciousness, whichPsychology2, 240:and then the work with them, as souls, so that (functioning then on soul levels and as consciousPsychology2, 254:and express themselves through human beings, functioning in the forms of the fourth kingdom. ThesePsychology2, 265:a responsive physical body and glands which are functioning well will frequently prove a morePsychology2, 282:take place when human personalities are actively functioning and steadily awakening. The rapidPsychology2, 299:the soul has taken over conscious control and is functioning at all dominantly. This is the chartPsychology2, 305:and feeble; all have the three petals (not more) functioning and this the clairvoyant can see. AsPsychology2, 314:lower planes, and that it is a type of energy, functioning in a field of force, thus producing anPsychology2, 323:spiritual people, those who are definitely functioning souls. For these latter, the averagePsychology2, 338:all the force and power of an integrated functioning person. There will be those whosePsychology2, 343:frequent intervals, are Integrated into a functioning, active personality; Swept by the power ofPsychology2, 345:the service of the Plan. He in his turn - as a functioning soul and body, united, aligned and usedPsychology2, 348:kingdom. We regard the physical body as a functioning aggregate of physical organs, each with itsPsychology2, 349:the various aspects of himself into one functioning whole, but the focus of his activity isPsychology2, 351:after it has been somewhat integrated into a functioning unity and is, therefore, becoming slightlyPsychology2, 354:He is conscious of his power, gained whilst functioning as a selfish destroyer, but he is alsoPsychology2, 364:and beauty in nature, through blending into one functioning, related unity the soul in all forms.Psychology2, 378:vehicles, prior to their integration into a functioning whole. It might be of value here if IPsychology2, 384:act of the will, which really means by the mind, functioning forcefully, under the influence of thePsychology2, 385:Initiation, the awakening and full-conditioned functioning of the two head centers is completed.Psychology2, 389:of Fusion, finds that: [389] It evokes a full functioning of the divine creative faculty. It willPsychology2, 394:an aggregate of living forms, corelated and functioning as a unity, but of which he in fact knowsPsychology2, 400:The purer the agent, the better should be the functioning of the imagination, which is essentiallyPsychology2, 409:integration of all the [409] aspects into one functioning self-conscious, self-directedPsychology2, 415:to such a point that the personality is functioning. Then the head center begins to awaken and thePsychology2, 418:the average man today is a closely knit and functioning unit. (This is true whether one isPsychology2, 424:We are considering related units of energy, functioning in a field of energy; remembering thisPsychology2, 430:that the problem case itself can be brought into functioning right activity, for all the innate,Psychology2, 435:is the major integrating center and comes into functioning activity when two major fusions havePsychology2, 442:has fused the personality vehicles into one functioning whole and is definitely a personality, butPsychology2, 445:which unifies the lower energies into one functioning personality. The adjustment of the bridgingPsychology2, 465:he is able to [465] do simply as a personality, functioning in the three worlds, and so obliviousPsychology2, 474:to states of awareness and to conditions of functioning which were normal and right in AtlanteanPsychology2, 507:very real in nature. Aspirants who succeed in functioning with any measure of consciousness on thePsychology2, 524:to produce the preservation of life, the smooth functioning of the instinctual nature, plus aPsychology2, 526:centers below the head will all be active and functioning, but the centers below the diaphragm willPsychology2, 531:the mystic who is rapidly coming into being and functioning activity. He becomes painfullyPsychology2, 552:the medical profession, leading to a much better functioning of the nervous system and of the vagusPsychology2, 557:tends [557] to synthesis. It can already be seen functioning at a definite point of fulfilment inPsychology2, 558:of his power and of a few of his powers; he is a functioning personality and (because the mind isPsychology2, 575:know, the higher correspondences are coming into functioning activity and humanity is beginning toPsychology2, 590:(and they constitute the great majority) is functioning normally when displaying the psychicPsychology2, 602:and responsibilities and the usual physical functioning of the nature should bring about muchPsychology2, 611:occultly cool. It brings the brain cells into functioning activity, evoking response from cells atPsychology2, 611:the health of the entire body and its right functioning rests. When there is a correct grasp ofPsychology2, 642:The New Group of World Servers is already a functioning active group. Every man and woman in everyPsychology2, 677:men. When the mass conscience is evoked and functioning, a stabilized opinion will be possible, andPsychology2, 710:of the occultist, who is only the mystic functioning on a higher plane - that of the mind. ThesePsychology2, 725:fresh efforts. But the development and actual functioning of the plans laid down and the actualPsychology2, 732:force. It should be developed into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy. That is ourPsychology2, 739:Men and women of good will can be discovered functioning in every group, no matter what itsRays, 18:animated by the same spiritual activity, functioning under the same laws, but conditioned by twoRays, 35:when personality and soul are fused and functioning as a consciously blended and focused unit. Rays, 37:of attention is and if you are consequently functioning as an integrated personality. RememberRays, 40:till the present, the initiate-disciple has been functioning as a duality and as a fusion ofRays, 49:the intuition and the sense of correlation are functioning, the idea might escape recognition. InRays, 55:when the personality is an integrated and functioning whole and the soul is beginning to controlRays, 57:by desire or aspiration, by plan or purpose, and functioning in its place under the inspiration ofRays, 76:the forms through which many masses of men are functioning. This is both a good and a bad thing,Rays, 78:Shamballa. Each of these is evocative to the one functioning at a slower or lesser speed (if IRays, 99:than a man asleep is conscious of the rhythmic functioning of his sleeping [100] physical vehicle.Rays, 100:in reality unconsciousness of that which may be functioning in some form or another, but in a formRays, 121:gullible and the foolish. There are many such functioning in this manner today. Others may refrainRays, 127:the beginner. Many disciples today who should be functioning in the Hall of Wisdom are stillRays, 137:be, because his conscious mind is free for group functioning. This is a concept which must beRays, 137:of heart expression and be as unconscious in its functioning as is the rhythm of the heart itself -Rays, 158:eye of vision (turned this time by the initiate functioning in the world of causes upon the worldsRays, 162:the Hierarchy itself, as a body organized and functioning in order to implement certainRays, 172:keep the form aspect of the planetary Logos functioning as a "Divine Representation." Note thatRays, 180:astral plane. God is mind. God is intelligent functioning. God is creative activity. These are theRays, 188:"in shape." The seven lotuses, or chakras were functioning, some powerfully, whilst others remainedRays, 205:that they constitute one coherent, energized and functioning whole. A parallel to this, though on aRays, 212:of Occult Continuity when, and if, the group is functioning intelligently and demonstrating loveRays, 214:silence. How, we ask ourselves at times when the functioning of the Ashram is under discussion, canRays, 218:and the group mind will be well organized and functioning rhythmically. Thus the groupRays, 219:consciousness. The group personality is often functioning with potency, but the fusing love of theRays, 219:oriented to the immediate task to be done and is functioning from the angle of purpose as oneRays, 225:group relation. This is revealed by the mind, functioning as an aspect of the group mind. [226] TheRays, 228:You have here also a great triangle of energies, functioning through the medium of Mercury, theRays, 257:These correspondences are very real, even though functioning upon a minute scale; the initiateRays, 257:is related, and love, will and intelligence are functioning in synthesis. Here we find a relationRays, 257:and another great triangle reaches true functioning activity. When this takes place, a revelationRays, 259:have passed through certain initiations and are functioning as a unified group. The simplicity ofRays, 263:applicants, as demonstrated by the disciple now functioning in a group, can all be summed up in theRays, 267:which is somewhat new to the modern initiate, functioning in a physical body; it is difficult forRays, 274:center, and the alta major center) are [274] all functioning and unshakably related, therebyRays, 275:practical purposes and its ability when rightly functioning to unite the exoteric and the esotericRays, 299:to be a complex organism which constitutes a functioning unity through the medium of the lifeRays, 309:of some aspect of the plan as it has been functioning in the three worlds, and this under divineRays, 310:form in the three worlds emanates from the soul functioning outside the three worlds of the lower,Rays, 312:ability does not become an established fact and functioning realization until after the third
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