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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTIONING

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Rays, 338:one or other of the seven centers into full functioning activity, not from the angle of awakeningRays, 375:action is more closely allied to first ray functioning than it is to the second ray, and is anRays, 378:subsidiary Ashrams (not all of which are yet functioning) are energized by the potency of will fromRays, 386:This Ashram had taken form and attained functioning activity some time earlier. You can see, underRays, 387:itself through the quality of all the rays, functioning through their respective Ashrams. TheRays, 388:only one at this time with no subsidiary fully functioning Ashram, and this because the will aspectRays, 417:Sirius, and it is to that unknown "sphere of functioning and intelligent activity" what the Law ofRays, 430:lesson of the dual life of the man whose soul is functioning and whose physical brain is constantlyRays, 433:personality [433] are fused and blended into one functioning unit, this superseding again what weRays, 433:the Lord of the World to Those Masters Who are functioning in a physical body and must thereforeRays, 446:his mind is intelligently and consciously functioning. He must begin at this stage to have someRays, 449:sutratma) links and vivifies all forms into one functioning whole, and embodies in itself the willRays, 461:of the Spiritual Triad and is brought into functioning activity through meditation. It thenRays, 461:and unknown. It is brought into conscious functioning through the building of the antahkarana. ThisRays, 469:somewhat ready, must be brought into conscious functioning and activity. Desire-love must beRays, 475:(the latter being the agent of creation) functioning to a certain degree consciously in theRays, 478:was their life history. Two of the threads were functioning; one was not functioning at all. TheRays, 478:Two of the threads were functioning; one was not functioning at all. The bridge was not built. 3.Rays, 480:through which man (as an aggregate of lives) is functioning. The activity of these centers sets upRays, 483:these two aspects of divine expression, but not functioning itself as a middle factor. When thisRays, 492:to renounce." These three egoic qualities - when functioning with a measure of potency - produce anRays, 494:and soul or of ego and form, but simply the One, functioning on all planes as a point of spiritualRays, 537:disciple's eyes are removed from himself and his functioning in the three worlds is becomingRays, 596:Initiation the new world order must be functioning and the coming civilization must be at itsRays, 598:for the reason that the initiate is now functioning as a soul-infused personality, and thereforeRays, 637:or are in process of integration into one functioning whole. The disciple knows, however, that - asRays, 641:- in connection with the initiations concerned - functioning within the realm of knowledge; it is aRays, 665:mind is unable to illumine is now developing and functioning within them. The "light of life" isReappearance, 38:accomplishment. Not only are all those who are functioning consciously in the Kingdom of God awareReappearance, 50:man is good enough! It is something which is functioning efficiently today and demandingReappearance, 81:our time and age. Astronomically, we are not yet functioning fully within the influence ofReappearance, 117:of that kingdom, and it was this privileged functioning that He held, for the first time, beforeReappearance, 147:and can manifest on earth as a rightly functioning son of God. Reappearance, 153:the Kingdom of God will indeed and in truth be functioning on earth. Reappearance, 179:such organizations exist today, but the few now functioning can set an example which will beReappearance, 181:He finds that they are everywhere, and are functioning in every country and in all the organizedReappearance, 186:force. It should be developed into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy. This is ourSoul, 20:all feeling, thinking and activity to the functioning of the physical cells and the bodily organs.Soul, 24:consciousness, what you will. Thought is not the functioning of matter. The materialists on theSoul, 24:muscle activity or nerve activity, is all the functioning of physical, material cells, and thatSoul, 24:complex, however delicate, however noble that functioning may be in terms of morals or religion." -Soul, 28:whether that self [28] is the human divine self, functioning in its own little world of mental,Soul, 34:of ductless glands, which two systems are found functioning in close coordination in the humanSoul, 34:is so great that, unless the ductless glands are functioning normally, there will be no adequateSoul, 40:development incident to the normal, or abnormal, functioning of the endocrine glands. From thisSoul, 41:is related to brain growth and that its active functioning [42] causes intellectual precocity as isSoul, 47:irresponsible nature of children, and, when over-functioning in adult years, produces theSoul, 51:system, and to the poor or good development and functioning of man's apparatus of contact andSoul, 55:centers. Fifth: Only certain centers are now functioning in man and the rest are quiescent. In aSoul, 59:and moves and has its being. Energy is thus functioning through the etheric. This is true of manSoul, 67:theory of the etheric counterpart and the energy functioning through it. "The Life Force. Let usSoul, 69:and the personality being now integrated and functioning, the time has come when he can, for theSoul, 71:pp. 180, 181. The possibility of man functioning as a soul, as a synthesis of mechanism, life andSoul, 99:of consciousness; it is divine Purpose, actively functioning. Prana, is analogous to the activitySoul, 121:which, in average humanity, are awake and functioning seem to be related to glands, whose peculiarSoul, 122:or subnormality, and their right or wrong functioning may be determined by the state of thoseSoul, 124:the heart and head centers, must come into full functioning activity and thus, through a blendingSoul, 128:have a complete picture of man as a living soul, functioning through a certain mechanism. Part ofSoul, 128:bodies. It is the soul force playing upon and functioning through the etheric body which evolvesSoul, 128:with its centers are out of adjustment and not functioning properly, man, the soul, must repair orSoul, 129:that we can even conceive of his glands as not functioning properly, much less proceed to study,Soul, 134:to those whose heart center is awake and functioning. Such Lovers of God have existed through theSoul, 141:high state of evolution the throat center is functioning and he is beginning to take his place inSoul, 141:brings the pineal gland from an atrophied to a functioning condition as in the days of childhood,Soul, 143:is matter, and matter is light. When the soul is functioning and the man has achieved consciousTelepathy, 8:so called. Both the sitters and the medium are functioning through the same center. With this classTelepathy, 9:and a higher type whose solar plexus center is functioning actively but whose throat center is alsoTelepathy, 22:Prior to that he cannot be a conscious part of a functioning group on the inner planes gatheredTelepathy, 23:of contact. Later, the group of disciples, functioning as one synthetic thought-form, can reach himTelepathy, 23:the contact between an inner group of disciples, functioning consciously on the subjective levels,Telepathy, 29:and with active receptivity when you are functioning as a receiver. I would like to point out thatTelepathy, 33:to be used in reaching the masses and those not functioning upon the mental plane. AlreadyTelepathy, 35:knowledge, unimpeded by any instrument normally functioning in the three worlds. Of thisTelepathy, 65:term of the creative period to a simultaneous functioning; the first result of their relation isTelepathy, 107:creates the antahkarana and becomes a functioning part of the Ashram, he learns (whilst practicingTelepathy, 109:is developing or in process of coming into functioning activity. During this developing process,Telepathy, 137:impression upon the human consciousness, functioning in time and space. The essential synthesisTelepathy, 147:major sets of endocrine glands slowly came into functioning activity. It must here be rememberedTelepathy, 151:of the etheric levels. That these substances, functioning actively in any particular etheric body,Telepathy, 151:When, however, the head center is awakened and functioning, then the ovoid appearance is far moreTelepathy, 156:life and purpose of its own, their existence and functioning is impulsed, determined andTelepathy, 157:and all the centers in the body are awakened and functioning in unison and rhythm. Then -Telepathy, 158:"Then the three that ranked as all that was, functioning as one and controlling all the seven, noTelepathy, 160:into one of the Ashrams (and there are many) functioning under the Lord of Civilization, the MasterTelepathy, 185:creative activity, out of which this triangle of functioning embodied energies will emerge, isTelepathy, 186:externalization of the Hierarchy and its open functioning upon the physical plane. Then, someTelepathy, 187:in each Center will not be only actively functioning, but they will be working together in theTelepathy, 188:energy" in Shamballa or in the Hierarchy may be functioning in physical vehicles. Some are and some
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