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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNCTIONS

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Psychology1, 136:system is linked. Similarly the solar Logos functions through the medium of that gigantic responsePsychology1, 193:the impulse of the divine Life, is love, which functions through the medium of the Law ofPsychology1, 240:the planetary Logos of a particular ray always functions as the Initiator. This ray cyclicallyPsychology1, 254:But this third Ray of Divine Intelligence functions more potently and influences more powerfully inPsychology1, 255:give animals, where these particular powers and functions are concerned. In the human familyPsychology1, 268:- as instinctual and as necessary as the functions of eating and drinking. It is a function,Psychology1, 291:is the glory of man and wonderful are the divine functions which he embodies. Through the passagePsychology1, 304:life and complete abstinence from all natural functions is neither correct nor desirable. This canPsychology1, 304:man cannot [304] act divinely and wherein all functions cannot be illumined by the light of purePsychology1, 304:that is not normally rounded out till all the functions of its nature - animal, human and divine -Psychology1, 306:and to many perversions of God-given functions and faculties; and even where there has not beenPsychology1, 365:affect the mechanism through which the soul functions. It is interesting to note how the sixth ray,Psychology1, 376:and a specific type of civilization which functions under what we (esoterically) call the Laws ofPsychology1, 380:integrates the entire solar system. This Life functions therefore in and through all the planetaryPsychology2, 27:he passes out of it at the third initiation, and functions freely in the fifth kingdom, the kingdomPsychology2, 67:lower self and the higher Self, as the latter functions in its own world. This has to be bridgedPsychology2, 69:soul (in contradistinction to the soul as it functions in its own kingdom, free from thePsychology2, 70:become one world wherein the initiate works and functions, seeing no distinction, viewing one worldPsychology2, 78:and of de-materialization. The soul functions with the purpose of liberation before it, and not ofPsychology2, 99:The personality of this third ray Life functions through the following planets: The mental bodyPsychology2, 111:of that Law. It is the Law of Attraction as it functions in the kingdom of souls, but because it isPsychology2, 182:activity of the life of the disciple, wherein he functions consciously both as a personality and asPsychology2, 233:to recognize the whole of which he is a part. It functions via a man's soul, utilizing the headPsychology2, 252:a human being. He has the physical attributes, functions, habits [253] and mechanism of the fourthPsychology2, 264:own or self-achieved. A personality is one who functions with coordination, owing to his endowmentPsychology2, 305:the earliest and simplest stage wherein the man functions as an elementary human being. During thisPsychology2, 350:and thinking simultaneously, making of these functions one activity. This personality synthesisPsychology2, 353:has achieved their simultaneous control. The man functions as a whole. This process and method ofPsychology2, 363:and therefore has a peculiar relation to the functions, relationships and the service of man, as anPsychology2, 393:in meditation, decides, plans and works. He functions as the soul and has achieved a definitePsychology2, 435:through which the conscious, spiritual man functions. The heart center is the seat of life, of thePsychology2, 475:to recover the conscious control of his bodily functions. This conscious control was aPsychology2, 475:of consciousness, and the body performs its functions automatically and unconsciously, except inPsychology2, 536:no longer be an atrophied organism with its true functions not understood and comprehended, but itPsychology2, 574:that an organ which is definitely physical functions sympathetically, accurately and synchronouslyPsychology2, 575:race. The Atlantean state of awareness (which functions primarily through the solar plexus) will bePsychology2, 611:localized in the region of the pituitary body - functions through the left eye. The time has notPsychology2, 664:definitely to affect world affairs. One of their functions will be to bring into touch with eachPsychology2, 668:Today - The New Group of World Servers c. Functions of the New Group of World Servers It would bePsychology2, 668:of value at this time to indicate three of the functions of this New Group so that there may be aPsychology2, 677:the first time in its history. One of the main functions of the New Group of World Servers is toRays, 68:the significance of group work. One of its major functions, esoterically speaking, is to absorb,Rays, 68:of protection and of distribution is one of the functions of the great meeting of all theRays, 82:plane, seething and unstable as the sea, and functions on the plane of mind, of which the symbol isRays, 108:them not? For two reasons I write. One of my functions and duties (as a Master of the Wisdom) is toRays, 137:the true significance of the words. The initiate functions in a group (always in a group) and hasRays, 162:of the Supplementary Seven is ever in force. It functions in the processes going on in the sevenRays, 206:in His planned incarnation through a planet. He functions when in incarnation on the cosmicRays, 263:positivity than the highly advanced personality functions in the three worlds of human evolution;Rays, 267:to understand Their mysterious and peculiar functions. They do not belong to this solar system atRays, 269:works with the Lord of the first ray and functions as an outpost of the consciousness of theRays, 282:as animal instinct is to the human being. It functions, but the man is not consciously aware of it.Rays, 357:that the reason glamor predominates and illusion functions in the three worlds is due to the factRays, 371:which governs the technique of Shamballa, functions through the three different centers in threeRays, 373:not noticeably so at the present time) with two functions in relation to the Ashram: One functionRays, 376:to move forward upon the eternal Path. Its functions might be listed as follows: It is theRays, 399:Master to the Heart of the Great Life Who functions through this solar system, and three to HisRays, 438:of the dense cosmic physical plane. The Master functions on the plane of Being and demonstrates theRays, 444:soul (in contradistinction to the soul as it functions in its own kingdom, free from theRays, 445:become one world wherein the initiate works and functions, seeing no distinction, regarding oneRays, 594:to discover what man is essentially and how he functions. You will note that I have not includedRays, 642:is in Him and in which He lives and moves and functions serves a dual purpose: [643] It can be usedRays, 672:the first initiation) enters in; one of the functions of this ray is to bring together soul andRays, 705:a service instrument. The body in which he now functions is a body of light which has its own typeRays, 735:the seventh initiations, whilst the group which functions midway between the Earth and Venus haveReappearance, 78:Their work falls into the following parts, functions or activities: The production of a humanReappearance, 83:At that time also, the Christ assumed two new functions: one is connected with the second mode ofSoul, 39:form, in fact, a close interlocking system with functions and organisms clearly distinct from thoseSoul, 45:and suggestibility, are interlocked with its functions." The secretion of the ante-pituitary isSoul, 52:As for the individual, are glands and glandular functions primary causes, or are they merelySoul, 52:beyond? Is there not in each of us a soul which functions through the whole physical and psychicSoul, 54:First: There is nothing but energy, and it functions through a substance which interpenetrates andSoul, 58:mechanism and his mind-body, and consequently functions on three planes, or is awake on three, theSoul, 59:This is true of man also. The universal energy functions through his etheric body. And as manSoul, 62:forward the same hypothesis and ascribed two functions to ether, to propagate motion by successiveSoul, 66:the probability of its having many unsuspected functions." - Lodge, Sir Oliver, Ether, Matter andSoul, 74:soul is treated as a function or the sum of the functions of the brain; thus Pierre J. G. CabanisSoul, 88:chief soul, the sum of the animal spirits, whose functions were distinctly mental." - Hollander,Soul, 105:by heart.' Sadhaka, which is one of the five functions of Pitta, and which is situated in theSoul, 105:assists in the performance of cognitive functions by keeping up the rhythmic cardiac contractions,Soul, 116:concerned in volitional movements, but also the functions of vascular innervation, secretion, andSoul, 116:centers are said, however, to control these functions only in relation with the manifestations ofSoul, 116:periphery and an independent center regulating functions of the greatest importance in the system.Soul, 120:which are awake conform to the glands whose functions are known and of [121] which most of theSoul, 121:members of the race, conform to the glands whose functions are relatively unknown and whoseSoul, 123:Science of the Sacred Word, Vol. 1, p. 83. Man functions today through the medium of these threeTelepathy, 51:correct use of the lower mind in its two higher functions (the holding of the mind steady in theTelepathy, 143:of the plane on which the Dweller in the body functions, and therefore where his consciousness is
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